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Unwanted pregnancy can be overwhelming for any woman, especially in a country with legal restrictions on abortion care. So, if you too are confused between what to do and what not to while struggling to find a safe abortion in Dubai option, this post is a must for you. Let’s begin without any delay.

Understanding Abortion UAE Laws: Legal Permissions and Restrictions:

When you can obtain a legal abortion in Dubai?

Abortion in UAE is legally restricted. So, abortion is permissible only in a very few restricted circumstances. There are only two scenarios in which you can obtain a legal abortion in Dubai.

The first is an evidence-based proven threat to the patient’s life due to an ongoing pregnancy. So, to save the patient’s life, an abortion in Dubai can be made available. However, this too comes with another set of restrictions. At first, the medical board will assess if the ongoing pregnancy is truly a threat to your life. The same has to be evidence-based. If the evidence seems convincing to the board, they can approve of the abortion at a state hospital.

The second scenario is of fetal anomalies. So, if the medical board is convinced that the fetus you are carrying has severe developmental abnormalities and is likely not to survive after birth, you may be able to get a legal abortion in Dubai. However, in this case, the ceiling age is 120 days into pregnancy. So, if any anomaly comes up after this period, you may not be able to obtain a legal abortion in Dubai.

When you cannot obtain a legal abortion in Dubai?

You cannot obtain a legal abortion in Dubai in case you want it by choice.

If a contraceptive fails and you get pregnant as a result, regardless of the contraception method, you cannot obtain a legal abortion.

You cannot obtain a legal abortion if your financial position does not allow you to raise a child. Even if your family is complete and you may not want an addition due to the financial needs of bringing up a child, you cannot get a legal abortion in Dubai.

If your pregnancy is a result of an immoral sexual attempt, you still cannot choose to abort. Even if your pregnancy poses a threat to your mental and emotional well-being, you do have a legal abortion in Dubai option available.

So, what are your available options? Clearly, in UAE or nearby Gulf countries, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, you do not have a legal abortion option. But crossing borders and travelling to a country that does allow legal abortions even to foreign nationals as well as expats can be a silver lining in the clouds. Yes, India is one such country that offers legal, safe and confidential abortion services to international patients. Moreover, you can obtain a legal abortion in India even as an unmarried or a single woman with your consent only unlike the abortion in UAE laws.

Ahead in this post, we will cover the cost of abortion in India and also the available abortion methods for you to consider as a part of medical tourism.

The Cost of Safe Abortion Services in Contrast with Unsafe Abortion in Dubai:

Most women on realizing that they are carrying unwanted pregnancies do not even consider visiting an abortion clinic in Dubai. They know they do not have a legal abortion choice. In addition, penalties for seeking abortion can be very high and can hurt the personal, social as well as professional aspects of their life.

So, either such women resort to unsafe abortion methods like buying abortion pills in Dubai. Or if they are aware of the risks of unsafe abortions, they take a step towards a better future with safe abortion options in India.

Let’s see the cost of abortion one has to pay for buying abortion pills in Dubai and the contrasting cost of abortion in India with a safe option.



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In terms of monetary figures:

Cost of abortion in Dubai:

For buying illegal abortion pills, you may pay a huge amount in Dinars. One of the women who bought abortion pills in UAE came to us after an incomplete abortion after taking pills.

In her words, “I could have come here to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), obtained a same day abortion and flew back to Dubai and still saved some Dinars I spent on four abortion pills from an online chat forum. I spent a huge amount on those abortion pills and they didn’t work. I had to pay again for completing the unsuccessful abortion with pills.”

“However, I am happy that this time, I am paying for a truly, safe, legal and confidential procedure. I have no fear of legal punishment also. Moreover, in this additional amount I had to spend in India, I found my lost hope, confidence and smile to happily move ahead in my life. Thank you, team AHB.”

Although for some women, buying abortion pills may seem a quick fix and also the cheapest option, they do not know the implications their choice can bring. To fix the complications resulting from abortion pills, they may also have to pay additional costs for additional interventions increasing the overall cost of abortion.

Cost of abortion in India:

On the other hand, the cost of abortion in India broadly varies according to the pregnancy length, the abortion method and the facilities sought. The abortion method depends on the pregnancy’s age and location. Facilities include no waiting period, private recovery room, comfortable furniture and furnishings, hygiene care of the hospital and the doctor’s qualifications and experience in abortion care.

hygiene AHB

So, the cost of abortion in India can be a single figure you have to spend only once in contrast to buying abortion pills in Dubai which may not result in a successful abortion.

In terms of health risks:

Cost of abortion in Dubai:

Abortion pills in Dubai you buy may or may not be authentic and you may buy fake or expired tablets. And even if you buy the standardized and approved abortion pills, you may not know whether you are eligible for abortion pills. You may not realize if you are carrying an ectopic pregnancy which cannot be treated with abortion pills. This can result in the pregnancy rupture leading to internal bleeding, a life-threatening condition.

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Or if you are allergic to abortion pills, you may not know of it. Even if you are taking some other medicines with which abortion pills might have an altered efficacy or are contraindicated, you can invite another set of complications.

Even if you are eligible, abortion pills are not always efficient. So, a chance of incomplete or failed abortion is always there. Then, there are other associated risks like heavy bleeding, unbearable pain and unmanaged infections. Where can you get emergency medical aid in case you suffer from any of these complications after an unsafe abortion? So, you are paying the cost of abortion in terms of short-term, long-term and even reproductive health risks.

Some complications can take fatal turns like ectopic pregnancies and sepsis. Such women pay the cost of unsafe abortion with their lives.

Cost of abortion in India:

Contrastingly, the cost of abortion in India can be entirely different with a safe abortion. A safe abortion will take care to minimize any risks with abortion. Pre-abortion consultation, diagnostic tests and safe abortion procedures followed by post-abortion support can prevent these complications. An in-clinic abortion under medical supervision can give you the confidence of a successful and safe procedure before you leave the hospital.

So, you do not have to suffer any short-term or long-term health issues after a Gentle Care abortion. Even it does not impact your fertility as it will not cause any internal injury to your reproductive organs. Also, the doctor rules out ectopic pregnancy before the procedure with an ultrasound. And with some other routine tests, the doctor can prevent any complications that any specific patient may encounter due to personal medical conditions.

Therefore, a safe abortion in India will not impact your physical well-being in the long term and you can resume to routine very early. Gentle Care abortion procedures are known to bring positive outcomes and happy patients.

In terms of mental and emotional well-being:

Cost of abortion in Dubai:

The cost of an illegal abortion in Dubai goes far beyond money. Choosing to buy and self-administer abortion pills outside the healthcare system can be fraught with anxiety and fear.  Uncertainty about the pills’ legitimacy,  worries about potential complications and the constant fear of discovery can take a significant emotional toll. This stress and secrecy can lead to feelings of isolation, shame, and depression, making an already difficult situation even harder.

Cost of Abortion in India

In contrast, a safe and legal abortion in India can offer a sense of security and emotional well-being.  Knowing the procedure is conducted by qualified and experienced medical professionals in a confidential setting provides significant peace of mind.  The focus shifts from fear to relief and control.

Since abortion in India is legal, there is no fear of being discovered for an illegal attempt. Moreover, the Indian abortion law also grants you and your medical condition a confidence of privacy and confidentiality. Your medical details are as safe as your health.

Also, support from healthcare providers allows for open communication and guidance throughout your abortion journey which begins with your first call. This can even lead to a sense of empowerment for making the best decision for your circumstances.

In terms of legal consequences:

Cost of abortion in Dubai:

Attempting an illegal abortion in Dubai can have severe legal consequences. Discovery by authorities can lead to imprisonment for both the woman and anyone who assisted her. These punishments can disrupt your life and create immense stress. The fear of legal repercussions adds another layer of burden to an already difficult situation. One may face imprisonment, deportation, heavy fine imposition and other forms of legal punishment.

Cost of abortion in India:

Travelling to India for a safe and legal abortion offers significant peace of mind in terms of legal repercussions. India allows abortion up to 20 weeks in most cases. This legal framework ensures the procedure is conducted within a safe and confidential environment, free from the constant fear of prosecution. Knowing the law is on your side allows you to focus on your physical and emotional well-being during this time.

In terms of social and professional consequences:

Cost of abortion in Dubai:

The stigma surrounding illegal abortion in Dubai can have a significant impact on your social and professional life.  The fear of discovery and the potential for gossip within the community can lead to feelings of shame and isolation. Rumors and judgment can affect your relationships with friends and family.

Additionally, if complications arise from using unapproved medication, you might need to seek medical attention, potentially raising questions and suspicion.  The secrecy and potential social repercussions can further amplify the stress of the situation.

Moreover, you may face getting blacklisted on the professional front. Current employers may terminate a woman with a criminal record and others may not hire someone with a criminal record. This can further increase one’s anxiety, nervousness and problems.

Cost of abortion in India:

A legal abortion in India allows you to prioritize your well-being with greater social and professional security.  The procedure is confidential, protecting your privacy and preventing gossip within your community.  This discretion allows you to focus on your health without fear of social judgment.

Additionally, with a legal medical procedure, any potential complications can be addressed by qualified professionals without raising suspicion. This openness allows you to focus on healing and recovery without compromising your social standing or professional reputation.

Exploring Safe Abortion in India Methods Rather than Illegal Abortion in Dubai:

Indian abortion laws allow for legal abortion in India to any woman up to 20 weeks in usual cases. So, you can easily travel to Bangalore via a short flight from Dubai. The hospital can keep you posted on your appointment if you have scheduled it prior to your visit.

You can either stay at a comfortable homestay near the hospital or at a good hotel nearby as per your convenience and preferences. An Uber is easily available in just a few clicks from the airport to the hospital or your hotel and anywhere else for a local commute within the city.

Once at the hospital, you will not have to wait and the doctor will see you at the earliest. You will undergo a pre-abortion consultation in a friendly and comfortable setting fostering open communication. You can share your concerns with the abortion doctor. Even the doctor will address all your concerns and help you learn about the procedure.

The pre-abortion consultation is key to a successful abortion. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition and ask you for some tests to ascertain the best abortion method for your specific condition.

After the pre-abortion consultation and your tests, the doctor shall prescribe you the abortion method according to your condition. The two approved abortion methods are:

  1. Gentle Care suction abortion
  2. Gentle Care induced abortion

Vacuum Aspiration or Gentle Care suction abortion:

It is the approved abortion method for ending early intrauterine pregnancies and is available throughout the first trimester. So, if you are in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, the procedure is likely to be taking just a few minutes. The whole time from your admission to discharge will be just 2-3 hours and you can return to your booked accommodation the same day. After an overnight rest, you can easily fly back to Dubai.

The best thing is that Gentle Care abortion is nearly 100% efficient. So, you do not have to worry about an incomplete abortion. Additionally, a post-abortion prescription will make sure that you recover very early and return to routine soon enough. You can happily return to Dubai with a safe, single-appointment, same-day, painless and most importantly, successful abortion procedure.

Abortion in India

Gentle Care induced abortion:

In case your pregnancy is between 12-20 weeks, the most preferred abortion method is Gentle Care induced abortion. It is an innovative approach by the AHB team to help the patient naturally expel the fetus by labor induction. This almost clears the uterus naturally without any use of sharp tools that can be invasive.

After the fetal expulsion, the doctor gently cleans the womb using gentle and sterile tools to ensure that the abortion is complete and no pregnancy tissue remains. With the help of uterine packaging, the doctor can complete the procedure. After a few hours, the nurse can remove the packaging as you are recovering in your private room.

After a post-abortion consultation, you can take discharge and travel back to Dubai at your convenience.

With both abortion procedures, you can return to Dubai with the peace of mind of a successful procedure at the hands of highly qualified doctors. The support and care from the AHB nurses will make your stay as comfortable as you can feel it at home.

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