Abortion in Indonesia: Do you have a safe choice?

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Unveiling the Risks of Unsafe Abortion in Indonesia:

Firstly, imagine fear after acknowledging an unwanted pregnancy. Secondly, imagine hidden dangers of pregnancy termination. This is the reality for many women facing an unplanned pregnancy and seeking abortion in Indonesia. Also, imagine the path they have to walk?

Let’s shed some light on the risks women face when seeking an abortion in Indonesia. Firstly, the law in Indonesia allows abortions only in rare cases – a medical emergency, a proven threat to life. So, this leaves most women stranded on the wrong side, desperate for quick options.

Secondly, stigma and fear of shame and judgment push them further into seeking unsafe choices. Seeking abortion in Indonesia can feel like crossing an invisible line, inviting rejection and isolation. So, women stay silent, trapped in their anxieties.

Do they have any resources? Even if they have, they are scarce since accredited clinics and trained providers are few and far between. Rather, women walk to the doors of quacks seeking help in such vulnerable times. In addition, the price of this secrecy is often devastating. Infections, hemorrhages, ectopic pregnancy rupture, internal injuries, heavy bleeding, even death – these are the grim consequences, women neither know nor are they made aware of.

If you are too facing an unwanted pregnancy in any part of Indonesia, please know that you don’t have to go through this alone. Also, there’s a different path towards choice and safety. So, let’s explore the world of safe abortion in India.

Some Facts About Abortion in Indonesia to Learn From, But Not to Shock You:

While we’ve established that navigating pregnancy and seeking an abortion in Indonesia can be challenging, don’t let one fact prevent you from seeking a safe path. Let’s shed some factual light on the situation, not to scare, but to empower with knowledge.

Firstly, Indonesia unfortunately grapples with one of Southeast Asia’s highest rates of unsafe abortion. (BenarNews, 2023) This means nearly 8 out of 10 abortions performed are shrouded in risk and secrecy. (Frontiers in Global Women’s Health, 2022)



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Secondly, unsafe abortion casts a dark shadow on maternal health. So, it’s a leading cause of maternal mortality in Indonesia, claiming countless lives each year. (Guttmacher Institute, 2020)

Thirdly, strict legal restrictions form a complex obstacle course. Abortion is permissible only in rare situations like rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life. (Guttmacher Institute, 2020) Hence, this leaves many women feeling trapped and without options.

The fourth but one of the most significant thing is the attached stigma with abortion in Indonesia. This stigma and fear weave a suffocating net. Also, talking about abortion or seeking help often carries the heavy weight of societal judgment, isolating women in their struggles. (Guttmacher Institute, 2020)

At last but not the least, resources are few. Qualified providers and accredited clinics are scarce, pushing desperate women towards back alleys and unqualified hands. (BenarNews, 2023)

These facts aren’t meant to frighten but to illuminate the need for a brighter path. Remember, there’s a world beyond the shadows.

Safe Choices in India:

Abortion in India is a legal right enshrined in the MTP Act.

abortion in Indonesia vs abortion in India

Abortion in India Clinics? They are the beacons of medical expertise. Additionally, accredited facilities dot the land, staffed by trained professionals ready to walk beside you with care and guidance.

Abortion in India Methods? No single abortion method, but a spectrum of options. From medical to surgical procedures, abortion in India offers swift, precise and efficient Gentle Care abortions at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

Before and after an abortion India? Pre-operative consultations ease anxieties, while post-operative checkups ensure your well-being. Furthermore, all of these can be consolidated in a single appointment with a Gentle Care abortion.

The contrast between abortion options in the two countries is stark. Abortion in Indonesia is full of fear and risk. On the other hand, India offers choice, safety, and empowerment. Additionally, no judgment, only compassionate care. Also, no desperation, only informed decisions.

In the next section, we’ll navigate the practicalities of reaching this safe harbor. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

Empowered Decisions: Your Guide to Choosing a Safe Clinic in India:

Taking the first step towards obtaining a safe abortion in India means making informed choices. Choosing the right clinic is the next important. Here’s how you can try to find the best abortion in India clinic for you.

Finding the best abortion in India hospital:

Research is key: Check online databases for accredited clinics, read reviews and compare facilities.

Location: Consider travel ease and costs, choosing a clinic that fits your budget and accessibility.

Doctor for Abortion: Ask about the doctor’s experience and qualifications, prioritizing their expertise and patient-centered approach.

Transparency is your shield:

Cost of abortion: Openly discuss fees for consultations, procedures, and medications seeking clarity.

Abortion Methods: Don’t hesitate to ask about available abortion methods, understanding the pros and cons of each.

Questions: Never feel shy to voice your concerns, from pre-operative procedures to post-operative care. Remember, informed decisions lead to empowered choices.


Networks: Reach out to organizations focused on reproductive health and women’s rights. They can offer to guide you through this challenging journey besides extending emotional support.

Travel solutions: Explore flight options, visa requirements, and accommodation possibilities, making travel logistics a smooth journey.

Remember, you’re not alone. Lean on friends, family, or trusted confidantes for emotional support and a sense of solidarity on your path.

Friend, with this compass in hand, you’re ready to navigate the landscape of safe abortion in India. Remember, knowledge is your fuel, empowering you to make choices that resonate with your needs and your future.

Choosing Safe and Compassionate Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) rather than Abortion in Indonesia:

American Hospital Bangalore, stands as a beacon of safe and legal abortion care in India, committed to supporting women facing unplanned pregnancies. Here’s why choosing AHB for a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India is the right decision:

  • Comprehensive Abortion Care Standards: AHB adheres to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) standards, ensuring safe abortions based on pregnancy duration.
  • Range of Options: AHB offers Gentle Care suction abortions up to 12 weeks, and Gentle Care induced abortions up to 20 weeks based on the patient’s needs.
    • Gentle Care Suction Abortion (Up to 12 weeks): A quick and painless procedure completed in 10-15 minutes, it is more effective and comfortable in several terms than medical abortion, offering a significant advantage for those seeking a swift resolution.
    • Gentle Care Induced Abortion (12-20 weeks): With a success rate, this procedure, performed by skilled professionals, ensures a safe and reliable outcome.
  • Experienced Team: AHB boasts years of experience, featuring a team of expert medical professionals, qualified assistant nurses, and paramedical staff, all certified and internationally trained in providing safe abortion procedures.
  • Supportive Environment: Recognizing the emotional challenges, AHB offers support services to guide you through every step of the process.
Abortion in India

Tips for an abortion in India:

If you’re considering a trip from Indonesia to American Hospital Bangalore, for safe abortion care, here are some practical tips:

  • Online Consultation: Schedule an online consultation with an AHB physician to determine the best course of action.
  • Contact the Coordinator: Reach out to the coordinator via phone or WhatsApp for assistance in scheduling appointments.
  • Flight Planning: Use the provided link to check flight times and make reservations. (https://www.skyscanner.co.in/routes/cgki/blr/jakarta-to-bengaluru.html)
  • Travel Preparation: Ensure you have a valid passport and all necessary travel documents.
  • Coordination with Hospital: Keep the coordinator informed, and if arriving outside hospital hours, plan your stay at booked accommodation.
  • Professional Care: Upon arrival, expect professional and helpful staff dedicated to ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Therefore, choosing AHB for a safe abortion in India ensures that the procedure is conducted by licensed medical professionals through legal and secure means.

Schedule a consultation call today—let us guide you through this challenging time with care and compassion.

Schedule an abortion in India appointment.

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