Everything you need to know about abortion pills in Kuwait

Unwanted pregnancies often come as mental and psychological pressure to women residing in any part of the world. But the restrictive abortion policies of many countries like Kuwait often limit the safe abortion options for these women.

We realize the stress that a woman undergoes when she wants to terminate an unintended pregnancy but is unable to do so due to social, political, religious or legal obstacles. They often tend to end these pregnancies through unsafe methods. The first thing that comes to them as a rescue is to buy abortion pills for sale in Kuwait.

By doing so, they not only risk their health and life but also if caught doing so, they and their helpers may be punished by law.

Hence, we have come up with this post to help women in Kuwait know their safe, legal and confidential abortion options.

Never buy abortion tablets for sale in Kuwait City or online without the prescription of a registered medical practitioner. Here is all that you may need to know for safe abortion in Kuwait.

Abortion in Kuwait: Legal Restrictions:

Abortion in Kuwait is highly restricted and is permitted only in events:

  • To save the woman’s physical/mental health or life.
  • Fetal anomalies have been detected.

These permissions are granted only to women for whom multiple registered practitioners (at least a panel of 3 doctors headed by a Chairman in the State Hospital) have certified that abortion is the only option to save their health/life.

Gestation length: For a legally permissible abortion in Kuwait, the gestation length is also only up to 17 weeks.

Consent for abortion: For a legal abortion in Kuwait, consent of both parents is necessary.

Marital status: Abortion under the aforementioned circumstances is also permissible only for married women who are required to prove their marriage through a valid marriage registration certificate.

So, unmarried girls and single mothers are left with no choice of legal abortion in Kuwait.

Furthermore, the population of Kuwait comprises many expatriates and foreign people who are residing there only for professional reasons. But restricted abortion rules in Kuwait come as obstacles in their personal lives too. They are unable to obtain safe and legal abortions in Kuwait.

Even the resident women of Kuwait who get pregnant as a result of contraceptive failure or any other uncontrollable factor cannot obtain a legal abortion since it is not an open option and women cannot get it because they want it.

So, do they have no choice?

Or  should they buy abortion pills without a prescription?

At first, this may seem the earliest and the best method to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. But little do they know the side-effects of buying abortion pills without prescription and complications they may get in. They either do not know or underestimate the side effects and complications of unsafe abortions.

Here is your guide into not only why you should never buy abortion pills without a prescription but also to introduce you to the best abortion options for you. With the light of hope that lives can be saved and physical and mental health restored for women in Kuwait living with unwanted pregnancies, this post intends to help you make a wise decision for a safe abortion.

Remember, you always have a choice. It is just that sometimes you may not know it. And here is our helping guide.

Before we head to the safe methods of abortion available for a woman in Kuwait, it will be better if you know the risks associated with buying abortion pills and self-administration. This is only to guide you into opting for the best decision.

Buying abortion pills in Kuwait is illegal: What can it lead to?

Since abortion in Kuwait is illegal, if you are caught buying abortion pills, both you and the pill provider are punishable by law. There have been many instances of suppliers being grabbed in Kuwait for selling abortion pills illegally. Imprisonment can be for many years.

Besides the legal punishment, your pregnancy that you may not be wanting to share with anyone will be revealed to the public. Your family, friends, society all will come to know of the same. So, you may have to face the social stigma as well. The gravity of the problems is massive for unmarried girls.

The piece of advice: Never buy abortion pills in Kuwait without a medical prescription from any illegal supplier or online source.

What if the abortion pills you buy in Kuwait are not safe?

Do you know what abortion pills are safe for you to take?

Do you think you can check the compositions and the quality of ingredients of the pills you buy under the name of abortion pills?

Most of the women buy abortion pills only on the trust of the supplier from whom they buy these. But later when the pills pose these women with unmanageable complications, the suppliers do nothing and there is nothing they can even do to save the lives of such women or help them get safe abortions.

Any avaricious person can trick you into buying any pills under the name abortion pills. Even if you manage to get the safe abortion pills, can you be sure of them not being spurious or of sub-standard quality?

In case you buy wrong abortion pills or sub-standard quality medicine, abortion may or may not take place. And generally, these situations come with immense pain and bleeding and the most common problem is incomplete abortion.

First, you take the risk of buying abortion pills in a country where abortion is illegal and next you do not even get a successful abortion even after putting your health and life at risk. What good can it be?

Do share your views in the comment section below.

What will you do in case of incomplete abortion?

Do you know the difference between a complete abortion and an incomplete abortion and what are the associated complications?

Complete abortion is the successful removal of the embryo and other pregnancy products from the uterine cavity completely. The evacuation takes place through the vaginal route like a heavy period.

On the other hand, an incomplete abortion is the one where remnants of gestation remain in the cavity. They are not completely removed and pose difficulties such as vaginal bleeding that does not stop even after a week and may range from just spotting to heavy bleeding. It can be accompanied by fever in case of infections. Abdominal cramps and pain are very common.

Even in a hospital setting with the use of safe abortion pills, an abortion can remain incomplete since the abortion pill method (with safe abortion pills) is only 95%-98% effective. This efficiency is also with high-quality approved abortion pills and if they are used only for terminating very early intrauterine pregnancies after a complete evaluation by a registered medical practitioner only.

Self-administration of abortion pills without a doctor’s consultation and prescription is never guided by the exact gestation length, location of the pregnancy, patient’s medical history, allergic response of the patient and many more. Therefore, this efficiency figure is nowhere near for unsafe abortions and hence incomplete abortions are very common when women self-administer abortion pills.

Incomplete abortions are managed by surgical intervention where all pieces of gestation are removed to lead to a successful abortion.

Women who first buy abortion pills online, after facing the complications of incomplete abortions tend to get the surgical corrections in unsafe premises by unprofessional people. By doing so, they put both their health and life at risk. They may have to spend their entire life with a long-lasting health complication or may even have to pay the price with their lives.

The piece of advice: Do not self-administer abortion pills. You do not know whether they are the best method to terminate an unwanted pregnancy for you or not.

What if you buy abortion pills to terminate a late pregnancy?

Do you know up to what gestation length is the medical termination of pregnancy prescribed or recommended?

Do you know how far you are in your pregnancy?

For your kind information, abortion pills are prescribed only to terminate very early pregnancies. Since the method involves the removal of the embryo through the vaginal route, the size of the embryo matters a lot when it has to be removed like a heavy period.

Not knowing this fact, women may buy abortion tablets for sale in Kuwait to terminate an ongoing pregnancy at a later stage when the size of the embryo has increased. This is another big reason for incomplete abortions with abortion pills.

Again, surgical procedures are needed to complete the abortions. And how can you avail it in a safe hospital setting in a country where abortion is legal?

The piece of advice: These complications are avoidable and both your health and life be saved. The only thing is that you make a wise choice of the abortion option. Keep reading further to know your best abortion option.

What if you administer abortion pills without knowing the location of the pregnancy?

Have you ever heard of an ectopic pregnancy?

If yes, then you know how dangerous it can be if immediate medical attention is not given on time.

If no, then here is a brief of the same. Pregnancy happens when the woman’s egg is fertilized by the sperm. An embryo is formed which starts growing. This fertilization happens in the fallopian tube. Every woman’s uterus is connected to the ovaries through fallopian tubes. It is the ovaries from where an egg is released every month. There are two ovaries and two tubes both of which open into the uterine cavity.

The fertilized egg passes through this tube to reach the uterus where it stays throughout the gestation period. Now, what happens sometimes is that this embryo is unable to reach the uterus. It stays somewhere in the tube and starts growing there itself. Since the tube is very narrow, it gets burst in case the embryo goes beyond the sustainable size.

Surgery is needed where the tube and ovary of that side are removed. This leads to decreased fertility of the woman. And if the surgery is not performed as an emergency procedure, the internal bleeding may even lead to the patient’s death.

The piece of advice: This is a medical emergency and can even lead to the death of the patient. But this complication and surgery needed after the burst of tubal pregnancy are avoidable. How?

This can be prevented if the location of pregnancy is ascertained quite early when the size of the embryo is too small. In such events, another set of medicines are administered to end the tubal pregnancy. The tube, the ovary, the fertility and the patient’s life all can be saved and no surgery is needed.

What will happen if you pop in abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy?

In events where women carrying ectopic or tubal pregnancies take abortion pills, abortion will not happen. You may experience abdominal cramps and pain and even have vaginal bleeding, but not abortion.

The embryo may still remain in the tube and the tube may burst anytime.

The piece of advice: Pregnancy length and location both need to be ascertained before any medical procedure to terminate the ongoing pregnancy.

Now, coming to your best abortion options.

Travelling to India for legal abortion:

Why India and not any other country is the first question that might come to your mind when we say that you may travel to India for a legal abortion.

Well, what made us conclude that India is the best country for a woman to travel from Kuwait for legal and successful abortion is a group of multiple reasons. These are:

  • Legal scenario: Abortion in India is legal under a wide range of circumstances for which it is not permissible by law in Kuwait. These are:
    • In events, the pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure.
    • In events to save the woman’s life or protect her physical/mental health.
    • In events, the pregnancy has resulted from rape/incest.
    • In events where fetal anomalies have been detected.
    • In events, the mother is physically or mentally not capable of childbearing.
  • Consent for abortion: Unlike Kuwait, where abortion permission in permissible circumstances, consent is sought from both the patents, in India, you can obtain an abortion only by the woman’s consent if she is an adult (above 18 years).
  • Marital scenario: You need not be married to seek a legal abortion in India. You can obtain it as a single mother or an unmarried girl unlike Kuwait where you need to be married and that too you need to prove the same.
  • Gestation age: In Kuwait, one can obtain an abortion for legally permissible events only for up to 17 weeks of gestation. Whereas, in India, the legally permissible age is up to 20 weeks in general circumstances and up to 24 weeks in special cases.
  • The biggest benefit of travelling to India for legal abortion from Kuwait is that your abortion will be governed by Indian abortion laws that respect the reproductive choices of women regardless of their citizenship. So, you can travel to India, obtain a legal abortion and can return after a short medical trip.

Choice of the best hospital in India for a legal, safe and confidential abortion for women from Kuwait:

Why India is a preferred medical destination for abortion has been mentioned above. But, which place in India and in which hospital can you obtain a safe abortion still remains a question.

So, coming to your best option is Bangalore city (also known as Bangaluru) which is a part of the Karnataka state. Now, why Bangalore?

Since the city is well-connected with Kuwait through regular multiple flights, firstly it is very easy to travel via a short flight that takes nearly five hours in case it is non-connecting. There are other connecting flights as well, which you can choose according to the availability that may sync with your appointment date.

You can check out the travel bookings at various online sites like Makemytrip, Goibibo and many more. You can also book your hotel accordingly near the airport or the hospital through similar sites like Agoda, Booking, etc.

Besides the connectivity, Bangalore is the Indian metropolitan city that has many world-class facilities available for foreign people who choose to travel to Bangalore for medical reasons, get the procedures done and safely travel back to their native places.

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for Kuwaiti women: What to expect?


In the heart of Bangalore city is located the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) that has earned a trusted reputation for being the best abortion hospital of India besides being the preferred choice of foreign women due to the world-class facilities both in healthcare and infrastructure to make their abortion trips successful and comfortable.

The abortion team:

The doctors at AHB have extensive experience of more than four decades in performing safe abortion procedures. All the doctors, nurses and paramedics are highly qualified and have received international training for the best abortion practices.

The safe abortion procedures:

The hospital ensures that each abortion is a successful abortion and a safe abortion by following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). The hospital believes in giving access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to all women seeking abortion for unwanted pregnancies.

The doctors at AHB first ascertain the length and location of pregnancy before prescribing any procedure to avoid complications and hence they can be certain of safe abortion.

Hence, abortions at AHB are done by the recommended methods for safe abortions. These are:

The Medical Method of abortion:

It is the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) done by safe abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It is prescribed for intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks.

The method involves the administration of pills at a gap of hours. So, one pill is administered at the hospital and the other one can be taken back hotel. After a few hours, the embryo will get evacuated as a heavy period.

Kuwaiti women often do not opt for this method since:

  • Efficiency: 95%-98% which means there are chances of incomplete abortion and the woman has to travel back for a surgical procedure to get it completed, which is something they never choose.
  • Pain: Moderate to severe. Pain management tablets are prescribed.
  • Bleeding: Moderate to heavy
  • The waiting period: The woman has to wait for up to 5-7 days before she can be confident of successful abortion. Otherwise, incomplete abortions may have her in discomfort, pain and bleeding even beyond a week.

The Vacuum Aspiration Method of abortion:

This method is prescribed for terminating unwanted pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks.

It involves the removal of the embryo and gestation products by sucking them through a slender medical device called an aspirator by applying suction.

Women who can even opt for the Medical Method usually prefer this method owing to its following advantages over the MTP method:

  • Efficiency: This is a nearly 100% efficient procedure and chances of incomplete abortion are very rare.
  • Painless Procedure: The entire procedure is painless and very gentle. Besides, the team at AHB use the latest tools and techniques for abortions. Their experience and knowledge are just the most needed for the safety of the woman and hence it is a Gentle Care Abortion method.
  • Single appointment: The time taken for the procedure is between 3 to 10 minutes and you can expect to be discharged as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding with this abortion method ranges from zero to minimum since most of the products are already removed.
  • The confidence: You can leave the hospital premises with the confidence of a successful abortion and hence return to Kuwait on a happy note.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

It is the prescribed method of abortion for pregnancies that have extended into the second trimester but are still in the legally permissible age, i.e. 20 weeks.

It is a slightly invasive method that involves uterine perforation and scraping off its lining to detach the embryo and remove it and all other associated products.

At AHB, this surgical method is also a Gentle Care abortion method and its advantages are:

  • Efficiency: This is a nearly 100% efficient procedure.
  • Painless: The procedure is done under anaesthesia to help the patient stay relaxed and not feel any pain.
  • Single appointment: The time taken for the procedure is less than 30 minutes and you can expect to be discharged as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding with this abortion method ranges from zero to minimum since all the products are already removed.
  • The confidence: You can leave the hospital premises with the confidence of a successful abortion and hence return to Kuwait on a happy and stress-free note.


You can expect an entirely hygienic procedure that minimizes the probability of infections. All the tools are sterilized and used. Even the hospital premises is properly sanitized various times every single day.

Medicines prescribed:

The medicines used during abortion are of high quality from the houses of recognized brands.

Post-abortion care:

You will be guided into post-abortion care to help you heal soon. Though you can resume your routine activities within a day or two, still to make up for the blood loss, restoration of hormonal balance, pain management and prevention of infections, you will receive a prescription and diet guidance.

Confidential abortion:

Besides being legal and safe, another major concern for any woman undergoing an abortion is the safety of her privacy. At AHB, you can feel free from this concern since the hospital never shares any information about any patients with anyone.

Message to take home:

This makes us conclude that the best abortion option for terminating unwanted pregnancies for a woman in Kuwait is to travel to Bangalore, India and avail a legal, safe and confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

You can always call or message AHB’s helpline number for any queries or concerns and also to schedule the earliest possible appointment.

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