What is the cost of abortion in Bangalore and what factors is it dependent upon?

There are important factors to consider, other than cost of abortion, when choosing the best place to have your abortion procedure in Bangalore.  Cost is, of course, a factor – but your safety, and that your abortion is successful, complete, safe and legal are critically important.  Given that the quality of the abortion procedure itself, the facilities and medical expertise can vary a lot, around Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) India and the world in general, don’t be tempted to pay less at the price of your long-term health, safety and well-being.

Cost of abortion is usually based on two factors:

  1. Abortion procedure based on number of weeks of pregnancy

If the abortion occurs under 6 weeks of gestation, it is typical to be recommended an abortion pill also known as medical abortion.  However, it is very important to have these under the care of an experienced gynecologist at an MTP Certified hospital.

It is not advised to self-administer abortion pills, buy them online or at a pharmacy without a prescription, and take them without gynecologist supervision as there are potentially serious health risks, side-effects and health complications involved.  An unsafe abortion procedure is not worth the risk due to the possible long-term health consequences including potential loss of life.

The cost of abortion pills at a reputable high quality MTP certified hospital, which would also include proper medical assessment by an experienced and expert gynecologist, scans, tests, diagnosis, procedure supervision and post abortion recovery care, could cost upwards of Rs. 15,000 in Bangalore.

After around the 6-week mark and up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, you may be recommended to have a surgical abortion.  Depending on the specific number of weeks of pregnancy and patient specific circumstances/ requirements, the most appropriate method of surgical abortion is recommended, such as aspiration abortion up to 14 to 16 weeks, Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) above 14-16 weeks.

It is very important for your health and safety that you have this safe abortion procedure done under the care of an experienced medical professional team, and at a high-quality MTP certified hospital.  This will ensure they are up to date with the best abortion procedures, as well as having the right equipment and facilities to perform your abortion safely and legally.

A high-quality MTP Certified hospital will also ensure that your abortion procedure is in compliance with WHO (The World Health Organization) suggested methods for safe abortion, and that you are treated with respect, confidentiality and are looked after the whole way through your procedure, and afterwards as well.

A surgical abortion at a safe, reputable MTP certified hospital can range upwards of Rs. 30,000 – 50,000, depending on what procedure is needed and is best for you.  Since the quality of abortion procedures, facilities and expertise vary substantially throughout Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) and India, it is always best to prioritize and choose the least invasive, most complete safe abortion procedure versus the lowest cost abortion procedure in Bangalore.

  1. Patient medical history and tests

If you have any medical history complications, medical conditions requiring future care, or if added scans or testing is needed to protect you and your health, this may be a factor in the cost of abortion in Bangalore.

However, if you are having your procedure at a reputable hospital, there will be experienced and qualified medical professionals to make sure you have just the tests and scans that you need to ensure that your health and well-being is well looked after from start to finish.

Although the abortion price is an important factor for many patients, your long-term health and wellness is more important.  To ensure that you are safe, it is best that your abortion / medical termination of pregnancy in Bangalore is performed by highly trained and experienced medical professionals as well as being performed at a hospital with high-quality care that is MTP certified.