Everything you need to know about surgical abortion in Bangalore India


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended certain safe methods to cease an unwanted pregnancy. These methods are considered safe when they are performed by keeping in consideration the safety requirements of the woman’s health and privacy. 



There are two methods prescribed by the WHO for safe abortions to be chosen under specific circumstances following each patient’s condition and gestation length to ensure a woman has a healthy and safe abortion. These are Medical abortion and Surgical abortion.



Surgical Abortion: When most people think of ‘surgery’ they think cutting, incision and suturing (stitching) is involved.  However, with ‘surgical abortion’, the procedures do not involve cutting, incision or suturing.



You can feel confident without fear, and comfortable getting a surgical abortion procedure in India at a certified MTP centre in Bangalore.



While surgical abortion is not a conventional surgical procedure, to ensure it is gentle, it needs to be done by qualified, well-trained and experienced registered medical practitioners only at certified Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres. 



Medical Method of Abortion (MMA): This is the abortion procedure that involves pregnancy termination utilizing safe abortion pills. It is usually recommended only for very early pregnancies which have not exceeded the length of 6 weeks from the last menstrual period (LMP).



Since this method is recommended only for very early pregnancies and can sometimes lead to incomplete abortion, surgical abortion is performed to completely evacuate the uterine contents. 



Surgical abortion procedure in India



Abortion procedures in India are governed by a set of laws that require the guidelines to be followed and standards maintained to ensure each woman has a safe, legal and confidential abortion. 



To provide Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to every woman undergoing an abortion procedure, the legal aspects as defined by the latest MTP Act 2020 need to be considered. And the procedure is to be conducted following the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as per WHO’s, “Clinical practice handbook for safe abortion care”. 



The surgical abortion procedure in India carried out at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is the safest and painless surgical procedure that leaves patients thinking of why such a safe and convenient medical procedure has the scary term, ‘surgical’.



Let’s get started with what a ‘surgical abortion’ means



Medical Termination of Pregnancy after up to 20 weeks of gestation through a gently applied suction is commonly known as surgical abortion though no typical surgery is involved within.



The pregnancy which is to be terminated after the first 6 weeks of gestation period is recommended to be performed by surgical abortion to avoid risks and complications.



During a surgical abortion procedure, a slender, soft medical tool is passed from the cervix to reach the uterus and the products of gestation removed from there. 



If you are looking forward to having a safe surgical abortion in Bangalore, you need not worry about pain, complications or any other concern. You can avail safe abortion service at AHB, Bangalore, India.



Types of surgical abortion



Surgical abortion is divided into two different types according to the kind of instruments used for performing the abortion procedure.



The method of choice for an abortion depends foremost on the length of pregnancy and the medical condition specific to the patient.



The surgical abortion methods are:



  1. Vacuum aspiration (VA): This is the preferred method for abortion for pregnancies less than 12 weeks of gestation period. 



The patient is made to relax on a comfortable couch with legs and feet supported. 



The cervix region will then be properly cleaned and sterilized with an antiseptic solution to prevent the occurrence of any infections. 



After administration of anaesthesia, the cervix is dilated to let the aspirator pass through to the uterus where the fetus is implanted. 



The aspiration of the products of gestation can either be done manually using a hand-help aspirator. This procedure is known as manual vacuum aspiration (MVA)



The aspiration can also be done utilizing suction created by an electric pump. This procedure is known as electric vacuum aspiration (EVA)



Either of the procedures, EVA or MVA, both take no more than 10 minutes to be completed. You can expect very less blood loss after abortion.



Hospital stay is not needed. After half an hour or an hour’s rest, you can get discharged.



Since the vacuum aspiration method is used only for terminating unwanted pregnancies of the first trimester, it is also known as the first-trimester surgical abortion method.



If you hear the names like suction abortion and/or aspiration abortion, they also apply to this vacuum aspiration method of abortion since the aspiration is done by creating suction. And this suction can be gently created either manually or using an electric motor pump.



The aspiration method used varies according to the availability of the apparatus, training of the practitioner or as the prescribing doctor may deem fit for the patient-specific to the case. 



VA method performed by the expert abortion team at AHB is a quick and safe procedure. The benefit of having VA at AHB is the experienced hands which deliver precise and painless surgical abortion through gentle suction.



AHB is a well-equipped facility with all the necessary equipment and each abortion is performed by the team of experienced medical professionals and supporting staff. 



  1. Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E): This is the surgical abortion method usually employed for pregnancies which have progressed beyond 12 weeks and arrived in the second trimester.



In India, abortions are allowable up to 20 weeks under normal circumstances and up to 24 weeks under special circumstances. And the prescribed method of terminating pregnancies beyond 12 weeks of pregnancy is dilatation and evacuation. 



Similar to the vacuum aspiration method of abortion, you will be asked to relax and lie down in a comfortable position. Support will be provided to your legs and feet.  



Once you are comfortable, the cervix region will then be properly cleaned and sterilized with an antiseptic solution to prevent the occurrence of any infections. After the cervix has been dilated enough, the preferred anaesthetic will be administered to perform the procedure. 



This is also a surgical method of abortion where uterine contents are carefully removed by surgical instruments. Initially, hormone-blocking pills are administered to dilate the cervix, block the production of progesterone and stop the growth of the fetus.



In several cases, instead of using medicines for cervix preparation, the preparation is done using a medical device, cervical/osmotic dilator. Dilation of the cervix is necessary to avoid any cervical injury.



The cervix is grasped with a medical tool to hold the uterus in place. And then the cervical canal is dilated using probes. 



Then a cannula is passed through the vagina into the uterus. This cannula is attached to an aspirator to create a gentle suction to remove the fetus and placenta.



And then a curette is used to gently scrape the uterine lining and ascertain that the abortion procedure has been completed. 



Hence, dilatation and evacuation is a method that combines both vacuum aspiration and dilatation and curettage (D & C) to remove an unwanted pregnancy. 



After the anaesthesia has been administered, the medical tool forceps or curette will be used to scrape and evacuate the unwanted uterine contents. 



Suction is applied at the end to remove all the unwanted contents attached to the endometrium/uterine lining.



At AHB, the uterine evacuation is done gently



You do not feel any pain during or after the procedure. The whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes to be completed. After an hour’s rest or as you feel comfortable, you can expect to be discharged the very same day. 



With the Gentle Care surgical abortion procedure performed at AHB, you can expect very little or no bleeding at all after the surgical abortion in Bangalore. 



As surgical abortion through dilatation and evacuation is the preferred method for all pregnancy terminations post 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is also known as a second-trimester surgical abortion procedure. 



Both types of procedures are carried out under anaesthetic conditions and hence are painless. If you are anticipating an abortion, you must visit only a certified MTP centre to avail a safe abortion.



And to avail, a safe, legal and gentle painless abortion procedure in a highly comfortable and conducive environment where your health and privacy safety is the priority, the global leader and the top-rated premier abortion centre is American Hospital Bangalore located in Bangalore, India.



You can have a verbal conversation consultation with an expert gynaecologist over the telephone and make the earliest possible appointment. 



Your health and your safety should be your priority. Unsafe abortions can pose a great threat to your health and can even be fatal.



Under no circumstances, should you get an abortion done by unsafe hands. If you have any concerns and queries, feel free to clear your doubts by speaking with a medical professional at AHB today.



Preparation for surgical abortion



There are several considerations and physical as well as mental preparations that you need to be prepared with before surgical abortion in India.



Our professional team at AHB will guide you from the beginning as soon as we receive your first call. 



Here is how you can prepare yourself before a surgical abortion in Bangalore:



  • The first thing is to stay calm and prepare yourself mentally for the abortion. Mental preparation is not only in the abortion decision but also the choice of the MTP centre. All other factors governing safe abortions follow the choice of the MTP centre. If the right choice is made, most of the risks and complications can be avoided.
  • Many women tend to fall in for unsafe abortions for the fear of being judged. But, do not hesitate. Talk to a specialist. You will realize that a safe abortion will take care of your health both physical and mental as well as of your privacy concerns by keeping all patient details confidential. 
  • Though the name ‘surgical abortion’ can put you in the state of anxiety, as explained above, safe surgical abortion is nothing to worry about. 
  • Once you are mentally prepared, then comes the practical physical preparation and things to consider while you visit for the gentle surgical abortion in Bangalore. These are briefed here for your guidance:
    • Call and speak to the medical professional and make an appointment before directly visiting the facility. This will help you to go prepared and have the procedure done the same day.
    • With surgical abortion, there may be requirements to be on an empty stomach. So, it is better to speak about it. 
    • Do take your medical card, any test reports of medical history. It is best to tell the doctor everything concerning your health to avoid any side-effects. After all, your health is the priority.
    • Though you may not even need any companion, it is always advisable to bring someone along to support you.



Effectiveness and cost of surgical abortion in Bangalore



Surgical abortion is very cost-effective when it comes to the surgical abortion cost in Bangalore at AHB considering the safety and efficiency of the procedure. 



Surgical abortion cost in India varies according to specific case history. As the prescribed procedure, tests performed, individual facilities as asked for by the patient vary for each patient, the cost of abortion varies for individual cases. 



Do not worry, at AHB, you will be informed of all the expenses that will be incurred specifically to your case. 



Always remember to choose the best and safest abortion procedure prioritising your health first, as no cost is greater than an unsafe abortion procedure.  



Surgical abortion pain



Is surgical abortion painful? This is the question most women ask often when they are prescribed for a surgical abortion.



And here is the short answer: Yes, a surgical abortion can be painful if performed without anaesthesia or by an untrained professional.



For a painless surgical abortion, you must visit a certified MTP centre where the whole procedure will be done taking all precautions and only necessary interventions. Such centres like AHB take complete care of the patient’s comfort and perform the surgical abortion process under anaesthesia. So, you can expect an absolutely painless surgical abortion at AHB in Bangalore, India.



Though the procedure is painless, you can expect to experience mild cramping for a day or two which may make you feel a little abdominal pain. Though most women do not feel any pain at all, as a part of your recovery, you will be given pain management medicines to be taken orally.



Surgical abortion bleeding



When abortion is performed by safe abortion pills or the medical method, heavy bleeding occurs in most cases and bleeding may last even more than a week.



But, with surgical abortion, whether through vacuum aspiration or dilatation and evacuation, bleeding may range from zero to minimum. In most cases, it lasts not more than a couple of days but in some women, it may last up to a week. 



If it lasts beyond a week, you may need to consult the doctor to ensure your abortion was complete. Incomplete abortions are the complications that usually arise with unsafe abortions and when a medical method is used to terminate the pregnancy beyond the recommended 6 weeks of gestation period.



At AHB, all abortions are safe abortions and performed only according to the prescribed guidelines for the same. Hence, such complications are prevented.



Rest and recovery after surgical abortion



With a safe surgical abortion, you can expect to be feeling normal and resume working in a couple of days. It is advisable to rest for 2 days before you resume normal work.



For a speedy recovery, doctors at AHB will prescribe you with hematinics to make up for the blood loss and guide you to a healthy diet for a week.



You may be asked to follow up after a week either by visiting or by a phone call just to make sure that you have recovered completely. During this consultation, you will also receive any guidance you may be seeking.



You will also be provided guidance and medication if needed for menstrual cycle regulation. 



Besides being a top-rated certified abortion centre with well-known recognition on the global table for its best abortion team, AHB also has world-class facilities to take care of your comfort and help you avail the safest abortion.



The team takes all the necessary precautions to avoid any preventable complications. Even in events of any complication, the team is experienced to manage the situation and restore the woman’s health.



Gentle Touch Surgical Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore






Frequently Asked Questions about Surgical Abortion



#1. Is surgical abortion painful?



While unsafe abortions can be painful, at AHB, all surgical abortions are completely painless.



All surgical abortions are performed under anaesthetic conditions and with a gentle touch by safe hands. You may not even feel like you have undergone a surgery.



#2. How long does a surgical abortion take?



Surgical abortions with gestation length less than 12 weeks are performed by vacuum aspiration method of abortion which may take just 3 minutes and not take more than 10 minutes for the procedure to be completed.



With surgical abortion where the length of pregnancy has gone beyond 12 weeks, the prescribed abortion procedure is Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E). It takes not more than 30 minutes to complete the procedure.



#3. How long does it take to recover from surgical abortion?



Though you may start feeling better within an hour after a surgical abortion, it is advised to take rest for a couple of days before resuming routine work. And within a week, you will feel entirely recovered provided you eat a healthy diet and take the prescribed medicines for a speedy recovery and menstrual regulation.



#4. Are there any side-effects, risks or complications after a surgical abortion?



Yes, risks and complications can arise with any method of abortion. But, when a surgical abortion is performed following the guidelines of CAC at a certified MTP centre by qualified and certified medical professionals, surgical abortions are safe.



All complications of surgical abortion are preventable if proper measures are taken.



At AHB, all abortions are safe abortions and complications do not usually arise. Even in cases of emergencies, the expert abortion team is well trained with international standards to handle and manage all complications to ensure safe abortions. 



Remember, all complications are avoidable, provided you avail a safe abortion.



#5. What to expect after a surgical abortion?



After a surgical abortion, you can expect from nil to mild bleeding lasting only for a couple of days and in most cases not more than a week.



A little cramping may be felt which can be managed medically.



After a safe abortion, you can feel recovered within 2 days. But, with unsafe abortion, you can expect any complication, coming any time.



Hence, it is very crucial to visit only a certified safe MTP centre for a surgical abortion.



#6. Is surgical abortion better than a medical abortion or abortion pills?



Yes, medical abortion via abortion pills may many times be incomplete which will further have to be removed by surgical method. Whereas, surgical abortions performed by qualified medical teams are complete abortions which makes them better. Moreover, among the abortion procedures, abdominal cramps, pain and post-abortion bleeding are minimum with surgical abortion and maximum with the medical method of abortion.



#7. Do I need to be admitted into the hospital? 



You can have the surgical abortion done the same day of your appointment and may not need to stay at the hospital more than a few hours and as you feel comfortable after a little rest, you will be discharged.



Hence, it is always better to schedule an appointment before visiting so that all necessary arrangements can be made before your visit and even you can be guided as to whether or not to eat or drink before the procedure.



#8. Will I need to stay overnight at the hospital?



No, you may not need to stay at the hospital overnight. You can expect to get discharged within an hour after the procedure.



#9. Does abortion have any effect on future pregnancy?



With unsafe abortions, there can be a partial or complete loss of fertility. But, safe abortions do not affect your future pregnancies.



When performed precisely by safe hands and gentle touch, none of your reproductive organs will get affected and you can conceive normally in the future.



#10. Will anyone know I had a surgical abortion?



As required by the law, every woman has the right to keep her medical status to herself and by no means, can any member of the hospital reveal any details regarding your abortion to anyone. 



At a certified MTP centre like AHB, non-disclosure ethics are followed and unless you reveal yourself, no one can ever know that you had a surgical abortion. 



Yes, unsafe abortions pose a threat to both health and confidentiality.



#11. What is the difference between manual vacuum and electrical vacuum abortion?



Both MVA and EVA are carried out by applying a gentle suction to remove the unwanted uterine contents, with the only difference being the method of creating suction.



If this suction is created manually using an aspirator, it is known as Manual Vacuum Abortion (MVA) and if it is created using an electric-driven motor pump, it is known as an Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA).



At a certified MTP centre, both MVA and EVA are safe and your doctor decides which method is suitable for your abortion according to your case needs.



Not all hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and equipment for abortion.



AHB regularly stays updated, is equipped with all the latest equipment, utilize the latest technology and perform abortion in Bangalore safely with Gentle Care. 



Comment below with any questions, help needed or concerns you may have about surgical abortion in Bangalore India or call the hospital to speak with a doctor and seek help.