Looking for abortion in Dubai: You are at the right place

Whether you are looking for an abortion doctor in Dubai or an abortion clinic near you in Dubai, you must know abortions in Dubai are illegal. They are allowed only under restricted conditions and for a limited period. Moreover, the woman needs to be married and the consent of the partner or guardian is required in those cases.

This is why many expatriates living in Dubai, UAE or other Gulf countries often opt for unsafe abortions. They tend to buy abortion pills illegally and may end up in severe complications.

Since many women today use online forums and other internet corners to find some helpful information, this post is dedicated to the same. It intends to help such women, residents of Dubai or expatriates have a legal, safe and confidential way out of unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion in Dubai

Abortion clinic in Dubai

Expatriates in Dubai, UAE:

Do you know UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities?

So, you can find many expatriates living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. Moreover, only 20% of the UAE population comprises Emiratis. This means nearly 80% population of the UAE is foreign.

Dubai attracts skilled professionals in various sectors and hence, many people reside there for professional reasons. Besides, Dubai’s lifestyle is highly lucrative and seducing to people from different parts of the world.

Although you may find many unmarried couples cohabiting there, yet, getting pregnant out of wedlock may get the woman arrested and jailed. Or she may even be deported.

It may come as an element of surprise to some that although Dubai may be seen as modern from head to toe, yet its viewpoint for abortions is highly restricted.

Let’s have a look at the abortion rules in the UAE

While seeking an abortion, it is important to get as much valid information as possible about legal rights.

And therefore, we have come up with all the information regarding abortion in Dubai that you must know.

It is advisable never to attempt anything without knowing. It is a wise saying for every single decision in your life. And abortion decision itself is a very big one. Plus, it may impact a woman and the couple throughout their life.

So, here’s all that you may need to know about legal impositions of abortion in UAE.

Permissible circumstances:

In the UAE, abortions are governed by the laws framed under the UAE penal code Section 340. According to it, abortion in UAE is illegal with two exceptions. These are:

  • Abortion in UAE may be performed if the pregnancy continuation poses threat to the woman’s life.
  • Prenatal scans identify and reveal that the child to be born may either not survive or be born with an incurable disease.

But both these circumstances are also highly restricted. A panel of three or more doctors have to decide on an abortion.

Therefore, legally, you cannot terminate an unwanted pregnancy because you want to terminate one. Many reasons can end in an unwanted pregnancy, but you may not be allowed to terminate it in Dubai.

Then, there are legal restrictions regarding the hospitals where the abortion may be performed. Private clinics are not allowed to perform abortions. Keep reading further to know more complexities of considering abortion in Dubai.

Besides, you will also know what are your safe, legal and confidential abortion options as a resident of the UAE.

Marital status:

In Dubai or any other part of the UAE, legal abortions for the above-mentioned circumstances are available only to married women. Whenever a maternity file is opened, the marriage registration certificate is essential.

Whether for continuing the pregnancy or for terminating one, you need to be married and need to prove it.

So, legally you cannot terminate an unwanted pregnancy as an unmarried woman or a single mother.

Gestation age:

In Dubai, abortions when legally permissible can only be performed for up to 120 days of pregnancy. Many fetal anomalies may be detected later but in UAE, abortion is not a choice beyond this 120-day mark.

Consent for abortion:

Do you think you’ll have your partner agree to abortion?

Or is it so that your partner is residing somewhere else or is not present with you due to any other reason?

How will you have his consent for abortion even if you wish to travel to any other place where abortion is legal but partner consent is required?

Let us tell you, abortion in India is available at the woman’s consent only.

Abortion in Dubai (only in cases where other circumstances permit), consent for abortion is required from the husband or the guardian.

Besides, abortion in UAE is a criminal act and the woman, the partner, the doctor, helper(s) may be punished. Punishment may include imprisonment for up to 7 years and a heavy fine levied.

Recently, two doctors have been jailed for performing illegal abortions.

Why is it essential to know safe abortion options?

Since abortions are most likely illegal in Dubai, unwanted pregnancies are highly pressing issues. And women often resort to unsafe abortions. They tend to buy abortion pills online. They may not be aware of the risks associated with abortion pills.

There have been many abortion stories of Filipinos and other ex-pats in Dubai who messed up their health and got into very troublesome situations.

Some of these are:

Abortion story 1:

An unmarried girl and her fiancé from the Philippines were living together in Dubai and working in a tech firm. They planned to get married back at their homes during a vacation period. However, contraceptive failure ended up with them for pregnancy.

The pregnancy was too early for the couple since they were more focused on advancing their careers. And even if married, they were not looking forward to having a baby for the next couple of years.

They told that neither they were in a condition to get their marriage preponed or go back to the Philippines for a safe abortion. Since abortion in the Philippines is also highly restricted, the couple bought abortion pills online from an illegal supplier. But received expired medicines as an open pack. The medicines were to be taken every three hours. The girl said she bled continuously for three days and regards them as the worst of her life.

And still, the pregnancy did not terminate. What came afterwards was further worse. She had to be taken to the hospital since she fainted. And her blood sample confirmed the presence of some abortifacient.

Abortion in Dubai is illegal. Luckily, with the help of a friend, she managed to return to the Philippines before she was caught and deported.

The couple had so much trauma from the incident that they decided not to return to their present job and started working in another firm in another country.

What if she was caught?

It was very hard luck but she somehow managed to flee. Had she been caught; she and her helpers would have been imprisoned. She had to face two punishments, one for getting pregnant without marriage and the second for performing an abortion.

Yes, if you didn’t know this, getting pregnant without marriage or with someone else other than the husband is a punishable offence in the UAE.

Abortion story 2:

It is the abortion experience of a Syrian woman and very much similar to the first story. However, the couple was married and the woman ordered online abortion pills in UAE. She underwent heavy complications like the woman in the above story. And similarly, Misoprostol traces were detected in her blood sample.

The hospital informed the government authorities and she had to undergo a legal trial for opting for an abortion.

What they could have done?

Rather than buying abortion pills in Dubai, the couple could have looked for safer options. It was evident that abortion in Dubai or the Philippines was not their available option. However, they could have travelled to India for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Many reasons make India the choicest abortion decision among the UAE ex-pat population. Let’s see how abortion in India is different when speaking of the legal aspects.

Abortion in India: The legal status:

Abortion rules in India are quite women-friendly and can be regarded as progressive. There are several differences when compared to the Gulf countries’ abortion rules. Let’s try to segregate them for a better understanding.

Permissible circumstances:

We already know about the legal permissible occasions for abortion in Dubai. However, in India, the options are quite broad. The woman as in the aforementioned abortion story could have a legal abortion in India:

Permissible circumstances for abortion in India and how they differ from the rules in UAE are:

  • Contraceptive failure has resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion for this reason has no legal option in Dubai.
  • Rape or sexual assault is the reason for getting the woman pregnant without her will. Again, abortion, for this reason, is not legally permissible in the UAE.
  • Pregnancy continuation may not be good for the health and/or life of the woman. This includes both physical as well as mental well-being of the woman. Abortion in Dubai may be permissible only if the life of the woman is in danger. But she has to be married, consent from her partner or guardian is needed. Additionally, the panel of three doctors will confirm abortion to be essential.
  • Fetal anomalies have been detected. With similar conditions as mentioned above, abortion in UAE may be allowed to a married woman up to 17 weeks in case of fetal anomalies. But, surprisingly, not all fetal anomalies are included in this clause.

Consent for abortion:

As compared to Dubai, abortion in India may be available to any adult woman only on her consent. If she is above 18 years of age, she is considered an adult.

Gestation age:

Unlike UAE, abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks for normal cases. And it may be allowed up to 24 weeks under special circumstances.

Marital status:

You can avail of legal abortion in India even if you are unmarried or a single mother or divorcee or a widow. You need not be married or may not be asked to present your marriage certificate to have a maternity file opened.

Abortion in India for expatriates in Dubai, UAE:

Abortion in India is equally available to all women regardless of their native countries or citizenship. Any woman who is an Indian citizen or a foreign woman, an ex-pat, a non-resident Indian or anyone can avail of legal abortion in India as a part of a short trip.

Abortion story 3:

A married woman in Dubai approached a private doctor for an illegal abortion. The doctor gave her pills, but they didn’t work as expected. The doctor charged immensely for illegal abortion pills and that was too sub-standard.

The abortion was incomplete. The doctor offered manual abortion at a still higher price. The woman refused that and looked for other options.

In her words,

“They were asking me for money I didn’t have – I could have gone to another country and back twice for that amount – and I didn’t want to take the risk in case the pills wouldn’t work again.”

Names have not been used for maintaining their anonymity.

There are still many similar and quite worse abortion experiences of women living in Dubai and other parts of UAE. They either choose to travel back to their countries and return after giving birth or they opt for unsafe abortions.

Having looked at the abortion stories of a few women, it is evident what abortion in Dubai may be like. If you too are seeking an abortion, please do not put your health and life at risk with unsafe abortion.

Coming to the next section of the post includes your safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore, India options.

Considering an abortion in India: Here you are!

We have seen the legal prospects of abortion in UAE versus India. So, now let’s move to the medical aspects. And here are a few important things to help you with.

First, you should be ready to travel to India for a short abortion trip. And hence, you need to have your Visa, tickets and other formalities ready beforehand.

But before that too, you should know where you are travelling to. India is a big country and you may not want to blindly travel without any previous arrangements. They may mess up your trip.

It is better to relax down and plan step by step.

Having your documents for travelling to another country may be ready with you. Next comes the choice of hospital.

Travelling to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

When you are planning for a medical trip, you may want to visit the best abortion hospital for a safe, legal and confidential abortion. Additionally, you may want to return with the confidence of a complete abortion. You may not want to return and face any complications like that of incomplete abortion. So, you should always shortlist from the best hospitals to find the best abortion hospital for your particular case.

We have done this bit of homework for you. But you can always have a look at independent 5-star Google reviews of past patients. We would recommend you to travel to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for the best abortion experience.

The hospital is a registered and certified abortion hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is internationally recognized for following the World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommended safe abortion procedures.

Furthermore, USA medical standards are followed and complied with as a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to all the patients.

Since the hospital provides highly personalised abortion care to a limited number of patients every day, it may be best to have your appointment scheduled before visiting the hospital.

You may contact the hospital for a single-appointment abortion procedure.

Plan your travel accordingly:

This may also help you with your travel arrangements. You may now book your flight from Dubai to Bangalore for the same day or a day before the abortion.

And there are many hotels near the airport and close to the hospital. You may book one as per your personal choices. Cabs and other local means of transport are always available in the busy city, Bangalore and hence within a few minutes of drive, you may reach the hospital.

Make your bookings accordingly. Always include a night stay to rest after the abortion until the next flight.

What to expect from abortion in Bangalore at AHB:

Upon your arrival at the hospital, you’ll experience a calm and relaxing infrastructure and amicable staff. You will be well-received since the hospital has been expecting you. Your appointment time belongs to you and hence, you may not see any co-patient or have to wait for your turn.

Private one-to-one consultation:

You will receive a private consultation with the doctor. The doctors at AHB are non-judgmental and highly professional. You can openly speak with the doctor. No personal questions may be asked. You can feel completely comfortable.

The doctor will advise some routine blood examinations and an ultrasound. These are very important diagnostic tests to rule out risks with abortion.

All abortion complications are preventable with a proper diagnosis. And you can expect that at AHB since the doctors are very qualified and have experience of more than forty years.

The tests will help the doctor to prescribe the best abortion method for your case and to minimize any risk.

After ascertaining the length and location of your pregnancy, the best abortion method may be prescribed to you. So, here are the different methods of abortion in Bangalore and what to expect from each at AHB.

The medical method of abortion at AHB for a woman from Dubai, UAE:

This is the earliest abortion method that may be prescribed to you if your pregnancy is intrauterine and less than 6-8 weeks.

It is done with the help of abortion pills. But this is the least preferred method by women who travel to India for abortion. Although this method is safe, however, to have it as a single appointment procedure is quite not possible. In addition, there are several other factors like:

  • Bleeding may last for more than 12-14 days. You may have to schedule another appointment to have your unwanted pregnancy termination confirmed.
  • Bleeding is accompanied by pain due to abdominal cramps. Some women may experience severe pain needing pain management.
  • The method is only 95%-97% efficient even with the best-standardized abortion pills. And you may not want to return with an incomplete abortion. In such a case you may have to visit again for a surgical abortion.
  • With an incomplete abortion, the cost of abortion goes way higher than other abortion methods.
  • Discomfort may last for long.
  • You need to plan a longer trip than a short trip of 2-3 days with suction abortion.

Hence, women who are even less than 8 weeks pregnant mostly opt for the following procedure of suction abortion.

The vacuum aspiration (VA) or suction method of abortion at AHB for a woman from Dubai, UAE:

This is an available option for terminating first-trimester intrauterine pregnancies, i.e., less than 12 weeks. Advantages of this method at AHB include:

  • Single-appointment procedure. You can get discharged the same day within a few hours.
  • Nearly 100% efficient. You can return to Dubai the next day itself with a successful abortion and back to normal life.
  • Gentle care abortion: It is a painless procedure and takes not more than 10 minutes to complete. A supporting nurse will be by your side. After the procedure, you may rest in your private room. The nurse will take care of all your medical needs. She may also help you to cope up after abortion with your psychological needs.

The surgical method of abortion at AHB for a woman from Dubai, UAE:

It is also known as the Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion. This method may be prescribed to you for late-stage pregnancies, i.e. through 20-weeks.

At many other hospitals, you may need an overnight hospital stay with this method. But at AHB, it is a single-appointment and 100% efficient procedure.

It is also painless and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. Similar to suction abortion, it is also a Gentle Care abortion exclusively available at AHB.

You may get discharged the same day after abortion and can rest overnight in your hotel. Since complete care is taken to make your abortion experience painless and minimize bleeding, you can easily return the next day. So, with VA abortion or D&E abortion, you can book your next day flight itself, if available.

India respects women reproductive rights and American Hospital Bangalore ensures access to reproductive rights to all its patients alike. Hence, women from Gulf countries often recommend ab abortion at AHB to other women seeking abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

You may not want to delay since even travel arrangements may take time. Schedule your appointment today.

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