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Unwanted pregnancies come with fears, anxieties and a lot of mixed emotions. However, unsafe choices promising quick fixes can risk your health and even life. Seeking abortion in the Philippines? This post is for you to help you obtain one legally, safely and confidentially.

Abortion in the Philippines is restricted but you can cross borders and seek a safe abortion in India. This guide becomes your compass, providing clarity, not fear. Together, we’ll explore the legal landscape and unveil medical choices.

So, forget about obtaining an unsafe abortion in the Philippines. Rather, choose safety, choose empowerment, choose your future. This journey starts now.

Exploring the limitations of abortion in the Philippines access:

When seeking abortion in the Philippines, “illegal” is the first word that comes up. So, the law stands firm with abortion as illegal with few exceptions. These include medical emergencies, fetal abnormalities, a threat to your life itself. Also, navigating this maze can be daunting, a complex process of medical evaluations, approvals, and the societal judgment.

Although unsafe choices may come as a quick fix. But these options hide several risks; infections, hemorrhages, ectopic pregnancies, internal injuries and other complications. Your health, and your future hang precariously in the balance.

Only you may know what you are going through right now. But we know that acting in anxiety and haste may not lead you to a safe path. So, please refrain from attempting any kind of DIY abortion in the Philippines. Before this post ends, you will learn your safe abortion options.

Remember, safety isn’t a whisper, it’s a right. Also, your body, your choice, deserves more than hushed desperation. Across the border, the MTP Act of India, offers you a choice. Abortion in India welcomes women like you with open arms under the legal provisions of the MTP Act & Rules and future amendments. So, India is welcoming you and offering Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Furthermore, this isn’t about judgment, but about empowering you with knowledge. In the next section, we’ll break down the legal walls in India, unveiling the safe and legal options that await you. Remember, you deserve a path that is both safe and respects your choice.

Understanding the legal framework and safety of abortion in India:

In India, the legal framework surrounding abortion offers safe and legal options. Let’s break down this framework together, step by step:

The MTP Act, your guiding light:

Firstly, this powerful law clearly legalizes abortion. It declares abortion a legal right under various circumstances like medical emergencies, threats to your physical or mental health, contraceptive failure, rape/incest, even economic or social hardship. Secondly, it recognizes your right to safe and respectful care.

Not only this, the recent abortion in India rule amendments have opened the doors of legal abortions to unmarried women as well. So, all married and unmarried women seeking abortion in the Philippines may not have a legal choice in front of them there. However, they can all easily obtain safe, legal and even confidential abortion care in India.


Pregnancy exceeding twenty weeks requires special consultations and conditions. Don’t hesitate to ask, to clarify, to ensure your abortion within the law. Moreover, 20 weeks is a big time as compared to many other countries where abortions are legal but only for very early pregnancies.

Although you may not want to delay an abortion when you have decided to obtain one. But, still, 20 weeks is a good time to analyze and make a better choice than an unsafe abortion in the Philippines. So, take your time. Talk to your friends and/or family or a counsellor if you are unable to decide. Seek support from people you can confide in and make a confident choice.

In addition, your choice must be a safe avenue for an unsafe abortion does not come only with short-term complications. There are multiple long-term consequences of unsafe abortions, some of which are even irreversible.

Although abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in casual contraceptive failure cases, you may want an early abortion. Since early abortion care comes with minimum complications, we will also suggest you to seek early care. Delaying in such cases usually does not constitute what one can call a ‘good idea’.

Abortion in India

Approved, Registered and Internationally Recognized Abortion Clinics:

Accredited centres open doors for not only legal but also safe abortions. Registered doctors, trained professionals can assure your well-being. Online databases can give you helpful clues and patient reviews can be your guides.


Don’t hesitate to ask clinics any questions you may have. You can either ask them in person by scheduling an appointment. Or, you can also inquire about them before travelling to India while sitting right there in your chair, at your home. Call them. Or send a message. Or just drop a WhatsApp message. A good hospital will definitely reply to you without any unnecessary delay.

You can ask about their experience, their policies, their approach to your needs, and also how they can customize as per your convenience since you shall be travelling across the borders. Communication can ensure that you are heard and understood.

abortion in the Philippines


Remember, friend, this journey isn’t just about procedures. Pre-operative consultations ease anxieties and post-operative follow-ups ensure complete well-being.

Some hospitals like American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) offering Gentle Care abortion services to Indian women, NRIs, expats, Filipinos and even foreign women is known for the staff that’s no less than an emotional support group in this challenging time. So, you can expect an understanding and connection rather than judgment or stigma.

Demystifying travel and logistical considerations for Filipino women seeking abortion in the Philippines:

Now, let’s navigate the logistics, ensuring your journey to India for a safe and legal abortion is smooth and worry-free. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Embrace the Information:

Visa: Contact the Indian embassy in Manila or Cebu. Explore tourist visas valid for up to six months, perfect for most abortion procedures. Gather documents like proof of funds and return flight bookings. Also, don’t be afraid to ask, visa officers are there to guide you. NRIs and OCI card holders may not even need Visas. Otherwise too, today, a tourist Visa clearance is possible in a few hours on the same day. And many a time, you can easily get the clearance without any hassle online.

Air tickets: Compare online deals, and explore budget airlines if needed. Also, choose flights conveniently timed for your needs, ensuring enough rest before & after procedures. Remember, friend, comfort matters.

Moreover, you may not want to head into any clinic in India and trouble yourself with long waiting periods or queues and delayed appointment times. So, it’s better to contact the hospital coordinator of the hospital you have filtered for your procedure.

2. Choosing a Clinic for Your Abortion in India Procedure:

Accredited Clinics: Online databases guide your search. Look for accredited facilities in major cities, like Bangalore, with established healthcare networks. Read patient reviews, compare amenities, and prioritize convenience to your chosen airport.

Contact Details: Don’t hesitate to email or call clinics. Ask about availability, travel assistance, and costs.

3. Booking Your Destination for a Safe Abortion:

Dates for your comfort: Consider your menstrual cycle and procedure timeframe when booking appointments. Talking to the coordinator can help you plan your travel according to your stay. Also, your stay will depend on the number of weeks pregnant you are because the abortion procedure largely depends on it. So, allow for pre-operative consultations and post-operative recovery before your return flight. Remember, rest is vital.

Accommodation options: Explore budget-friendly hotels near your chosen clinic. Or you can choose homely homestays for a comfortable stay. Some clinics may offer in-house facilities, so ask during your inquiries. Comfort and affordability can come together.

Documentation: Pack medical records, your passport, and visa copies. Carry essential medicines and toiletries. Pack light, breathable clothing for Indian weather. In addition, fill in the subscription form below to get an Abortion in India Checklist for foreign women, for free! It may help you not to miss anything you may need on your abortion trip.



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Support: Inform trusted friends or family about your trip. Consider connecting with Filipino communities in India for additional support and guidance. You are not alone, friend, a network awaits you. Having a partner to share the adventure adds comfort and support. Sometimes, abortion procedures may take longer than expected and having a companion by your side can be of immense emotional support.

Additionally, check for the clinic that also offers a stay for a companion during your stay at the hospital. Some hospitals do not welcome companions and one can only meet the patient during meeting hours which are also not longer than 10 minutes. This often leaves women feeling anxious and nervous amongst other patients or the hospital staff.

4. Post-abortion Recovery:

Recovery means well-being. Follow post-operative instructions diligently. Do not underestimate the power of a post-abortion consultation.

Your successful abortion in India story can be a beacon for others facing similar situation.

So, please refrain from any unsafe abortion when you can seek a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India.

Schedule an abortion in India appointment.

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