How can Filipinas get a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

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Each country has its rule book, even when it comes to abortion care. Rules may differ but women face some common issues of unwanted pregnancies and access to safe abortion services in most parts of the world. However, what brings difference is how these issues are addressed in different countries.

One of the biggest and the most challenging situation in any woman’s life is a choice and freedom she has to exercise her reproductive rights. Unintended and unwanted pregnancies are very common due to unmet contraception needs. Additionally, inadequate knowledge about contraception in many Asian nations, one of them being The Philippines further results in more such events.

The Philippines is a small island country but Filipinas live in various countries like many parts of the UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Oman, Indonesia and more as Filipina expats

Sadly, abortion law in The Philippines are not very progressive and abortion there is an offensive act. After many incidences of unsafe abortions and their complications leading to a high rate of maternal mortality, the law legalized abortion but only in circumstances to save a woman’s life.

Abortion in the Philippines: Why Filipinas resort to unsafe abortions?

Several reasons go into making a Filipina think and the go-ahead for an unsafe method of abortion. Some of these are:

Abortion law in the Philippines:

Abortion in the Philippines is illegal. Any woman undergoing abortion can get imprisoned for the same along with the ones who helped her in the act. The jury punishes the woman and her helpers as per the Articles 256, 258 and 259 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. 

The Philippines falls in the Category-II of World abortion laws where abortion is legal only when necessary to save the woman’s life. However, the Supreme court there is yet to adjudicate even this justifying consequence. 

Abortion Stigma:

Filipinas who get pregnant out of marriages or seek abortion even if married have to face societal stigma. This is almost the same for many women (including unmarried girls, widows, divorcee) worldwide. But the situation is worse for Filipinas since most Filipino population consider abortion as a shameful act. Besides, when a family compels a woman to undergo an abortion to conceal her dishonor, she along with her parents may have to go to the prison for a higher term as per Article 258. 

Most women never choose to get pregnant knowing these circumstances. Many a times, society may view victims as criminals.

Inadequate knowledge and sources of contraception:

Righteously, Education is the Best Equipment. Many people in the Philippines find it challenging to access contraceptives. This is one of the biggest reasons why women get pregnant even when they don’t want to. And then with no valid option for abortion, they tend to seek unsafe abortions. 


Fear is common in all women suffering a similar fate. This feeling may come for many reasons. Fear from imprisonment, fear from society, fear from the community, fear from consequences all keep a woman wondering about her choices. And she thinks an unsafe abortion is the best rescue from her position. 

Due to these reasons and others, women often resort to unsafe methods of abortion without realizing its consequences. While trying to get rid of unwanted pregnancy through unsafe methods, they often suffer complications, some of them with irreversible damages. 

But this is not how it should end and just like any other woman, Filipinas too have better options. And that’s why we have come up with this post to educate Filipinas or Filipina expats with safe abortion choices.

Abortion for Filipina expats in Dubai is impossible since it is illegal and also criminal to obtain an abortion there. Similarly, abortion laws in UAE are also alike and abortion for Filipina expats in UAE is a punishable act.

I am a Filipina carrying an unintended pregnancy. Is unsafe abortion my only option?

No, unsafe abortion is never an option. You may be thinking of an unsafe abortion either due to the unavailability of a proper legal status of abortion or due to fears associated with grave consequences. But, unsafe abortion can lead to devastating consequences and we would request you to prioritize your wellbeing.

Do you want to proceed with this pregnancy?

If not, abortion can be a safe, legal and confidential option. There can be many reasons like a contraceptive failure, pregnancy being a result of incest or rape or even marital rape. You may not be willing to bear a child due to socio-economic conditions. Or your family must be complete and you may not be wanting another child. And more and more…

It is sad to know that abortion for Filipinas is humiliating in their own country. Further disheartening is that the law sees abortion for Filipinas as a crime. Punishment is the reward for anyone who tries to obtain an abortion.

If you too are seeking your best option, abortion in your native country is not an available option. Even if you are a Filipina expat living in like Dubai, Sharjah, UAE or some other middle-East countries, again you do not have an abortion as an open option there. Then what?

The best option is to travel to a country with liberal abortion laws, not only for its citizens but also for foreigners. Yes, heard of medical tourism? A legal, safe and confidential abortion is possible through this facility available worldwide. But you cannot travel anywhere blindly. After all, it’s your life, you have choices, you have preferences and you have your limitations.

It’s best to do credible research before making any choice. 

Travelling to Bangalore, India by Filipinas and Filipina expats for safe abortion care:

Being the closest neighbouring nation with the most liberal abortion laws equipped with world-class facilities, latest technologies and equipment makes Bangalore, India the choicest medical destination.

Why abortion in India rather than abortion in Philippines or UAE?

Abortion in India laws:

In India, women have many rules that empower them and one such law is abortion law. Though abortion laws were never the same, over the years, realizing the need for gender equality and empowering women to make their choices, the system got liberal. Abortion in India is your option for multiple reasons, such as:

  • In events of contraceptive failure.
  • To save the woman’s life.
  • If it is a result of rape/incest.
  • The pregnant woman is mentally incapable for childbearing.
  • Anomalies as detected by prenatal scans.

Safe abortion in India:

Furthermore, unsafe abortions have been the major cause of maternal mortalities and co-morbidities. Addressing this major concern, abortion in India follows guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

So, abortion clinics in India follow best abortion practices. Only registered medical practitioners trained in performing Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) can perform abortion in India and only at the registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres. Specified laws govern abortions with insight that each abortion is a safe abortion.

As per the guidelines and recommendations of the WHO, the three approved methods of terminating an ongoing pregnancy safely are:

The medical method of abortion:

Do you know, how far are you in your pregnancy? What is your LMP, i.e., when was it the last time that you had a menstrual period? The first day of your last menstrual period is known as LMP which gives an estimate gestation age. The relevance of gestation age in abortion is that it is the main deciding factor for the preferred method of abortion. 

Incomplete abortion with pills:

The WHO recommends on using medical method only for early pregnancies, i.e., up to 6-8 weeks. During this time, the embryo size is small enough to expel completely from the uterus with abortion pills. However, this method is only 93% – 95% effective since there can be chances of incomplete abortion, meaning products of gestation remaining stuck in the uterine cavity. 

Medical means through medicine. It means that the abortion doctor will use medicines to terminate the unintended pregnancy. The medicines approved for MTP are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. 

Ectopic Pregnancy complication:

These are the two abortion drugs but work only if the pregnancy is intrauterine. Yes, that’s a big concern and many complications of unsafe abortions are due to self-administration of abortion pills, without ruling out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy AHB

Why is obtaining an Ultrasound before abortion essential?

To understand the difference and the importance of a prenatal scan before opting for any method of abortion, here is a briefing. 

When a woman’s ovary releases an egg (which happens once per menstrual cycle), it can get fertilized until it stays there (nearly 24 hours). This egg awaits to be fertilized in the fallopian tube that connects ovary to the uterus.

If the egg gets fertilized and successfully travels down to the uterus, it may attach itself to the uterine lining, known as implantation and the pregnancy starts progressing. This is the case with a normal intrauterine pregnancy. But what if it does not make its ways down to the uterus?

Now there are certain events where the fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tube and starts growing there. It is a case of an ectopic pregnancy or the tubal pregnancy. There are other rare events of an egg getting fertilized somewhere else forming other forms of ectopic pregnancy, but tubal pregnancy is the commonest form. Now the fallopian tube is very narrow and it cannot sustain the growing embryo.

Normal urine or blood pregnancy test will reveal that you are pregnant. However, it does not tell us that it is intrauterine or a case of an ectopic pregnancy. Intrauterine pregnancy is normal and safe abortion pills will work on them. But it won’t work in the case of an ectopic one.

What will happen if you take abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy?

If a patient with an ectopic pregnancy take the abortion pills, abortion may not happen. We will come to why won’t it work. Keep reading further. But before that, let us learn the consequences.

The embryo will keep growing and the tube being narrow will burst and lead to internal bleeding or hemorrhage needing immediate medical attention. A delay can be fatal. 

Even with immediate medical attention, a laparoscopic surgery removes that part of the tube and the ovary leading to loss of partial fertility. Whereas, if diagnosed through an ultrasound or a transvaginal scan in the earlier stage just when a UPT was positive, it is possible to prevent this loss. This is because, in the early stage, it is possible to treat ectopic pregnancies with medicines only. 

This makes it clear, why you should opt for MTP only if the doctor prescribes it to you. 

Why did this happen?

Coming to why intrauterine abortion pills won’t work on ectopic pregnancy. The pill Mifepristone is an anti-progestin that blocks the secretion of progesterone. Progesterone is required to sustain any pregnancy. In its absence, the growing embryo also stops further growth. 

The second pill, Misoprostol has uterine contracting properties. It contracts the uterus to expel the gestation products with the embryo normally through the vaginal route just like a regular menstrual period. 

Now, in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the embryo is not in the uterus. So, uterine contractions will not expel it. And that’s why abortion pills won’t work leading to a complicated case.

Vacuum aspiration method (V&A):

This is a gentle method where the abortion doctor sucks the embryo gently from the uterine cavity. It is a gentle procedure lasting not more than 10 minutes. The doctor creates the gentle suction either manually or using an electric pump. When it is done manually, the procedure is known as Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). And as Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) if done through the electric driven motor. 

The abortion doctor use this method for pregnancies that are not beyond 12 weeks. During the first trimester abortion, the size of the embryo is in the range that it is possible to gently suck it out completely to make the abortion complete. Beyond this period, using this method may leave traces of gestation. 

Foreign patients for abortion in India typically prefer this method since it is nearly 100% efficient. Even when they have the abortion option through medical method open, yet they prefer this safe and secure method that gives them the confidence of returning to their country with a successful abortion. 

abortion in India

Dilatation and evacuation method (D & E):

This method of abortion is slightly invasive and hence is the surgical abortion method. The abortion doctor prescribes it to patients with pregnancies beyond 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks. 

In this method, the doctor gently scrapes fetus, products of gestation and uterine lining using sterilized tools. This procedure is also small but may last up to half an hour (30 minutes). It is also a safe and efficient method that gives the confidence of a complete abortion. The doctor may also prescribe this method to complete the incomplete abortions.

Why Bangalore, India?

Bangalore alias Bengaluru is the capital city of the third-largest state of India, Karnataka. Due to many signs of progress, industrialization, development, great connectivity, Bangalore is a developed city.

Where there is development, people are literate and aware. Both awareness and education help make Bangalore one of the best medical destinations not only for Indian citizens but even for foreigners. 

Development along with it brought more advancements both in technology and techniques besides getting the best-learned physicians and other healthcare providers.

Why American Hospital Bangalore, India for abortion?

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), located in the heart of the city is the choicest abortion destination for overseas patients. Here’s what makes it so.

The abortion hospital:

  • AHB, a certified abortion clinic in India fits all criteria for safe abortions as per the national and international standards of medical care. 
  • It is furnished with world-class facilities and equipped with the best pieces of medical equipment.
  • The centre is highly hygienic. All rooms, OPD, operation room, waiting area, pharmacy, etc. are properly sanitized to minimize any chances of infection. 

hygienic abortion in India

The abortion team:

  • The AHB doctors are highly qualified and experienced healthcare providers. The extensive experience of decades makes them the preferred choice.
  • Nurses and other paramedical staff of AHB also have wide experience and international level training.
  • With every latest technique and technology, the abortion centre keeps all its staff abreast with them. Each member receives training for his/her job so that each abortion at AHB is a safe abortion and every patient gets the best satisfaction. 

abortion in India for foreigners

The abortion procedures:

  • The patient is given a private one-to-one consultation and during abortion also, a nurse will remain by your side to cater to all your needs. 
  • All the procedures at AHB are safe and efficient and you can return to your nation with the confidence of a completed abortion. 
  • All equipment is properly sterilized as recommended by the WHO before and after each abortion to ensure patient’s safety.
  • You will get discharged within an hour or so after the abortion as soon as you feel comfortable. You can either plan to return the same day but is advised to take a day’s rest. Options for a night stay are many in the vicinity of AHB from where any taxi or cab can take you to the airport which is also not far off from the centre. 

The easy abortion process:

  • Travelling to AHB, Bangalore, India is extremely easy via a short flight. There are plenty of international flights from the UAE, Dubai, Philippines and other neighbouring nations. 
  • There is no waiting period since most patients schedule an appointment over the telephone or WhatsApp before showing up. You will be given a private room which is also comfortably furnished with all high-quality furniture and other pieces to make you relaxed and your hospital stays comfortable. 
  • Medicines and diet are prescribed to help the patient heal rapidly. You can even call or email your doctor after you have returned to your country for his/her guidance in your case-specific. 

Confidential Filipina abortion in India:

  • Your abortion status will be kept completely confidential. No one can tell you that you have had an abortion in the past unless you decide to reveal it yourself.  All information related to any medical treatment is completely confidential. 
  • You can expect a completely safe and secure ambience within the AHB premises and you will receive highly professional treatment with compassion. No one will judge you. No one will look at you with any stigma or treat you in a non-reputable manner. 
  • Your abortion experience will be entirely painless, gentle, complete besides being safe, legal and confidential. 

This may be your first time, but many women like you have successfully obtained Gentle Care abortion at American Hospital Bangalore for years. AHB believes that every woman has a right to access comprehensive abortion care for her safety and also for the ones who care. 

For any questions, feel free to comment below or you can also consult a healthcare professional by calling on our helpline number via WhatsApp at +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277.

All your issues will be safely addressed and you can also schedule an appointment

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