What is the Cost of Abortion Pills in Dubai?

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Navigating the landscape of abortion often prompts questions about the cost of abortion pills in Dubai. Beyond the financial aspect, this post delves into the legal implications, health risks, and the toll it takes on one’s well-being.

We are unravelling the complexities associated with procuring illegal abortion pills in Dubai. Also, we shall be shedding light on the potential pitfalls—both in terms of money and health. Considering the vulnerability of this time, we shall also explore a more secure and viable option: travelling to India. Discover why flying to Bangalore offers a safer alternative, ensuring a successful and confidential abortion procedure. Read on to find a pathway that prioritizes your well-being during this sensitive journey.

The monetary cost of abortion pills in Dubai you pay:

Despite the legal prohibition, an undercover investigation has brought to light the prevalence of a disturbing practice – the use of a cheap ulcer medication repurposed for self-administered abortions, colloquially known as Do It Yourself (DIY) abortions. Additionally, these enterprising individuals openly advertise these services for a hefty fee of Dh 1500 to Dh 5000 taking advantage of the legal vacuum and societal pressures.

So, this clandestine market thrives on the evolving social and moral landscape, where legal constraints haven’t kept pace with shifting values. Besides, illegal suppliers have seen a surge in demand for these pills, attributing it to the changing dynamics surrounding reproductive choices. Such suppliers assure women in need that if the medicine’s regimen is followed as instructed, it guarantees induced bleeding within 24 hours, underscoring the high stakes involved.

However, the risks associated with this underground market are substantial. So, women opting for this covert route expose themselves to potential complications, including ectopic pregnancies and life-threatening outcomes like extreme bleeding or fatal infections.

These dangers become even more pronounced for pregnancies exceeding six weeks with an additional risk of severe bleeding. Furthermore, these illegal sellers do nothing to mitigate these hazards. Therefore, one must emphasize on the dire consequences of decisions driven by societal norms and legal strictures.



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Despite the risks involved, these sellers thrive in a covert market, capitalizing on the desperation of women facing the harsh realities of unwanted pregnancies in a country where legal repercussions for both abortion and childbirth out of wedlock can be severe. Hence, the monetary cost these women pay for abortion pills extends beyond the money, encompassing potential health complications, the toll on mental well-being, and the legal jeopardy associated with engaging in this illicit practice.

(Source: https://gulfnews.com/uae/illegal-abortions-a-fatal-choice-1.834605)

Dubai’s stringent laws on abortion heighten the risks for those seeking illicit abortion pills. Section 340 of the UAE Penal Code explicitly stipulates penalties, stating that anyone inducing voluntary pregnancy termination faces up to five years imprisonment. Although the legal landscape is unforgiving; yet, the desperation of women navigating unwanted pregnancies leads them to this perilous path.

Undercover Operations:

Despite legal repercussions, undercover investigations reveal a thriving underground market where individuals risk legal penalties to procure and administer abortion pills. So, the veil of secrecy underscores the lengths to which women go to navigate the legal complexities surrounding reproductive choices.

Exploitation of Legal Gaps:

Exploiting legal ambiguities, sellers capitalize on the absence of explicit regulations governing the procurement of abortion pills. As a result, the legal vacuum provides a breeding ground for clandestine transactions. And hence, this puts both sellers and buyers at risk of legal consequences.

Online Forums and Transactions:

Additionally, online platforms serve as a cloak for these illegal activities. Using these sources, sellers advertise their services and share contact details, emphasizing their exclusivity to the UAE market. Also, the anonymity of these transactions heightens the legal risk, as the law’s long reach extends to those facilitating and seeking abortion through unauthorized means.

Legal Ramifications for Women:

Women engaging in these transactions expose themselves to severe legal consequences. Beyond the immediate risk of imprisonment, the enduring societal stigma compounds the legal cost, impacting personal and professional spheres. Hence, the legal jeopardy faced by women choosing this path adds a layer of vulnerability to an already complex and challenging situation.

Medical Procedures in Legal Grey Areas:

Some women resort to dubious medical procedures conducted after hours by individuals without proper medical credentials. These procedures, occurring in a legal grey area, underscore the desperate measures individuals take to circumvent legal restrictions, further amplifying the legal cost.

Therefore, the legal cost of abortion pills in Dubai extends beyond financial considerations, encompassing the potential for imprisonment, societal backlash, and the enduring impact on one’s legal standing.

Cost of Abortion Pills in Dubai in Terms of Lost Health:

The use of abortion pills in Dubai comes at a significant health toll for women navigating this perilous route. Some of the risks include:

Unsupervised Consumption Risks:

Self-administering abortion pills without medical supervision poses serious health risks. Women risk complications such as incomplete abortion, excessive bleeding, and infections due to unsupervised consumption.

Besides, the pills bought in this manner may be fake, they may have exceeded the expiry date leading to less efficacy or they can be adulterated. So, the cost of abortion pills in Dubai may lead a woman to health risks beyond her imagination.

Abortion pills in UAE, abortion pills in Dubai

Ectopic Pregnancy Concerns:

Beyond the immediate dangers, the risk of ectopic pregnancies escalates with the use of abortion pills, potentially leading to life-threatening situations. In addition, the absence of professional guidance heightens the likelihood of undetected ectopic pregnancies.

Diverse Dosage Recommendations:

In additions, the clandestine market introduces diverse dosage recommendations. It therefore leaves women vulnerable to adverse effects. So, discrepancies in guidance on dosage and administration contribute to uncertainties, further jeopardizing women’s health.

Lack of Post-Abortion Care:

Moreover, the absence of proper medical care post-abortion exacerbates health risks. Also, complications arising from incomplete abortions or infections may go untreated, placing women in precarious health situations.

Dubious Medical Procedures:

Some resort to dubious medical procedures conducted by individuals lacking proper credentials. These procedures, often undertaken in a legal grey area, pose additional health risks, as individuals navigate desperate measures without proper medical expertise. They can lead to internal injuries, haemorrhage and other life-threatening conditions.

Psychological Toll:

The health toll extends beyond the physical, encompassing psychological well-being. Women grappling with the consequences of unsupervised abortion may experience long-lasting emotional distress, underscoring the comprehensive health impact.

Legal and Health Intersection:

The intertwining of legal and health risks creates a complex web for women seeking abortion pills. Navigating both spheres simultaneously amplifies the challenges, further emphasizing the multifaceted cost incurred in terms of lost health.

Safe Alternative for an Abortion for Unwanted Pregnancies: Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

In navigating the challenges of unwanted pregnancies in Dubai, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) emerges as a premier boutique abortion hospital in Bangalore. AHB offers a safe, legal and confidential alternative for women facing this delicate journey.

There are several good reasons why you can consider abortion in India than paying the cost of abortion pills in Dubai at the cost of lost health, a financial burden and legal repercussions. Some women even paid the cost of abortion pills in Dubai with their lives. Many had to pay legal fines and face imprisonment. Many expats in Dubai even faced deportation. It’s time you learn lessons from them and go ahead for a safe option.

Let’s have a look at these good reasons for an abortion in India.

Women-Friendly Abortion Laws in India:

India’s progressive abortion laws provide a legal avenue for women seeking to terminate unwanted pregnancies. AHB operates within the framework of these laws, ensuring a secure and regulated environment for individuals making this crucial reproductive choice.

Ease of Travel to India:

AHB’s location in Bangalore, India, presents a convenient and accessible option for women in Dubai. The ease of travel facilitates a smooth journey, allowing women to undertake a short abortion trip, and minimizing the logistical challenges associated with seeking safe and legal abortion services.

abortion in India

Gentle Care Abortions at AHB:

AHB sets itself apart with its Gentle Care abortion procedures, tailored to meet the unique needs of women seeking termination. For pregnancies up to 12 weeks, Gentle Care suction abortion is available – a painless, short, and single-appointment procedure. For pregnancies up to 20 weeks, Gentle Care induced abortion offers a similarly comfortable experience, providing a comprehensive solution within a single visit.

Abortion in India

The Gentle Care approach prioritizes the well-being of women, ensuring a successful and confident procedure. The emphasis on painless, short, and single-appointment abortions minimizes the physical and emotional toll on individuals, offering a reassuring experience from start to finish.

One of the most significant advantages of choosing AHB is the confidence in a complete abortion before returning. The hospital’s commitment to patient care ensures that individuals leave with the assurance of a successful procedure, alleviating concerns about incomplete abortions or lingering complications.

The compassionate and professional care offered at AHB provides a supportive environment for women making crucial reproductive decisions, emphasizing their well-being throughout the process. Choose the path of safety, legality, and confidence with a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India.

Schedule an abortion in India.

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