Cost of an abortion and the factors involved

When abortion as a decision has been planned, the next questions deserving immediate attention are:

Where to avail a legal, safe and confidential abortion?

What will be the cost of an abortion?

Since abortion in India is legal under a wide range of circumstances, access to abortion services is not a big question. But the bigger question is access to safe, confidential and legal abortion.

Do you know many women in India opt for unsafe abortions in India even when it is legal only to cut the abortion cost?

To be very true, nearly 15%-20% of maternal deaths are a result of unsafe abortions.

(Ref.: An international journal on sexual and reproductive health and rights)

Volume 12, 2004 – Issue sup24: Abortion law, policy and practice in transition

This post intends to guide you into the factors that decide the cost of abortion in Bangalore, India. On the plus side, you will eventually know how investing for safe abortion is the investment in good health, investing in yourself.

Cost of abortion and the factors involved

 Factors affecting the cost of abortion in India:

Let us first tell you that there is no single factor that decides the cost of an abortion. There are multiple factors and each has a unique role to play. The cost of abortion in Bangalore at a certified abortion clinic may depend on patient-specific factors such as the number of weeks
of pregnancy, abortion procedure, patient’s medical history and specific medical requirements.

Other considerable factors that decide the abortion cost include access to CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care), availability of medical facilities, experience of the medical staff and patient’s comfort.

And the cost of an abortion is not in terms of a monetary figure. It comes at the cost of many things like your reproductive health, your mental and physical wellbeing and more.

We will discuss all these factors in detail so that you can make a wise decision of availing a healthy abortion.

The cost of abortion in Bangalore depends on the method of abortion:

Do you know how far have you reached in your pregnancy?

The length of pregnancy, medically known as gestation length is one of the first major factors that govern the abortion cost, be it anywhere.

So, here are your options of abortion methods based on your gestation period and how they can affect the cost of abortion.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended three abortion methods that are both safe and effective. As per their guidelines, these are:

The Medical Method of Abortion and its cost:

Commonly known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), this method involves the use of medical pills to terminate an ongoing pregnancy. This is the earliest option for terminating pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks.

The Procedure:

In this method, safe abortion pills are administered that help in concluding an abortion. The medicines are to be taken at intervals. The first medicine is Mifepristone, which blocks the action of Progesterone and stops further growth of the embryo and helps in its detachment from the uterine lining.

The next medicine, Misoprostol is to be taken hours later that brings about the contractions in the uterus just like your monthly periods. These contractions help in the removal of the embryo through the vaginal route with heavy bleeding.

Since this is the earliest method of abortion and the most economical also, many women resort to the unsafe purchase of MTP kits available in the market or through online pharmacies without realizing the long-term cost they got to pay in future.

Here is how a cost-cutting in abortion by MTP kit can be an unsafe abortion method and what can it lead to:


Firstly, it is illegal to purchase or sell MTP kits without valid prescriptions.

Incomplete abortion:

Do you know that you may self-administer abortion pills and they may even bring about abortion but incomplete?

Yes, incomplete abortions are the most common complications with the medical method of abortion. Even if you take MTP pills with a prescription, this complication is most common.

Many women tend to opt for this method of abortion even if they visit a certified MTP centre due to it being the most economical one.

This is because the medical method of abortion is not 100% efficient and there is no method by which you can ascertain beforehand whether this woman can have a complete abortion or there is more probability of an incomplete abortion.

The farther you are in your pregnancy, the more are the chances of incomplete abortion with abortion pills. This is which is why it is not the recommended method for terminating pregnancies beyond 8 weeks.

Most women who self-administer pregnancy termination pills beyond this period end up with an incomplete abortion.

Now, let us learn more about this complication and how to prevent it?

What is an incomplete abortion?

Abortion is a procedure done to terminate an ongoing pregnancy and remove the products of gestation from the uterine cavity. If this removal is incomplete, some remnants may remain in the uterus. This is called an incomplete abortion.

How is an incomplete abortion diagnosed?

With a complete abortion, bleeding may range from a couple of days to up to a week. An incomplete abortion is usually first realized when the bleeding persists for more than a week. It may be heavy or just vaginal spotting. The next indication is abdominal pain. Though medical abortions are accompanied by abdominal cramps and pain, after abortion, the pain is expected to wean away. If pain is still troubling, it may be because of incomplete abortion.

Incomplete abortion is finally confirmed through a transvaginal scan. 

How is an incomplete abortion treated?

Incomplete abortions are finally treated by corrective surgeries. To complete such abortions, dilatation and evacuation procedure is employed. And this is how women who try to save initial costs end up with the most expensive abortion procedure.

And in terms of health, they undergo both physical pain and mental stress and that too for a longer period.

How can the complication of an incomplete abortion be avoided? 

Firstly, never self-administer abortion pills.

Then, it is advisable to have the exact length of pregnancy determined. In case you are far in your pregnancy, it may be better to opt for a more efficient method of abortion recommended for your gestation length.

Do not try to cut the cost with substandard medicines. Even if prescribed by the doctor, buy only good quality medicines. 

Ectopic Pregnancy:

What is an ectopic pregnancy and how is it a complication with the medical method of abortion?

During normal pregnancies or intrauterine pregnancies, the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining and starts growing there. But sometimes the embryo may not reach its destination and stay somewhere in the path, most commonly in the fallopian tube. Such pregnancies having wrong locations are known as ectopic pregnancies.

In case abortion pills are administered in event of an ectopic pregnancy, abortion may not happen. The embryo may remain growing in the tube until the time it is unable to sustain the growth and may burst. This is a case of a medical emergency and needs immediate attention.

Surgery is needed to remove that side of the fallopian tube and ovary and to save the woman’s life.

Cost of abortion paid with an ectopic pregnancy as a complication and its prevention:

Many women who tend to buy abortion pills illegally or at the hands of quacks try to save the cost of having a transvaginal scan (ultrasound). This keeps them unaware of the location of the pregnancy. Not realizing the fact that how essential it is to have the location and length of pregnancy ascertained before administering pills, women put themselves in grave consequences.

Do you know the cost of an ectopic pregnancy may even be the life of the woman?

In case, a woman with a burst fallopian tube does not receive immediate medical aid, she may have to pay the cost with her life. If life is saved, at least she has to experience partial loss of fertility.

And surgery cost is ahead of a scan that could have prevented this complication. In case when a woman realizes she is carrying a pregnancy, whether wanted or unwanted, it is essential to have the length and location ascertained through prenatal scanning.

If the pregnancy is found to be ectopic, it can be removed medically with the help of different pills and the reproductive organs are saved from removal by surgery. Of course, life is saved too. And these medicines come at very affordable prices.

Coming to the next recommended method of abortion and its cost.

Vacuum Aspiration Method:

This method of abortion is recommended by the WHO for terminating pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks.

The procedure:

Vacuum Aspiration Method of abortion is a short and slightly invasive procedure in which an aspirator is inserted in the uterine cavity through the vaginal route, suction applied and the embryo sucked out. 

Cost of Vacuum Aspiration Method of Abortion:

The cost of abortion performed by the Vacuum Aspiration method is more than that of the medical method of abortion. But since it results in nearly 100% successful abortions, the cost of incomplete abortions as with the medical method of abortion can be saved. 

And hence, it is a cost-efficient method of abortion. However, the cost of this method may vary from city to city and from centre to centre due to other considerable factors like healthcare facilities, doctor experience, want of a painless abortion experience and others that are taken to minimize complications.

Besides, it is advisable not to have this method of abortion performed by a non-professional to cut the cost of abortion since it needs extensive knowledge and training to perform it with efficiency. Otherwise, the procedure may be painful, incomplete, can lead to an internal injury, cause harm to reproductive organs or may lead to infections, which can further complicate health issues.

Dilatation and Evacuation or the Surgical method of abortion and its cost:

In India, abortion is legal up to 20 weeks of gestation under normal circumstances (contraceptive failure, rape/incest, physical or mental wellbeing of the woman) and up to 24 weeks under special circumstances (eg. Fetal anomalies).

D&E method of abortion is prescribed for terminating late pregnancies, the ones that have furthered 12 weeks but are still in the legally permissible age.

The Procedure:

This method is a surgical procedure that involves uterine perforation. Medical tools are inserted in the uterine cavity by dilating the cervix and the whole uterine cavity is scraped off. This procedure is nearly 100% efficient and all the products of gestation are removed.

The cost of surgical abortion:

The cost of a D&E method of abortion also varies from place to place and with the difference in abortion hospitals due to various factors like painless abortion, hospital facilities, experience and expertise of the performing doctor, coexisting medical conditions, tests and scans required and more. 

It is again advisable for this procedure as well not to visit any unprofessional or uncertified abortion clinic. Women who resort to this procedure either to complete the abortions that remained incomplete as a complication of abortion pills or when they are late in pregnancies in uncertified clinics or unprofessional settings are the ones who suffer from further complications. They are either compelled to spend their entire life with a co-morbidity or sometimes they may even have to pay the cost with their lives.

Another big loss that they do not realize beforehand is the partial or complete loss of fertility that they may have to face if the surgery is not performed with precision and accuracy. A great deal of knowledge and extensive experience is required to perform these procedures safely.

And the trauma is not just physical. Unsafe abortions often leave a mental and psychological depression, pain and more. Abortion is to be considered as an experience as a whole that takes care of a woman’s physical, mental as well as psychological wellbeing.

The cost of abortion in terms of gestation length and the method of abortion has been described. Now, let us look into the other factors that can impact the cost of abortion in your case.

Painless abortions:

The medical method of abortion and pain:

The fact is that if you choose to terminate your early pregnancy through abortion pills, the abortion is usually accompanied by pain. Some women may experience moderate and bearable pain, but some others may have it as a bad experience. 

Just like menstrual periods, some women say they experience bad pain while others have them as a normal experience. Similarly, abortion pain is generally at a higher level than menstrual cramps because of the pills that are meant to cause uterine contractions to expel the embryo.

Besides pain, you can expect to bleed for up to a week with this method. And only after a week can it be ascertained whether the abortion was complete or not. Incomplete abortion will need a D&E procedure to clear the remaining products of gestation.

Many women fear pain, discomfort, the waiting period and the biggest fear of an incomplete abortion due to which they opt for the Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion even if they are less than 8 weeks pregnant.


Vacuum Aspiration Method of abortion and pain:

Though the procedure is mild and not a lengthy one, the pain can come from the embryo detachment or staying in an abortion position for some time or just out of anxiety.

Many unprofessional settings or people who want to cut down the cost of anaesthetists may ask for it without anaesthesia. This can lead to a painful experience and distraction to the performing doctor may lead to an incomplete abortion. After all, the doctor needs to be very much focused during abortion procedures for the safety of the patient and the success of the medical procedure. Hence, this is not advisable.

V&A is better performed under anaesthesia both for the performing doctor and the patient. The patient gets a painless experience and the anxiety of the patient does not distract the doctor. This ensures that the abortion procedure is conducted efficiently, safely and is painless.

D&E method of abortion and pain:

This is a surgical method and since the procedure is longer than the V&A method and uterine lining is scraped to remove all the contents, it can be quite painful if performed without anaesthesia. 

Besides anaesthesia, other factors can add or reduce pain associated with surgical abortion like that of the doctor’s knowledge and experience, the methods adopted, pain management and other concerns.

Again, for the procedure’s efficiency and patient’s painless abortion experience, it is better performed only at a registered abortion hospital by a specialized doctor/gynaecologist.

NOTE: It is advisable not to cut the cost of abortion, both for the patient’s safety and for the abortion success.

Cost of abortion based on healthcare facilities:

Another factor that may lead to variation in the cost of an abortion is dependent on the healthcare facilities of the abortion clinic.

Some abortion hospitals that have highly qualified and experienced doctors and extensively trained assistant staff may have a higher cost. But this is genuine since such doctors perform the procedures safely and the risks and side-effects of abortions are minimized.

  • Such a doctor will take your medical history notes to know if you are allergic to certain medications or are taking any other medicine(s) for any other medical conditions. This minimizes the risk of prescribing contraindicated medicines or the medicines to which the patient may be allergic. For instance, some patients are taking hypertensive medicines, blood thinners, diabetic medicines or may be allergic to common antibiotics prescribed to avoid infections.
  • Such a doctor will ensure that the best abortion method is prescribed for your case. And for this, both the length and location of your pregnancy will be ascertained.
  • The doctor will ask for the needed diagnostic tests and scans so that complications can be avoided and emergencies are handled.
  • Many women in India or anywhere in the world want confidential abortions. Hence, normal abortion centres may not be equipped to provide you with private rooms or schedule an abortion on appointment. This can lead you to be experiencing crowded waiting halls and general wards. This can lead to compromised privacy. So, the hospitals that offer confidential abortion services, private one-to-one consultation and the private room may have a higher cost. Again, this is absolutely veritable when it comes to the cost of privacy.
  • Hospitals that use the latest medical equipment and technologies may charge higher for an abortion but this is for the patient’s comfort and safety.

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), Bangalore, India:

Bangalore is a busy and metropolitan city of India that has been recognized throughout the world for many good reasons and one of them is Bangalore being the choicest medical destination.

People from across the globe, different countries and even from different cities within India often visit Bangalore for medical reasons.

Do you know…?

That one of the most common medical reasons for people travelling to Bangalore from countries like Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan and even from different Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc is to avail a safe, confidential and legal abortion. 

Yes, many women from different parts of the world travel to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for their gentle care abortion procedures.

It is the rightful choice for a safe abortion since:

  • All abortion procedures are done using the latest medical equipment and techniques.
  • All abortion procedures are painless.
  • All abortion procedures are nearly 100% efficient and the moment you step out of the premises, you will be confident of safe abortion.
  • All abortion procedures are same-day abortion procedures. V&A method takes less than 10 minutes to be completed and the surgical one takes less than 30 minutes. You can expect to get discharged in a couple of hours the same day as soon as you feel comfortable.
  • All the facilities are in-house. It saves your time and money.
  • Private one-to-one consultation and the private room ensures complete confidentiality. Moreover, the hospital never reveals any details of any patient.
  • The abortion team is highly experienced and internationally trained.
  • You can expect a professional and compassionate experience since the doctors and the staff are very caring and non-judgmental.
  • You will have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) at AHB that ensures the patient’s safety in terms of her physical, mental as well as psychological wellbeing. From pre-abortion care to abortion procedure to post-abortion care, all are taken care of.

For the want of a painless, private and successful abortion, this cost of an abortion is not high. It is an investment in your long-term health. Complications and associated risks shall be minimized. Medicines of higher quality are prescribed and the most important part is post-abortion care which is very essential for rapid healing. So, the cost of an abortion at the best abortion hospital can be better termed as an investment in your health, investment in yourself.  

If you are looking forward to having a quality, safe, legal and confidential abortion in India, feel free to call AHB’s helpline number and schedule an early appointment.

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