Ectopic pregnancy surgery is not technically an abortion – Why do ectopic pregnancies need immediate medical attention?


Ectopic pregnancy vs Intrauterine pregnancies explained:



What is an ectopic pregnancy? 



A woman gets pregnant when an egg gets fertilized. This fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube and gets attached to the uterine lining called the endometrium. And the egg starts to develop inside the uterus. This is the case with all normal pregnancies. These pregnancies are termed as “intrauterine pregnancies”.



But, sometimes, the fertilized egg fails to reach the uterus and starts developing outside the uterus. Such pregnancies where the fertilized egg does not reach its destined location, the uterus, are called ectopic pregnancies. 



Ectopic pregnancies are rare, but are dangerous and need immediate medical attention.



If it has not arrived in the uterus, where is the fertilized egg?



The fertilized egg that has not reached the uterus starts growing somewhere else in the body. 



Usually, during an ectopic pregnancy, the egg starts developing in the fallopian tube itself. Such a type of ectopic pregnancy is also known as “tubal pregnancy”. 



If the pregnancy is not in the tube, not in the uterus, then where else? 



In further rare cases, pregnancies start developing either in the ovary or somewhere in the belly region. These are also categorized as ectopic pregnancies. 



Though ectopic pregnancies are rare and happen only to a very few women, they are dangerous and can also be life-threatening. 



Although treatment or termination of an ectopic pregnancy is technically not an abortion, since the fertilized egg has not been implanted in the uterus, it is often referred to as ecoptic pregnancy abortion.  Hence, for simplicity purposes, in layman’s terms we will alternatively refer to ectopic pregnancy termination as ectopic pregnancy abortion, in this blog post.  



If you have been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, do not delay even for a day.



Call to speak with an expert and schedule an appointment for early and safe ectopic pregnancy treatment, termination or surgery in India.



How do I know if I am carrying an ectopic pregnancy and where has the egg implanted?



The early pregnancy symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are similar to any normal pregnancy.



The first and obvious symptom is a missed period. Your Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) through any pregnancy card or home-based pregnancy test kit will show that you are pregnant after your period misses the due date.



Other symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy which are similar to an intrauterine pregnancy are:



  • Just like the urine test, even the level of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in your blood will be raised. The test is known as the beta-hCG test.
  • Your nipples might feel sore and breasts might feel tender.
  • You will be experiencing mild abdominal pain like period cramps.
  • You will be experiencing frequent urination.
  • You will be experiencing nausea and vomiting and fatigue.



But there are some early symptoms which may differ from an intrauterine pregnancy, but are often confusing and misleading. Hence, they should not be used as an affirmation for an ectopic pregnancy since even in intrauterine pregnancies, these symptoms might show up in rare cases.



These are:



  • Mild to moderate to severe pain on any one side in the lower abdominal region. For instance, tubal pregnancies or the ones implanted in the ovaries might be painful either in the left pelvic region or in the right depending on which side of the fallopian tube or ovary is having the developing pregnancy.
  • Abnormal and unexpected vaginal bleeding. (Here, abnormal means heavy bleeding.)
  • Shoulder pain can be experienced, usually on the same side where the ectopic pregnancy is developing.
  • If the tubal pregnancy has progressed to an extent to cause stretching in the tube, it can cause the fallopian tube to rupture leading to internal bleeding and haemorrhage. This is often referred to as ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The patient may faint and get syncope. This is life-threatening. Immediate medical attention is needed in such cases.



The tube and the ovary of that particular side will then have to be surgically removed and this will lead to a partial loss of fertility. This can impact your future pregnancies.



But, such a life-threatening situation can be avoided by your timely action. Read further to know how to avoid and what to do.



Only a transabdominal/transvaginal ultrasound can reveal whether your pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic. So, before you even try to self-diagnose, visit a certified MTP centre for an unwanted pregnancy or a family planning hospital for a planned pregnancy.



An ectopic pregnancy cannot be self-diagnosed. Only a qualified and certified medical practitioner can tell you whether your pregnancy is intrauterine or a case of an ectopic pregnancy.



The Do’s and the Don’ts when you realize you’re pregnant:



  • If the pregnancy is planned, visit a certified clinic to start your treatment. The first step will be to ensure that pregnancy is intrauterine. If it is intrauterine, then you can expect a normal pregnancy treatment for a wanted pregnancy.



Just in case, you come to know through an ultrasound scan that you are carrying an ectopic pregnancy, then you need to know that ectopic pregnancies are not viable and have to be removed as early as found out to be existing. For an ectopic pregnancy abortion in India, visit American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) , the leading abortion clinic in India positioned as a top-rank abortion hospital across the globe. 



Do not panic, call to speak with a medical professional and book your appointment.



  • If the pregnancy is unwanted, it becomes very crucial for you not to perform self-diagnosis at all. By no means, try performing an abortion at an uncertified MTP centre at the hands of a quack. Do not buy abortion pills or the MTP kit without consulting a qualified and experienced gynaecologist. 



  • It is very important to ascertain whether the pregnancy is ectopic or intrauterine for all pregnancies wanted or unwanted. At a certified abortion clinic, even before administering abortion pills, it is ascertained that the pregnancy is intrauterine.



  • If you have tested positive for pregnancy but started bleeding heavily, you need to visit the doctor immediately. 



Ultrasound before any abortion is necessary because the MTP kit or safe abortion pills will not terminate an ectopic pregnancy. Yes, you got us right. 



So, if you try performing self-diagnosis and self-administered abortion pills in case of an ectopic pregnancy, you are putting your health at stake and complicating your case.



Please speak to a professional and then you can have complete guidance as to what to do next.



Am I at a risk of getting an ectopic pregnancy?



The cause of an ectopic pregnancy is unknown. But, it has been found that ectopic pregnancies are common with some women. Some of such (known but not proven on a wide range of women) risk factors are:



  • Women who had an ectopic pregnancy in the past.
  • Women who are in a higher breeding age, around 38+.
  • Women who smoke cigarettes.
  • Women with a history of pelvic or abdominal surgery.
  • Women who have had a history of endometriosis or the pelvic inflammatory disease or Sexually transmitted disease (STD).



Have you got an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) implanted and you are pregnant?



Commonly, women get an intrauterine device, commonly called a Copper-T implanted in their reproductive tract as an effective contraceptive method. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most reliable and commonly adopted methods that keep a woman mentally free from the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. 



In rare cases, women with an IUCD implanted get an ectopic pregnancy. No, you are not at all at risk of getting an ectopic pregnancy if you are using IUCD as the contraceptive method. But, if you have found out that you are pregnant even with an IUCD, then most likely, it can be an ectopic pregnancy. And an ectopic pregnancy calls it to be terminated at the earliest.



If the case sounds similar to you, do not hesitate; do not delay and get it diagnosed today.



Call and speak to a professional today and book your appointment.



AHB is the safest ectopic pregnancy abortion clinic in India and has been recognized globally for its gentle procedures performed by caring hands of its supportive medical team.



NOTE: Pregnancy with an IUCD is very rare.



Can I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy?



Yes, you can get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy abortion in Bangalore, India. But, it depends upon your probability of getting pregnant with reduced fertility for late diagnosed ectopic pregnancies.



For early ectopic pregnancy abortions, medical method is used which does not affect your future pregnancies.



But for late diagnosed or ruptured ectopic pregnancies, as a part of managing tubal pregnancies through surgical procedure, one side of the fallopian tube and an ovary are removed. This reduces the probability of getting pregnant by one-half. 



Hence, it is very important to find out if you have an ectopic pregnancy and remove it as early as possible. Early diagnosis can SAVE your reproductive system and secure your future conceptions. 



Yes, you can have your complete reproductive system saved even with an ectopic pregnancy. For a safe abortion that does not affect your reproductive health, it is important that you visit and avail consultation from a certified ectopic pregnancy termination (abortion) clinic in the earliest stage of pregnancy. 



You can have an ectopic pregnancy terminated medically through doctor’s prescribed medicines.



The point to note is that medical termination of an ectopic pregnancy with abortion pills is done with a different set of medications than normal pregnancies. Hence, any available MTP kit will not terminate an ectopic pregnancy. You need an expert doctor’s advice for it.



Feel free to consult and book an appointment with the top-most positioned globally recognized ectopic pregnancy abortion clinic in Bangalore with the abortion team with the highest technical qualification and experience in the domain offering the most gentle, painless abortion procedures.



I have been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. What are my options? Can I get it relocated and implanted in the uterus?



If the pregnancy was planned, we are sorry to break it to you, but ectopic pregnancies are not viable. They cannot be re-implanted or relocated to grow in the uterus. And hence they need to be removed as early as possible.



But, getting an early and safe abortion for an ectopic pregnancy at a safe ectopic pregnancy abortion clinic can save your future fertility and you can get pregnant normally thereafter.



If diagnosed in the early stage, ectopic pregnancies can be treated medically with a commonly prescribed medication, Methotrexate. This can save your reproductive system and protect your fertility.



If diagnosed later, laparoscopic surgery will be required. It is a safe procedure but needs the qualified and trained medical staff to get the pregnancy cleared, remove the risk of infection and help you restore your health, both physically as well as mentally.



Expert abortion team at AHB Bangalore is a well-recognized team that has been delivering safe abortion experiences for both ectopic as well as intrauterine pregnancies as and when it comes to the woman’s health and offering her Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), we are the best in providing gentle touch abortions.





Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment:



Treatment of an ectopic pregnancy can be done both medically as well as surgically. The choice of method depends upon the location and the length of the pregnancy and the condition of the patient.



The safe ectopic pregnancy abortion methods recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to safely terminate an ectopic pregnancy are: 



  1. Medical method to terminate an ectopic pregnancy: This method is used for very early detected ectopic pregnancies through a transvaginal scan. 



It employs several doses of the medicine, Methotrexate. It stops the growth of the fertilized egg. This can save your ovaries and fallopian tube entirely. This is why, we said earlier an ectopic pregnancy is detected, earlier it can be treated by a non-invasive procedure and protects your reproductive organs from any damage that can affect your future pregnancies.



Do not self-administer this pill. It needs regular monitoring and dose adjustments. Moreover, you may not know if you are allergic to it or are taking any other medicine which is contraindicated with it.



Please, speak to a medical professional. Your health is in your hands. Keep it safe.



  1. Surgical abortion of ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy is surgically removed through the prescribed procedure called laparoscopy. 



Ectopic pregnancy laparoscopy in India is a safe procedure when done by qualified, well-trained and certified medical staff only at a certified Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centre. 



A small cut is made in the belly region to let soft medical tools enter, see through a tiny camera and remove the ectopic pregnancy. The procedure is done under the anaesthetic condition and hence is painless, provided you visit a certified abortion clinic for the medical procedure.



One of the important things to note is that even with a laparoscopic procedure, your reproductive organs (fallopian tube and/or ovary) can be saved, provided the ectopic pregnancy is removed in its earliest stage.



This calls for the need of determining your pregnancy location, whether it is wanted or unwanted.



What happens when a pregnancy is unwanted and abortion pills are administered without a prior ultrasound scan?



On realizing a positive pregnancy, many women tend to self-administer safe abortion pills through an MTP kit available in the pharmacies or often visit quacks for a private and a quick abortion.



But, they do not know that if they have an ectopic pregnancy and have taken up abortion pills, the pills won’t work. The pregnancy symptoms won’t subside. The fertilized egg will continue to grow and stretch the tube in case of tubal pregnancy or the ovary in case the fertilized egg has positioned itself there. 



The result can be a rupture in the tube leading to excessive internal bleeding, infection and even death. 



In case the ectopic pregnancy has ruptured, it is a case of a medical emergency and there is no other recommended method than removing that portion of the reproductive part surgically through laparoscopy. 



The most important thing to know is that this life-threatening situation is avoidable if you speak to your doctor, schedule an appointment and get it treated as early as possible.



How does it feel like getting an ectopic pregnancy abortion procedure done in Bangalore, India?



Ectopic pregnancy abortion in India experiences varies for every woman just like any other abortion, anywhere in the world. Every woman’s experience both during and after the procedure largely depends on how early was ectopic pregnancy detected and treated.



When it is detected very early, it can be treated medically without affecting your future pregnancy. 



It is quite a similar experience even for women who experience an early ectopic pregnancy removed surgically when future fertility is not affected.



But, the experience with women who undergo a partial or complete loss of fertility due to delayed treatment can be an emotional mix and can take longer to recover. 



What is the ectopic pregnancy abortion cost in India?



No monetary cost exceeds your health. And when it is an ectopic pregnancy, it becomes very essential that you avail the safest and an earliest possible ectopic pregnancy abortion.



Ectopic pregnancy abortion cost in India varies according to the specific cases and how early they avail safe abortion services. Moreover, certain patients are required to undergo more or fewer tests done to cross-check any interactions and avoid any complications. 



Then, there can be a patient-specific requirement for premier private facilities, the cost of which can vary according to the facilities for ectopic abortion clinic in India. 



Hence, the cost varies for all individuals seeking the safest ectopic pregnancy abortion in Bangalore, India. But they do have a cost-effective solution with AHB by their side as the best ectopic abortion clinic in India.



How long does it take to recover after an ectopic pregnancy abortion in Bangalore, India?



Recovery after removal of ectopic pregnancy by the medical method through pills is similar just like any other abortion. You can expect to experience vaginal bleeding lasting up to a week with mild to moderate cramping pain.



With the surgical method of an ectopic pregnancy abortion, bleeding will be less than that with the medical method since most of the products of gestation will have been removed by gentle suction, which is a painless ectopic pregnancy abortion procedure offered by caring and safe hands of experienced gynaecologists at AHB.



At AHB, you will be given medication for pain management, speedy recovery, hematinics to make up for blood loss, prophylactic antibiotics to avoid any infections, probiotics and prebiotics to restore your reproductive system’s microbial ecosystem.



With AHB by your side, you can expect to have a very safe and a gentle ectopic pregnancy termination abortion procedure that does not affect your future pregnancies provided you are early.  So, do not delay. Schedule an appointment today to know whether or not your pregnancy is ectopic.



You can save your fertility and your life. We are there to serve you with our caring and supportive treatment to help you restore your physical as well as mental health.



At AHB, your health is our priority. And we can help you save your fertility and your life.



Speak to our medical professional regarding your concerns today.  Or you can reach us via text message or through WhatsApp.