What happens if you get an abortion in Dubai illegally?

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Thinking about abortion in Dubai? It’s important to understand the legal landscape. Abortion in Dubai is generally illegal, with few exceptions. This post explores the potential consequences of having an illegal abortion in Dubai. We’ll cover risks to your health, legal trouble you could face and alternative options available for due consideration for a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India.

When is an abortion in Dubai illegal?

In Dubai, abortion is illegal under most circumstances. As a resident of the UAE, you are likely to be aware of this. This aligns with the broader legal framework of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Whether you opt for self-termination by buying abortion pills obtained online or from illegal sellers or seeking help from any medical professional, you are attempting an abortion in UAE illegally. Involving any medical professional, including doctors or pharmacists, to perform or facilitate an illegal abortion is a crime. This includes consultations or attempts to obtain medication for self-termination.

The UAE enforces these laws strictly.  Participating in an illegal abortion, whether as the woman seeking it or the medical professional involved, can lead to significant legal consequences.

While abortion in UAE has been illegal for long, there have been changes in the law from time to time, the latest being in 2024. Here is a detailed description of the law only to educate women seeking help for unwanted pregnancies.

The UAE’s strict regulations concerning abortion, guided by recent legal reforms and amendments to existing laws have a place in Federal Decree-Law No. 4/2016 on Medical Liability, amended by Federal Decree-Law No. 18/2023 and Federal Decree-Law No. 31/2021 on the Issuance of the Crimes and Penalties Law.

Article 15 of the Medical Liability Law (Federal Decree-Law No. 4/2016 and Amendment No. 18/2023) mandates explicit consent from both wife and husband for any reproductive health interventions. Birth control actions for women are permissible only under specific conditions or with a specialized medical committee’s opinion.



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There are very few exceptions where abortion might be legal. These include situations where a mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has severe malformations incompatible with life. However, even in these cases, a medical committee’s approval is mandatory.

Life Endangerment:

  • Abortion is allowed if pregnancy continuation endangers the woman’s life.
  • It must occur in a government or authorized private health facility.
  • Physicians must draft a report justifying the abortion with consent from the woman or her spouse/guardian.

Fetal Malformation:

  • Abortion is permitted if a medical committee proves severe fetal malformation.
  • Consent from the woman or her spouse/guardian is required.
  • All medical examinations and results must be documented in a report.

What happens if you get an illegal abortion in Dubai?

By performing an illegal abortion in Dubai, you may face more than just the legal consequences. You may have to pay the cost of abortion in Dubai on different fronts. Here’s an overview of all the consequences you may face with an illegal abortion in Dubai.

Legal Consequences and Penalties for Illegal Abortion in Dubai:

Article 33 states that doctors performing illegal abortions face imprisonment. If the abortion results in the woman’s death, the penalty ranges from 5 to 10 years in prison.

Unlawful Abortion Practices as per Crimes and Penalties Law (Federal Decree-Law No. 31/2021):

  • Self-abortion or Consensual Abortion in Dubai is an illegal abortion in the UAE: Women who self-abort or consent to abortion face imprisonment, fines, or both. So, you can face jail time with an illegal abortion in Dubai.
  • Causing Abortion with Consent: Individuals causing abortion with a woman’s consent face imprisonment or fines. And if individuals are healthcare professionals performing such abortions without legal justification, they risk imprisonment.
  • Non-Consensual Abortion in Dubai: Non-consensual abortion in the UAE can lead to imprisonment for the offender.
  • Attempted Abortion in Dubai: Attempted abortion in UAE carries penalties equal to half of those for completed acts.

For non-citizens involved in illegal abortion activities, deportation from the UAE is a likely consequence.

Therefore, the UAE’s abortion laws aim to ensure responsible and ethical practices by establishing clear guidelines and imposing severe penalties for unlawful actions, including illegal abortion in Dubai. These laws emphasize the protection of reproductive rights and uphold medical ethics, reflecting the seriousness with which the UAE addresses violations in this domain.

Health consequences of an illegal abortion in Dubai:

Besides what you may face legally, the consequences of an illegal abortion in Dubai on your health can be more serious. Whether you suffer for a short time or have to face life-long adversities, the health lost can be the most valuable thing. It is not just a proverb saying, “Health is Wealth”, it is for real. Ask a woman who has suffered at the hands of illegal abortion in Dubai. Many have lost their fertility and some even had to pay the cost of abortion in Dubai an attempt with their lives.

Even if you are planning to buy abortion pills in Dubai to end an unwanted pregnancy, which is of course, illegal, please read the following section on the consequences you may face and have not known.

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Failed abortion:

You are buying abortion pills in Dubai for an abortion but imagine if they don’t work. Yes, it can happen to anyone, including you. You may get tricked and may buy fake or even expired abortion pills. So, can you expect them to do the intended work?

Since you may not get abortion pills on pharmacy shelves or even in abortion clinics in Dubai, you are likely to be buying them from online or offline illegal suppliers. They may repack the expired medicines claiming their efficacy. Or they may offer the wrong pills saying them to be abortion pills. How will you know if the abortion pills you have bought are authentic? Can you distinguish between safe abortion pills from fake abortion pills?

No, it may not be so easy. You cannot prove a medicine without its lab testing and if you give the tablets you bought for testing in the lab, what will you consume?

Okay, even if you happen to buy the right abortion pills in Dubai, still, there is still a probability of a failed abortion or a missed miscarriage. It is possible that the fetal growth may stop but its expulsion is not something that you can always expect with the abortion pills you buy in Dubai.

Incomplete abortion:

Yet another scenario of an illegal abortion in Dubai with the pills you buy, safe or fake, is an incomplete abortion. When pregnancy products may remain in the womb after an abortion attempt, it is known as an incomplete abortion. You may expel the embryo or the fetus, yet products of gestation (pregnancy tissue) may remain making you still feel like pregnant.

It is a common phenomenon even with safe abortion pills and even after the doctor diagnoses and evaluates your pregnancy. This is so because abortion pills are never 100% efficacious. And the longer the gestation period, the more the chances of an incomplete abortion.

Even doctors for abortion recommend using safe abortion pills for ending only very early pregnancies. So, abortion up to 6 weeks only work best with abortion pills and that too under medical supervision.

Heavy Bleeding:

Heavy bleeding, which can be difficult to control without proper medical intervention, is a risk.

Abortion pills work by inducing natural miscarriage, which presents itself in the form of a heavy period. Depending on the pregnancy length, the bleeding time and quantity can vary. However, a complication with safe or fake abortion pills is heavy bleeding. Heavy blood loss can lead to further complications.

Some patients may even need a blood transfusion after heavy bleeding. Additionally, heavy and prolonged bleeding makes patients vulnerable to infections. Untreated infections can even result in sepsis, which can be fatal.

Ectopic Pregnancy Risk:

Do you know about ectopic pregnancy and how life-threatening it can be? Ectopic pregnancy is a risk that you may not even know when you are carrying one. It is a risk that can result in the loss of fertility and even life.

When the fertilized embryo implants itself at a place other than the womb, like, the fallopian tube, ovary wall, cervix lining or even the abdominal cavity. All these places are not the right places for fetal development and growth. So, these pregnancies are not viable. But they are risky. How?

Such pregnancies can rupture at any moment right from the fertilization time until it gets even detected. Such pregnancies cannot sustain and hence tend to rupture when they find the space is less, especially within the fallopian tube.

Now, this is an emergency and if the patient does not receive immediate treatment, it can also be fatal. Internal bleeding needs immediate corrective surgery. During this surgery, the tube within which the embryo implanted itself along with the attached ovary is removed. At times, it is also essential to remove both the tubes and ovaries. As a result, fertility was reduced to nearly half. Sometimes, the loss can even be more, resulting in permanent loss of fertility after abortion.

Abortion Pills in Dubai and Ectopic Pregnancy:

Now, how can abortion pills in Dubai result in causing or treating an ectopic pregnancy? This is very important for you to be knowing that ectopic pregnancies are not treatable by abortion pills, that you may buy. Even if you have safe abortion pills, they may not terminate an ectopic pregnancy.

Safe and approved abortion pills work only on pregnancies that are within the uterus. So, they may not work on faulty pregnancies and the abortion will not happen even after taking them. As a result, the pregnancy can rupture even after taking abortion pills.

How you can prevent ectopic pregnancy complications?

Ectopic pregnancy complications cannot be completely prevented as it can happen with any woman. However, knowing the risk factors and trying to reduce them with lifestyle and dietary changes may help to some extent.

But if you already have an ectopic pregnancy, it needs treatment not prevention. However early treatment can save fertility and even life because early detection can help in treating the ectopic pregnancy with medicines and remove it. Surgery is preventable with early detection, which happens with an ultrasound. So, getting an ultrasound early can diagnose if your pregnancy is normal or ectopic. If it’s an ectopic pregnancy, early removal can prevent complications.

Therefore, you should not administer abortion pills, because if you take them for an ectopic pregnancy, the consequences can be harsh for your health and life.


Unsanitary conditions and lack of proper medical care during an illegal abortion can lead to life-threatening infections.

hygiene AHB

Damage to Reproductive Organs:

Unsafe abortions can damage the uterus and fallopian tubes, potentially leading to future fertility problems. This can result in the loss of fertility. So, one may struggle to conceive or can even face the problem of recurrent miscarriages in future.

This can also raise the total cost of abortion in Dubai in the long run since the woman may have to go for costly fertility treatments.

Professional Consequences of Having an Illegal Abortion in Dubai:

Jail time is a likely consequence for those found guilty after having obtained or attempted an illegal abortion in Dubai. The duration can vary depending on the specifics of the case. Heavy fines are often imposed alongside imprisonment.

Medical professionals who participate in illegal abortions can lose their licenses to practice medicine in the UAE. This can severely impact their careers and future ability to work in the field. The woman attempting an illegal abortion in Dubai may face professional disturbances at a mass scale. She may face termination from her current employer. Not only this, she may also not be able to apply and work with other employers with an active or any past criminal record. Attempting an illegal abortion in Dubai will make her a criminal in the eyes of the law.

News of an illegal abortion case can quickly spread in the close-knit medical community, damaging the professional reputation of those involved. It involves the woman as well as any medical professional or an individual(s) who help.

Social Consequences of Having an Illegal Abortion in Dubai:

The social stigma surrounding abortion in Dubai can lead to significant consequences for a woman who undergoes an illegal procedure. Abortion is a taboo subject in many parts of Dubai. The woman might experience shame and social pressure to keep the procedure a secret.

Friends and family might distance themselves from her if they discover she had an illegal abortion. The social stigma, combined with the physical risks of an unsafe abortion, can lead to significant emotional distress and anxiety. Concerns about potential difficulties getting married or having children due to complications from an illegal abortion can arise.

These consequences highlight the importance of exploring safe and legal alternatives for women facing unwanted pregnancies in Dubai.

Alternative safe, legal and confidential abortion in India:

Since abortion in Dubai is illegal, rather than attempting an illegal abortion, it is better to go for a safe, legal and confidential abortion, even if it means travelling to a neighboring country.

India with its progressive and women-friendly abortion laws welcomes women from all countries to avail safe abortion care up to 20 weeks. Contraceptives fail but not all countries allow for legal abortion in such events. However, thanks to the Indian MTP Act & Rules and its amendments today, women in India enjoy safe abortion as a right.

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Not only this but even Dubai women, whether Emirati, Indian expats, Filipina, NRI, OCI card holders or any foreign national, can obtain a legal abortion in India. Another advantage is that you can obtain it even as an unmarried woman unlike many countries that have legalized abortions but only for married women.

Additionally, unmarried women’s abortion in Dubai stigma is preventable by a confidential abortion in India.

The two safe and approved abortion methods at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for international patients are:

  1. Gentle Care suction abortion
  2. Gentle Care induced abortion

Vacuum aspiration (Gentle Care suction abortion):

It is the abortion method for terminating pregnancies up to the first 12 weeks. The abortion process completes in just a few minutes and the patient can return to Dubai knowing that she has undergone a successful abortion procedure.

Moreover, it is a very comfortable procedure that takes just a few minutes to complete. With 100% efficiency, the requisite for a follow-up appointment is also not there and the patient can return with peace of mind after a successful procedure.

The complete procedure completes under the medical supervision of highly experienced doctors. So, complete care is taken to reduce any risk of abortion complications. Furthermore, there are several other advantages of Gentle Care suction abortion over abortion pills like painless procedure, no abdominal cramps, high efficiency, single-appointment procedure, rapid weaning away of pregnancy symptoms and others. Some of them have been summed up below in brief for an overview:

Gentle Care suction abortion in India is efficient and safer abortion method than abortion with pills.
Gentle Care suction abortion vs Medical abortion

Gentle Care induced abortion:

It is the abortion method specially designed for ending pregnancies in the second trimester. The method combines the medicine-induced labor for fetal expulsion followed by uterine cleaning through Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E). The combination of the two processes ensures a successful abortion in a single appointment. And the patient can comfortably return to Dubai knowing that she has had a successful abortion.

During a short stay in Bangalore, India from Dubai, one can also stay easily at a comfortable homestay or a hotel at one’s convenience. Local commute is very convenient with Uber available within just a few clicks. And the best part is that the trip can be planned as short as 2-3 days.

This short, successful, painless and convenient abortion journey can be yours too. Just take a step towards safety and health and refrain from unsafe abortion methods like buying abortion pills in Dubai.

Schedule a confidential abortion in India appointment.

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