Where to have a Legal Abortion in Dubai, the UAE?

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Before we delve into where and how you can get an abortion in Dubai, it is important to understand the laws regarding the same. You should know whether you are even an eligible candidate or not for a legal abortion. Otherwise, you may visit a hospital for an abortion and come out in despair.

Yes, one more thing, this post intends to inform you of your available abortion in the UAE options. Besides, you will also learn about your safe, legal and confidential abortion options even if you are not eligible for a legal abortion in Dubai. So, let’s begin.

Abortion in Dubai, the UAE: The Laws You Need to Know:

In Dubai, two primary statutes govern abortion laws: Federal Decree Law 31 of 2021 (UAE Penal Code) and Federal Decree Law No. 4 of 2016 (Medical Liability Law). Understanding these laws is crucial for women, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

Under the UAE Penal Code:

Self-Induced Abortion: A woman who intentionally terminates her pregnancy may face imprisonment for up to 1 year and/or a fine of not more than AED 10,000, as per Article 391.

Assisted Abortion with Consent: If someone assists a woman in terminating her pregnancy with her consent, they can be imprisoned for a minimum of 2 years or fined at least AED 10,000.

Professional Involvement: Professionals like physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, or technicians involved in causing an abortion with consent may be subject to temporary imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Non-Consensual Abortion: If a person deliberately causes a woman to abort without her consent, the perpetrator could be sentenced to temporary imprisonment for a maximum of 7 years.

Under the Medical Liability Law:

Life-Threatening Situations: Abortion is permitted when the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s life and there is no alternative. Conditions include approval from a specialist, the attending physician, and a signed report by the pregnant woman and her husband.

Foetal Malformation: Abortion is allowed in cases of serious and incurable foetal malformation, supported by a written request from the spouses. The abortion must occur within 120 days, verified by a medical committee’s report based on tests.

Penalties for Doctors: Doctors performing unauthorized abortions may face imprisonment for up to 4 years under Article 33 of the Medical Liability Law. If the abortion leads to the woman’s death, the doctor might face more severe penalties, ranging from 5 to 10 years of imprisonment.

These laws emphasize the importance of considering the health and well-being of the pregnant woman. Women in Dubai should be aware of these regulations to navigate reproductive choices within the bounds of the law.

Are you eligible for a legal abortion in the UAE?

The abortion in the UAE law permits legal abortions in very few cases. However, there are several other reasons for which a woman may want to terminate a pregnancy. However, legal abortion is not available to all women in all situations alike. Let’s try to figure out your situation also. Firstly, we will discuss the reasons where the law is in your favor. Secondly, we will discuss the situations where the law is not in favor of abortion. Consequently, we will also share the legal, safe and confidential abortion option for all women.

Let’s begin with the circumstances for women who are eligible for a legal abortion in Dubai.

Life in the Balance: If your pregnancy poses a threat to your life, the law supports your right to a legal abortion.

Serious Fetal Issues: Discovering serious and incurable malformation in your baby? You may be eligible for a legal abortion within the first 120 days.



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Spousal Consent: In cases of both life-threatening situations and fetal malformation, having your spouse’s written consent is a crucial step.

Medical Expertise: A specialist’s approval and your attending physician’s support are essential to navigate the legal landscape.

Signed Reports: Prepare to sign a report justifying the need for abortion, ensuring you’re actively involved in the decision-making process.

Time Matters: Act within the legal timeframe—120 days for fetal malformation—to secure a legal abortion.

Legal Pitfalls: Be cautious of unauthorized interventions; only licensed healthcare professionals can perform legal abortions.

Seek Guidance: If uncertain, seek legal advice to navigate the complexities and make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

In the UAE, the legal framework is inclined towards ethical considerations. Stay informed, be proactive, and empower yourself to make choices aligned with the law. Your journey, your rights—navigate wisely.

Now, let’s navigate the circumstances where abortion in Dubai is not an available option.

On Choice:

If you want an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy only because you do not wish to carry the same, you are not eligible for an abortion in Dubai.

Contraceptive Failure:

Contraceptives do fail. Pills may not work. You may skip to take the contraceptive pills. You may even lack the knowledge of birth control and the options available for it. Besides, condoms may also leak. They may also fail just like any other method. Similarly, any contraceptive can fail, with variation in the probability. However, if your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure, you are not eligible for a legal abortion in Dubai.

So, what should you do in such a situation? Should you carry the pregnancy through full term and go through childbearing against your will?

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Sexual assaults may result in unwanted pregnancies. Sadly, if you are seeking an abortion in Dubai for this reason, it is not an available option. In this situation, do you think you want to go for childbearing and upbringing? Or give away the child for adoption? Most women feel mentally ill even at the thought of having a child born of sexual intimacy without her consent.

Fetal anomalies:

Abortion in Dubai is not permissible in cases of all fetal anomalies. And not at all if the anomaly has been detected after the legally permissible period of 120 days. Certain anomalies are detected in later ages, but abortion is not legally available in those circumstances. So, should you wait to bring a child into this world and see the painful life of the child?

Financial Reasons:

In Dubai, it’s important to note that seeking an abortion solely for financial reasons is not a viable legal ground. While the legal framework acknowledges complex factors that may affect a woman or a couple’s ability to provide for a child, financial considerations alone do not constitute legal grounds for abortion. So, what’s your option ahead?

Professional Reasons:

In Dubai, it’s essential to understand that professional reasons, such as studies or work commitments, do not constitute legal grounds for obtaining an abortion. Consequently, women facing unplanned pregnancies may find themselves in a challenging situation, as these considerations alone do not align with the legal criteria for abortion. So, should you prioritize your profession or not?

Unmarried Woman Abortion in Dubai:

If you are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai as an unmarried woman, you are not only not eligible for an abortion, but also liable for punishment. The emirate does not approve of premarital sexual intimacy and considers it an offence. Even if you are residing there as an expat or on a work visa, you are not eligible for a legal abortion. The rules apply to all women alike, whether emiratis or foreigners or expats. In this case, you can expect what kind of life will be yours as a single mother and the struggles on the board. Also, picture the kind of life you will be giving your child.

Complete family:

Many couples may find themselves in situations where they may not be willing to have an additional child. They may want to provide for the existing children without compromising on their time and other assets. In such situations too, an abortion in Dubai is not a legal option.

So, if you are struggling with any of the above or similar situations, you are not eligible for a legal abortion in Dubai. But, then what should you do? If you wish to go ahead with the pregnancy, our best wishes are with you. Have a safe pregnancy and motherhood journey ahead. However, if you wish to terminate the pregnancy, you still have an open window. Now, let’s explore this option.

Your Safe Passage to a Legal Abortion in India:

For women in Dubai seeking a safe and legal abortion, a viable and compassionate option lies just a short trip away in Bangalore, India. Recognizing the various complexities that can surround the decision to terminate a pregnancy, many individuals find solace in the women-friendly abortion laws of India, where the process is not only legal but also conducted with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Accessibility to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

One of the trusted healthcare providers for safe abortions in Bangalore is the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). Accessible and well-equipped, AHB offers a supportive environment for women in need of reproductive healthcare services. With a team of experienced medical professionals, AHB prioritizes the well-being and privacy of patients seeking legal abortions.

Abortion in India

Legal Framework:

India’s abortion laws, governed by the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, provide a supportive and women-friendly environment. The MTP Act permits legal abortion up to 20 weeks, considering various factors such as the woman’s physical and mental health, fetal abnormalities, contraceptive failure and the circumstances surrounding conception.

Ease of the Process:

abortion in India

Travelling to Bangalore for a legal abortion is a straightforward process. Individuals can reach out to American Hospital Bangalore in advance via a WhatsApp call or message to schedule an appointment and receive guidance on the necessary steps. The hospital’s commitment to maintaining confidentiality ensures a discreet and respectful experience for every patient.

Since Gentle Care abortions offered at AHB are single-appointment and short, quick procedures, women can travel to Dubai knowing that they have had a successful abortion. For a day or two as long as their trip is, the hospital can provide recommendations for Homestays and hotels at your convenience.

Comprehensive Care:

AHB provides comprehensive care throughout the abortion process. From pre-abortion consultation to the procedure itself and post-abortion support, the medical professionals at AHB prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of the individuals seeking their services.

Supportive Environment:

Understanding the sensitivities surrounding reproductive choices, American Hospital Bangalore fosters a supportive and non-judgmental environment. The compassionate staff is committed to ensuring that every woman feels respected, understood, and cared for during what can be a challenging time.

American Hospital Bangalore, India, stands as a reliable destination for those seeking a legal, safe, and confidential abortion. With women-friendly laws and a commitment to compassionate healthcare, AHB provides a reassuring option for individuals navigating the complexities of reproductive choices.

Schedule an abortion in India appointment.

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