Does Privacy Draw Mysore Women to Bangalore for Abortions?

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Unwanted pregnancy can equally happen in Mysore as well as Bangalore just like any other city or country. However, abortion options are not equally available to all women alike, sometimes due to the lack of legal support, sometimes, lack of facilities and support and sometimes due to the lack of information. And women often feel pushed to seek out unsafe choices. If you too are wondering about obtaining the right abortion care in Mysore, this post is for you.

Considering an abortion but worried about access or privacy in Mysore? You’re not alone. Many women travel from Mysore to Bangalore for abortion. This post will help you learn your abortion in India options for the best abortion care. So, stay with us!

Limited Options for Abortion in Mysore: Seeking more than just the basic care.

Mysore might offer some abortion services, but many women choose Bangalore for a wider range of options. Here’s what you might encounter when you are looking for an abortion clinic in Mysore:

Abortion Clinic Mysore Availability:

Mysore has fewer abortion clinics compared to Bangalore. This translates to fewer appointments and potentially longer wait times. Additionally, Mysore lacks specialized clinics dedicated to providing abortion care. Although gynecologists are available, they cater to a wide patient pool.

So, you may have to be a part of the waiting hall full of anxious faces. Some may be seeking prenatal care, some menopausal issues, some seeking infertility advice and some seeking abortion care. This would mean that you may have to be waiting with patients having a diverse outlook towards abortion and women making such choices. This could also mean that you may have to face stigma which can be emotionally disturbing for you.

Additionally, few clinics may provide abortion care by appointment, but then there are many other factors such as the want for privacy and your choice of abortion method which may draw you to seek abortion somewhere else.

Abortion in Mysore Method Restrictions:

Mysore clinics might not offer the full spectrum of abortion methods available in Bangalore. This could limit your choices depending on your pregnancy stage or medical situation. For instance, medical abortion with pills may be available, but suction abortion may not be available.

Moreover, medical abortion is only suitable for very early pregnancies and hence after 8 weeks, women may have to undergo a Dilatation & Curettage (D&C) procedure for abortion. So, women in the first trimester may either have to choose a medical abortion or a surgical one. Medical abortion can result in incomplete abortion, pain, heavy bleeding and other complications. On the other hand, Surgical abortion is an invasive procedure.

However, a non-invasive Gentle Care suction may not be available which is available at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). So, women can easily undergo a safe and non-invasive abortion for up to 12 weeks at AHB comfortably, painlessly and with an assurance of a complete abortion in a single appointment. General hospitals in Mysore may not give this assurance.

And for second-trimester abortions also, only D&C may be an available method. On the other hand, AHB offers advanced Gentle Care Induced abortions for pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. This is a tailored approach for complete abortion in the most natural and minimally invasive manner. The method involves inducing labor and a thorough Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) following fetal expulsion.

D&E is more advanced and a better technique than D&C which most hospitals may use. However, not all certified MTP centres in Mysore may have this technique either due to the lack of facilities or lack of trained staff for such procedures.

So, women often opt for better choices when they are educated about their available choices.

Abortion Doctor Expertise:

While Mysore has qualified doctors, Bangalore boasts a larger pool of specialists experienced in various abortion procedures, potentially leading to more tailored care.

AHB’s abortion team has highly qualified doctors and nurses with qualifications and training completed in several foreign lands. So, they are more qualified to provide abortion care matching international standards. Their methods are more seamless, advanced and comfortable. Also, the approach of being patient-centered may seem lacking in the general hospitals of Mysore.

So, limited options in Mysore can restrict access to the specific type of abortion care you might need or prefer. Bangalore offers a broader selection, empowering you to choose the method and provider that best suits your situation.

Confidentiality Concerns & Stigma with Abortion in Mysore:

The decision to have an abortion is not only personal but also one may or may not want to share it with anyone. For many women in Mysore, privacy and freedom from judgment are paramount concerns. Here’s how Mysore’s social climate and healthcare landscape might influence their decision to seek care in Bangalore:

Social Stigma:

Unfortunately, abortion can still carry a social stigma. Although stigma may be seen anywhere, in smaller cities like Mysore, stigma may be more common. Traditional beliefs and societal pressures might make women hesitant to seek local abortion services. The fear of gossip or judgment from friends, family, or even healthcare providers can be a significant deterrent.

Additionally, unmarried women are the most hurt victims of stigma. They face judgments not only for seeking abortion but also for getting pregnant out of the marriage. Many unmarried women fear the judgment and harsh response from the healthcare providers. That’s why they resort to unsafe abortion practices such as buying cheap abortion pills without prescription.

They often end up in complicated situations after unsafe abortions which they may regret later in life.

Limited Support Systems for Women Seeking Abortion in Mysore:

Finding a trusted confidante or support system within Mysore can be challenging. Women facing unplanned pregnancies might feel isolated and unsure who to turn to for non-judgmental guidance.

Privacy Concerns with Local Clinics:

Even if Mysore has abortion clinics, concerns about patient confidentiality can arise. Women might worry about their medical information being leaked or becoming public knowledge within a smaller community. This can be especially stressful if they live in close quarters with extended families or neighbors.

The want for a confidential abortion becomes more necessary when it’s an unmarried woman seeking an abortion. Abortion in India has been legalized for unmarried and single women also for contraceptive failure, rape/incest, to protect the patient’s health and fetal anomalies. However, due to the lack of confidential space, women fear seeking out safer options.

Bangalore, being a bigger city and a different city can offer more privacy and non-judgmental space for unmarried girl abortion also. This can thus draw educated women seeking out for safe abortion care to find their confidential and non-judgmental space with an abortion in Bangalore rather than opting for unsafe abortion in Mysore choices.

Doctor-Patient Relationship:

Building trust with a local doctor can be difficult, especially if there’s a limited selection of abortion providers. Women might hesitate to openly discuss their situation, fearing judgment or disapproval from the doctors themselves. This lack of open communication can hinder proper medical evaluation and personalized care.

Seeking a Safe Abortion Care in Bangalore:

Bangalore offers a stark contrast to these challenges. Here’s what women might find appealing:

Anonymity & Discretion:

Larger cities like Bangalore offer a greater degree of anonymity. Women can access abortion care without worrying about their identity being known within their social circles. This anonymity allows them to make this personal decision with greater privacy.

Wider Support Networks:

Bangalore boasts a network of support groups and NGOs catering specifically to women’s health issues, including abortion. These organizations offer anonymous counselling, emotional support and information on safe abortion care, empowering women to navigate this experience with less isolation.

Confidentiality Standards in Clinics:

Larger, well-established clinics in Bangalore prioritize patient confidentiality.

Strict protocols ensure medical records are kept private, minimizing the risk of information leaks or judgment from healthcare staff.

Also, the abortion clinics in Bangalore may have their staff educated on handling sensitive information. They may also be better aligned to provide compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential care without any personal queries.

In addition, the hospitals that specialize in abortion care only will tend to have an open outlook for patients seeking abortions. So, they may find themselves in a better position to provide confidential abortion care, even if it means an abortion of an unmarried girl. They may be able to make the patient comfortable not only during the consultation where she can open up with her fears and concerns, but also the procedure itself and post-abortion care for a speedy recovery.

Open Communication with Abortion Doctors in Bangalore:

The larger pool of experienced abortion specialists in Bangalore allows for a more open and trusting doctor-patient relationship. Women feel more comfortable discussing their situation and concerns, leading to better quality care and informed decision-making.

You have the right to safe and confidential abortion care, regardless of your location. Bangalore offers a healthcare environment that prioritizes privacy, discretion and a supportive approach during this sensitive time. It’s important to choose the path that allows you to access the care you need with minimal stress and judgment.

By the end, you should be a happy and confident patient rather than a victim of stigma or any such kind of care that can create emotional or mental bruises for life. So, even if means travelling to another city for your well-being at both physical and emotional levels, it may be a good idea. Your safety in health and privacy both should be your priority and also for the abortion clinic you choose.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technologies: Ensuring Comfort and Safety in Bangalore

Beyond access and privacy, many Mysore women choose Bangalore for abortion care due to the significant advancements in facilities and technologies offered in the city. Here’s why Bangalore might be a preferred destination:

  • Modernized Clinics: Compared to Mysore, Bangalore boasts a higher number of well-equipped abortion clinics featuring modern amenities. These facilities prioritize patient comfort with features like private consultation rooms, recovery rooms, sterile environments and advanced equipment. They may also utilize a wider range of pain management techniques. This can include local anesthesia or even sedation options, minimizing discomfort during the process rather than only OTC analgesics.
  • Ultrasound Technology: Advanced ultrasound technology, including colored USG and 3-D scans, is more readily available in Bangalore clinics. This allows for precise pregnancy dating, ensuring the chosen abortion method is the most suitable and effective for your specific situation.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: Bangalore clinics are likely to offer a wider range of minimally invasive abortion procedures, such as Gentle Care suction abortion or Gentle Care induced abortion, available at AHB. These methods typically involve shorter recovery times and less discomfort compared to traditional surgical abortions.
Abortion in India, Bangalore
  • Safety Protocols and Hygiene: Stringent safety protocols and hygiene standards are paramount in Bangalore clinics. This minimizes the risk of infection and ensures a safe and sterile environment throughout the abortion procedure.
hygiene AHB

And the importance of hygiene in abortion care cannot be overlooked. An unsafe abortion can also make way for recurrent infections like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which can be very troublesome in future.

Besides recurrently occurring fever, burning and itching in the intimate area, difficulty urination and painful intercourse, one may also find it difficult to conceive due to an inflamed reproductive tract. Also, if one can conceive, with infections, there are more chances of a complicated pregnancy or recurrent miscarriages.

Planning Your Trip to Bangalore for Abortion Care: A Step-by-Step Guide

Considering a trip to Bangalore for abortion care? Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating everything from scheduling appointments to travel logistics, ensuring a safe and discreet journey:

Step 1: Schedule a Telephonic Consultation

  • Research Clinics: Start by researching reputable abortion clinics in Bangalore. Look for facilities with positive reviews, experienced doctors, and a focus on patient confidentiality.
  • Telephonic Appointments: Many clinics, like AHB offer telephonic consultations, allowing you to discuss your situation and explore options from the comfort of your home in Mysore.
  • Gather Information: Be prepared to answer questions about your medical history, pregnancy stage, and preferred method of abortion (if any). This information helps the doctor determine the most suitable approach for your needs.

Step 2: Booking Your Travel

Transportation Options:

  • Flights: The fastest option is a flight to Bangalore airport. However, factor in travel time to and from airports in both cities.
  • Trains: Trains offer a more affordable option and can be comfortable for longer journeys. Consider travel time and train schedules.
  • Buses: Buses are the most budget-friendly option but might take longer. Choose reliable companies and consider overnight journeys if needed.
  • Cabs: Hiring a cab allows for a direct journey from Mysore to your chosen clinic in Bangalore. This can be convenient but might be the most expensive option.
  • Own Conveyance: If driving, plan your route in advance. Factor in traffic congestion and potential parking availability near the clinic. Also, have a companion to drive you to the hotel after the abortion and return home in a day or two.

Booking Tips:

  • Compare Prices: Research fares for flights, trains, buses, or cabs to find the best deal that aligns with your budget and travel time preferences.
  • Consider Schedules: Plan your travel around your telephonic consultation and clinic appointment to minimize your stay time in Bangalore. Look for early morning or late evening flights/trains to utilize your time efficiently. Also, if working, you can plan your schedule on a weekend or holiday, provided if its in line with your gestation period. Do not forget, that abortion in India is legal for 20 weeks in casual cases, but delaying can taper your abortion method choices. For instance, beyond 6 weeks, medical abortion is not advisable, beyond 12 weeks, your option for suction abortion also closes.
  • Book in Advance: Especially for flights or popular train routes, booking tickets in advance ensures seat availability, especially if your travel window is tight. Also, last-minute tickets can come at costly prices.

Step 3: Finding Accommodation

Homestay vs. Hotel:

  • Homestays: Homestays can offer a more economical and homey feel, especially when you are travelling for medical reasons. However, research reviews to ensure privacy and comfort.
  • Hotels: Hotels generally offer more amenities and privacy. Choose a hotel near your chosen clinic airport or railway station for convenience.

Selection Tips:

  • Safety and Security: Prioritize safety and security when choosing accommodation. Read guest reviews and choose locations in well-lit areas.
  • Privacy Policy: For homestays or hotels, inquire about their privacy policy to ensure your stay is discreet.
  • Distance to Clinic: Consider the distance between your accommodation and the clinic. Opt for a place with easy access to public transportation or cabs if you’re not using your own vehicle.

Step 4: Travel Essentials:

Download our free abortion checklist before travelling by subscribing to the form below. This comes as a comprehensive guide with all the relevant information you may need before the abortion.



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  • Pack Light: Pack light clothes suitable for Bangalore’s weather. Bring comfortable clothing for the travel journey.
  • Medical Records: If you have any relevant medical records, carry copies for the doctor’s reference during your consultation.
  • Identification: Don’t forget a valid ID proof for booking travel tickets and checking into your accommodation.
  • Cash and Cards: Carry some cash for emergencies and incidental expenses. Most establishments accept credit/debit cards as well.
  • Comfort Items: Pack essentials like pain relievers, sanitary pads, and any personal comfort items you might need.

Step 5: Returning Home

  • Recovery Time: Depending on the chosen abortion method, factor in recovery time before your return journey. Some procedures might require minimal downtime, while others might require a few hours of rest.
  • Plan Your Return: Book your return ticket based on your recovery time and comfort level for travel.
  • Post-Procedure Care: The clinic will provide instructions for post-abortion care. Ensure you have the supplies and medications needed before returning home.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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