Abortion Hospital in Alappuzha or Alleppey

Tourists often visit Alappuzha or Alleppey, a city in Kerala, India to enjoy houseboat cruises along the rustic backwaters. Also to witness the tranquillizing lagoons and canals. We are sure you must have heard of snake boat races, an annual event. The Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha is the host and the venue of these races.

A warm welcome to women and girls living in Alappuzha.

Are you seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy?

Then, your hunt must be on for the best abortion hospital in Alappuzha. And why not? It is best to have a legal, safe and confidential abortion when the news of an unwanted pregnancy comes to any woman.

Well, this post intends to help you in your search for an abortion clinic near you in Alleppey. Besides, we would also like to equip you with answers to your queries regarding an abortion.

Let’s get started!

The legal status of abortion in Alleppey, Kerala, India:

The first and the most important thing for all women seeking an abortion is to know that abortion in India is legal. Then, why do women in India seek unsafe abortions?

Although abortion in India is legal, women resort to unsafe abortions for anonymity, stigma and other reasons.

Most likely, unmarried girls attempt self-abortions. They tend to do so due to fear from family and society. They may fear their pregnancy and abortion may get revealed. Many girls have been seeking abortions for unwanted pregnancies where their partners leave them in deserted conditions after discovering the pregnancy.

However, we would like to bring to your kind attention that abortion in India is legal. And if you are looking for an abortion hospital near you, you can obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Women are sometimes unaware of their options and hence fall in for the easiest method. They think that buying abortion pills is a rescue from their unwanted pregnancy. They often pay higher the cost of abortion only to obtain abortion pills without a prescription.

Firstly, it is illegal to obtain abortion pills without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. And secondly, risks with unsafe abortions can endanger your health and life. You may suffer grossly at the hands of a self-abortion.

Your reproductive health may suffer. You may even lose your fertility. This can make it difficult for you to conceive in future when you may be wanting to. Or an internal injury can put you into a consequence where you may have to spend all your life with a co-morbidity.

The pregnancy you are carrying may be unwanted. But are you ready to become prey to such gruesome consequences? We bet, it’s a ‘NO’. So, stay tuned to know your best abortion options.

What you should know before visiting an abortion clinic in Alleppey?

Stigma with abortions in Kerala is more as compared to other states.

(Ref.: https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/kochi/2021/apr/09/to-deliver-or-to-abort-is-just-illusionof-choice-for-kerala-women-2287565.html)

Women often approach doctors for abortion in Kerala. And surprisingly, the doctors turn them away. They may even not give the right information to the patient. Sometimes, they say that abortion is illegal. At other times, they ask the patient for spousal consent. And unmarried girls are turned away saying that abortion for unmarried is illegal.

The doctors who even get ready to abort the unwanted pregnancy may charge more than the genuine cost of an abortion. They charge heavily to keep the anonymity. Women in those cases find it in their interest. But what they do not know is that:

  • Abortion in India is legal both for married and unmarried for up to 20 weeks (24 weeks in some cases).
  • Partner or husband or parental consent is not needed for abortion in India if the woman is an adult. 
  • As per the abortion rules in India, it is the responsibility of the abortion doctor and the registered abortion clinic to maintain the privacy of the patient.

Women even pay more asking the doctor to keep their personal details anonymous.

However, they do not know that Indian abortion law punishes people who reveal personal details of patients. So, you may not need to pay for anonymity. It is your legal right.

A person or a doctor or any hospital staff who contravenes with the confidentiality of a patient is punishable by law. He/She may be imprisoned for up to a year and/or a fine may be imposed.

Permissible circumstances:

Just like anywhere else in India, abortion in Kerala is legal in many circumstances. These include:

Failure of contraceptive:

This is the major reason behind unplanned pregnancies. And women often seek abortions for the same. But most women do not know that they can avail of legal abortion for this reason. So, this is to help these women and unmarried girls know that abortion in India is available for the reason of contraceptive failure.

They can obtain it for up to 20 weeks. However, the method of abortion may vary as per the length of the pregnancy and other patient-specific factors.

Rape/Sexual assault/Incest:

There are many incidences of rapes and sexual assaults daily. Speaking of Alappuzha alone, 115 rape cases were reported this year till the end of October.

(Ref.: https://alappuzha.keralapolice.gov.in/public-information/crime-statistics/crime-against-women)

And there may be many unreported cases as well. Even marital rapes exist but are not reported often.

When these incidences end up in unwanted pregnancies, what is the option ahead for such women? Carrying on with the pregnancy is not the most likely option.

Indian law considers the trauma such incidences bring on women physically as well as mentally. And hence, abortion in India is legal for terminating pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults. This stands true both for married and unmarried women. Consent of only the woman may be required to terminate such pregnancies. However, if the girl is a minor, parental consent may be needed.

Even if the girl or the woman is mentally incapable of giving her consent for abortion, guardian consent is required.

Although up to 20 weeks, there may be no problem in availing of legal abortion. However, in some circumstances, legal abortions are not available on time. Such cases undergo court hearings and can obtain legal permission for the termination of such pregnancies.

Kerala High Court has permitted abortions beyond 20-weeks to many rape survivors.

For instance:

  1. Kerala High Court Permits Abortion Of 26 Week Pregnancy Of Minor Rape Survivor.

(Ref.: https://www.ndtv.com/kerala-news/kerala-high-court-permits-abortion-of-26-week-pregnancy-of-minor-rape-survivor-2624906)

2. The Kerala High Court has permitted termination of the 26-week long pregnancy of a minor rape victim.

(Ref.: https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/kerala-hc-permits-abortion-of-26-week-plus-pregnancy-of-rape-victim-121091501013_1.html)

and many more. As per a report,

“More and more rape victims are knocking on the doors of the Kerala High Court seeking medical termination of their pregnancies which were a result of the sexual assault on them.”

(Ref.: https://www.freepressjournal.in/india/fpj-legal-kerala-high-court-sees-rise-in-number-of-minor-rape-survivors-wanting-to-terminate-pregnancies)

To protect the physical and/or mental health of a woman:

Abortion in India is legally permissible in cases where ongoing pregnancy may cause a threat to the pregnant woman’s health.

In fact, abortions for rape survivors are permissible on grounds to protect their mental wellbeing.

Marital status, consent for abortion and other legal considerations remain the same as for other cases. However, for the gestation period, there is no upper ceiling age for terminating pregnancies to protect a woman’s health and/or life.

Detection of fetal deformities:

Today, with immense medical and technological advancements, fetal deformities detection is possible. And when the deformities are grave, like the child to be born with developmental disorders, abortion in India is legal.

In most cases, abortion is legal for these cases up to 24 weeks. However, women may seek legal help for pregnancy termination beyond this period.

Now that you know your legal abortion options, let us get to the safe and confidential abortion options for you. 

We understand that you may not want to visit a nearby abortion clinic in Alappuzha owing to stigma and anonymity. And unmarried girls may want an entire private abortion experience to protect their future life, marriage and other things.

So, you can always choose to travel to a distant city where you can obtain a private abortion.

Coming next to your best abortion option in Bangalore and guide into it.

Travelling to Bangalore from Alappuzha for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

Travel options:

Alappuzha is located in Kerala state and Bangalore is in the Karnataka state. The two cities are located at a distance of 547 Km. Bangalore is accessible from Alappuzha via a short flight of an hour. Check out the recent schedule, availability and tariffs by clicking on the link.

If you prefer travelling by train, you may check out the train schedules at MakemytripGoibibo or other booking platforms.

You can also travel by road. For that, you may book a bus or hire a cab or visit by your personal conveyance.

Staying in Bangalore:

We know that when you are travelling to a neighboring city for a medical reason, you may want the shortest possible trip. And when the reason is abortion, then certainly you may be wanting the trip to be short. In addition, you may want to overcome your past with a successful procedure.

And we are here to tell you that you can obtain a safe, single-day and single-appointment procedure. So, you may need to schedule an appointment before making any travel or hotel bookings.

After having your appointment scheduled, you can make all other arrangements. In case of a hassle-free experience, you can choose to speak to a coordinator on AHB’s helpline number. He/She may help you with all your travel bookings, the appointment for abortion and shall guide you from start to finish.

Speak to your abortion trip coordinator today to avoid any rush or delay.

If you wish to come via a short flight, you can obtain the abortion the same day of your arrival. You can expect to get discharged within a few hours of your arrival at the hospital. Next, you can choose to stay overnight in a hotel for your convenience or can even travel back via a midnight flight if available.

However, we may advise you to have a night’s rest after the abortion. The coordinator can have a hotel room booked for your convenience either near the airport or near the hospital. You can have your return flight scheduled for the next morning.

Abortion at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB): What to expect?

Abortion in Alleppey

Abortion hospital in Kerala

Professional and non-judgmental behaviour of the doctor and staff:

When you arrive at the hospital at your scheduled time, you may not have to see any other fellow visitor. The doctor will see you at your appointment time. All the doctors at AHB are non-judgmental and have been treating patients for more than 45 years.

So, you can expect professional and compassionate behavior regardless of your marital status. Unmarried girls often hesitate in visiting abortion hospitals in Alappuzha thinking of things like:

“What will the doctor think of me for having a premarital sexual relationship?”

“What if the doctor passes some rude comments or sees me with disgrace?”

“Will the treatment vary if I tell the doctor that I am unmarried?”

“Can the doctor ask me to bring my parents? I cannot stand that situation.”

“Can the doctor call and tell my parents that I am seeking an abortion? What will I do then? I should rather not go to a doctor. It may be better I buy abortion pills.”

All of these questions are baseless if you choose to visit AHB for a confidential abortion. You can stay absolutely calm and stress-free. Relax, because nothing like the above questions is going to happen.

At AHB, abortion is a short, easy, comfortable, painless, Gentle care medical procedure. It is sure to bring back your smile. You can wake up to the Good news of successful abortion. When you return to Alleppey, your past will no longer haunt you. And you can resume your routine activities within a couple of days.

Besides the doctors, even nurses and other hospital staff treat all the patients with humility and compassion.

Private one-to-one consultation:

The hospital infrastructure and its interior are all designed to make the patients feel comfortable since AHB is a premier boutique hospital. Every single person at the hospital and the available things are chosen with the patient’s comfort at the centre.

Your entire stay at the hospital will be relaxing and calming.

The doctor will speak to you in a private consultation. If you wish to communicate in Malayalam which may be your native language, then the same is also possible. Since the hospital sees many patients from Kerala and even Malayali women living in the Middle East countries, they are equipped with multilingual staff. Hence, there is no communication barrier.

The doctor may check your vitals, take notes regarding your LMP, your past medical history and a few more related things. However, no personal questions are asked. Only the relevant information is taken down to be able to give you the best advice.

Some clinical tests and an ultrasound may be advised. They are essential to prescribe you the best abortion method. Your pregnancy’s length and location are checked to choose the best abortion method. And other tests are done to avoid all abortion risks and complications.

Until your reports come, you may rest in a private room allotted to you. Once the reports are ready which may not take more than an hour, the doctor will check the same and tell you your available abortion options.

Abortion procedures:

Abortion of ectopic pregnancy:

In case your pregnancy is found to be ectopic, it may either be terminated medicinally or surgically. Both the procedures are short and can be completed on the same day. However, it may depend on the patient’s specific condition. And the doctor may choose the best method of terminating the ectopic pregnancy.

Although such pregnancies are rare, but they may be fatal. Hence, the removal of ectopic pregnancy is essential at the earliest. Early removal of an ectopic pregnancy can save the pregnant woman’s life.

Abortion of an intrauterine pregnancy:

In the case of a normal or intrauterine pregnancy, the embryo is located in the uterus. The length of the pregnancy is considered for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. In addition, patient’s existing medical condition is considered to help the doctor decide the best method that may work 100% efficiently for a patient.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended three safe abortion procedures for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. At AHB, all three are available as a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). Each method is performed following the specific guidelines.

Safe and sterile medical equipment is used. The hospital nurses have received international training. So, you can expect the best abortion care at the hands of a highly-qualified and experienced doctor and a caring and compassionate nurse.

AHB is a registered abortion clinic and follows US International standards of medical procedures and care. Hence, you are in safe hands.

Coming to the available abortion options and what might likely be your case. Also, you’ll know what to expect from each procedure.

The medical abortion method:

In this method, safe abortion pills are used for abortion. It may be your choice in events where:

  • Your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are ready to take the first abortion pill at the clinic and the second one after 36-48 hours, as advised at home. In some cases, the doctor may ask you to come to the clinic to take the second pill. It may be a case if the doctor may prescribe you the vaginal mode of administration.
  • Moderate to heavy bleeding accompanied by abdominal cramps and pain are normal with abortion pills. However, pain management medicines may be prescribed to you to ease your pain.
  • Abortion may take in the comfort of your home after the third day. So, if you are travelling to Bangalore from Alappuzha, then you might not prefer this. Do not worry, you still have an open option of suction abortion.
  • The bleeding may last for up to a week. In case, it does not stop by 10 days, you may need to follow up. It may be because of incomplete abortion. And you may be ready for a surgical procedure to get it completed.
  • You should be able to seek immediate medical help in case of an emergency.

Girls and women who come to Bangalore for abortions want to return overjoyed with freedom from unwanted pregnancy. But the medical method of abortion may come as a painful experience and can put the patient into discomfort for more than a week.

Furthermore, abortion pills are not 100% efficient and there is a risk of incomplete abortion. Therefore, women can choose a suction abortion for terminating a first-trimester pregnancy.

The Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

It is the abortion procedure that is mildly invasive. A gentle aspirator is inserted into the womb. When in place, all the products of gestation are sucked and removed. Most of the products get removed through vacuum suction. In case, there are some remaining, the doctor may remove them using sterile medical tools to complete the abortion.

Its peculiarities include:

  • This method of abortion is prescribed for terminating pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks.
  • It’s a painless procedure and is performed under anesthesia to help the patient stay relaxed. Local or general anesthesia may be used as the anesthetist may seem better for you.
  • It takes nearly 3-10 minutes to complete the procedure. After the procedure, you will be shifted to your private room where you can relax. You can have some tea or coffee after some time.
  • You can expect to get discharged within an hour.
  • Next, you can return to your hotel with a complete abortion. No worrisome unwanted pregnancy will be with you any longer.
  • Bleeding may or may not be present at all.

You may rest overnight and return to Alappuzha as per your planned travel.

The surgical abortion:

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion is the prescribed method of abortion for pregnancies that are less than 20 weeks but have exceeded 12 weeks.

It is also gentle care, painless and a single-day procedure. It takes less than 30 minutes to be completed. Other things may remain similar to that of suction abortion.

You will receive post-abortion guidance during your discharge so that you can heal early and better. The burden of unwanted pregnancy has been shed off and you can return happily with a successful abortion.

Since the hospital takes in only a limited number of patients each day to provide personalized care to each patient, you may not want to delay.

Contact for safe and confidential abortion at AHB today.

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