6 critically important things to know when choosing a hospital for abortion in Bangalore India

When you are deciding to have an abortion, and choosing the best, safest place to have your abortion procedure, there are important things you need to keep in mind.

Here are the 6 most important factors to look for when choosing a hospital for your abortion in Bangalore India:

When you are choosing a hospital for an abortion procedure, either surgical abortion or abortion pills in Bangalore, it is important that you always go to a hospital that is:

  1. MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Certified – if the hospital is MTP certified, it means that the abortion procedures are safe, legal and confidential. It means that the hospital has been audited and inspected by the Karnataka State Government Health and Medical Departments, to ensure that they are providing the right standard of care and have the required certified medical professionals and facilities in place to look after you and ensure your abortion is safe and legal.

In fact, it is important to note that in India it is a legal requirement, according to the MTP Act of India, for any private hospital providing abortion services to be MTP Certified.  Any other private medical providers, hospitals or gynecologists providing abortion services without MTP certification are not legally authorized to do so.  Not having an MTP Certification puts the patient at risk.

  1. CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) procedures in accordance with the methods prescribed by The WHO (World Health Organization) – if the hospital is CAC recognized, it means that the methods that they use to perform abortions are safe and done in the best way possible to look after your long term health.  It means that their facilities and instruments meet the level of care to be safe, as well as abortion after-care to ensure you are well looked after during recovery, as prescribed by The WHO (World Health Organization).
  2. Experienced and qualified team of medical professionals – this means that the hospital has not only MTP certified gynecologists but also an experienced team of medical professionals who are familiar with the full range of abortion procedures and are prepared for all situations. They have the experience and knowledge to look after you if any issues arise and can ensure your safety, as well as minimize the risks of your abortion procedure.
  3. Modern equipment and facilities – it is important that the abortion hospital you choose has all the correct facilities and modern equipment required to assure patient safety, as well to ensure a smooth and painless CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) procedure, with the correct sterile equipment for your procedure. This will minimize the risks of the abortion procedure and ensure you have the best outcomes.
  4. Confidentiality assured – it is very important that the abortion hospital you choose has a reputation of patient privacy and confidentiality and that they are renowned for putting the patient first. They will treat you with the right level of respect and non-judgmental professionalism to ensure you are treated well and that your confidentiality is assured.
  5. Aftercare after your abortion – it is important that the hospital you choose, looks after you from your first consultation, and including after the procedure. They need to have follow up appointments if needed, with you to ensure all is well, and to offer you any support or counselling you may need after your procedure. Abortion aftercare that is part of an effective CAC procedure also includes food and nutrition counseling for quick and healthy recovery of the patient.

It is critical that you keep these points in mind when you are choosing the right place for your abortion procedure in Bangalore, as they will help to ensure you have the best outcomes and that you experience a safe, legal and confidential abortion process.

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