6 things you must know before buying abortion pills in UAE

Are you looking forward to buying abortion pills in the UAE?

Then, this post is certainly for you. This post intends to educate you on the 6 most important things you should know before you buy abortion pills in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah or anywhere in the UAE.

Not only we will help you learn the consequences you may have to face for seeking an abortion in the UAE. But also we will help you learn your safe, legal and confidential abortion options. Although abortion in the UAE is illegal, you do have legal and safe ways to opt-out of an unwanted pregnancy.

Do not suffer alone. Struggle no more. Just relax and calm down. An agitated mind cannot make a wise abortion decision. Abortion by all means needs to be safe whether you are seeking it in the UAE or any nearby country.

Do you think you can have a legal abortion in a neighboring country like Oman, Qatar, Kuwait or Bahrain? Or you are considering travelling to a country where abortion is legal, like India?

Stay tuned to learn your safest way out of an unwanted pregnancy.

Let’s begin!

1. Abortion in the UAE is illegal.

As mentioned above and also you may be knowing this if you are staying in the UAE, abortion here is illegal.

Are you married or seeking an abortion as an unmarried girl?

Abortion in UAE is permissible only for married women in only two circumstances as per section 340 of the UAE penal code. These are:

  1. To save the woman’s life.
  2. In case the fetus has been detected with incurable disease or deformities. And abortion is permissible only for those deformities due to which the child to be born may not survive.

So, if your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure or rape or incest, you cannot get an abortion. Even if the ongoing pregnancy threatens your physical and/or mental health, abortion is not permissible.

Other legal restrictions on abortions in the UAE include the clause of consent. The authorities require the legal consent of the woman’s husband for an abortion. So, any married woman cannot obtain an abortion if she seeks the same on her consent.

And for unmarried girls, there are only two possibilities: either to get married and proceed with the pregnancy or to have a safe abortion in India.

Another big thing to remember is the gestation length. Abortion in the UAE is available for the permissible conditions only for up to 120 days into pregnancy.

If you cannot get a legal abortion in the UAE for an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, do not worry.

You can schedule an appointment at the best abortion hospital in India for legal abortion for up to 140 days (20 weeks). You do not need anyone else’s consent for an abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

If you are unmarried, again you can obtain a legal abortion at AHB.

American Hospital Bangalore

Abortion in the UAE

2. Abortion pills in the UAE can lead to an incomplete abortion.

What is an incomplete abortion?

An incomplete abortion means incomplete expulsion of the pregnancy products from the womb. Some pregnancy remnants may remain in the womb and cause abdominal cramps, pain and bleeding. Women may still feel pregnant-like.

What leads to an incomplete abortion?

Several reasons can lead to an incomplete abortion in the UAE. Some of these include:

Buying wrong abortion pills:

Since abortion pills are not available at pharmacies on prescriptions, women often buy them from illegal suppliers. And when they buy it from such resources, mostly available through internet contacts, they may buy the wrong pills.

The illegal supplier can trick someone in intense need by giving her the wrong pills claiming them to be causing abortion. The safe and approved abortion pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. However, many medicines used for gastric ulcers are being sold under the name of abortion pills in the UAE.

You too may get tricked and fall into the false trap. Although the medicine may cause intensive bleeding and may cause an abortion, it may result in an incomplete abortion.

In an event of heavy bleeding, where will you seek help from?

Even in case of an emergency, visiting a hospital carries a risk of the hospital informing the government of an illegal abortion.

Buying substandard abortion pills:

Even if you manage to get the right abortion pills, they may or may not result in a successful abortion. Substandard or expired medicines are often put in circulation for making easy money.

Tricksters may take advantage of vulnerable women and put them in further trouble. The biggest disadvantage is that women can not go back to these suppliers or can rely on any other help in case of complications.

Many botched-up abortions often take a fatal turn. Even where women survive, some damage may be irreversible like loss of fertility or hurt to reproductive health. 

Efficacy of abortion pills:

Now, if you somehow manage to get the right abortion pills, your abortion may result in incomplete abortion. This can occur due to their low efficiency. Registered medical practitioners analyze a patient’s condition completely before prescribing abortion pills. Even then, incomplete abortion can result in.

This can happen with any girl or woman because abortion pills are not more than 98% efficient.

Gestation length:

In most cases of self-administration, women do not know the exact length of their pregnancy. Nor do even they know that chances of incomplete abortion with abortion pills increase with an increase in pregnancy length.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends prescribing abortion pills for terminating intrauterine pregnancies less than 8 weeks.

When women and girls self-administer abortion pills, they do not consider this. Taking abortion pills in late-stage pregnancy terminations can lead to an incomplete abortion.

Patient-specific conditions:

Many women at the time of unwanted pregnancies are suffering from some medical condition(s). They may even be taking medicine(s) for the same. Some medicines may interfere with the working of abortion pills.

Some may alter their absorption or delay their emptying or impact other things. Most women do not know these. Even if a patient is suffering from a medical condition like liver or kidney disease, dose adjustment is required.

And the mode of administration also varies with women and their pregnancy lengths. At some time in the pregnancy, oral administration for a woman may be sufficient. But for some other women, vaginal or sublingual mode and at different doses may be necessary. A variation in any of these may also result in incomplete abortions.

Only a qualified and experienced doctor can rule out these considerations to make abortion safe.

How to treat an incomplete abortion?

Cases of incomplete abortion are treatable by surgical abortions. The choice of method either vacuum aspiration or Dilatation & Evacuation depends on the tissue size, location and volume.

A qualified doctor first scans for the pregnancy remnant location and sizes and then removes them. This is essential to complete the abortion. In some cases, it may need a hysteroscopy procedure where the womb cleaning is done under a camera.

3. Abortion pills in the UAE can lead to a failed abortion.

There are two probabilities of a failed abortion with pills.

  1. Failed abortion: During an incomplete abortion, the embryo passes out in most cases. However, some placental tissue may remain clinging to the uterine wall. This then requires a surgical method to complete the abortion. But a failed abortion is one in which the embryo does not expel. It may keep growing. Children born after a failed abortion may suffer fetal deformities as side effects of the abortion pills.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy: If the pregnancy is ectopic, again abortion will not take place with abortion pills. Abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol work only to terminate intrauterine pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy removal is a different procedure.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy in which the embryo implants in the wrong position. Intrauterine or normal pregnancies are the ones where the fertilized egg called embryo travels down the fallopian tube. Then, it implants within the uterus by attaching to the uterine lining.

But when the fertilized product, the embryo does not reach the uterus, it is an ectopic pregnancy.

Then, where is the embryo?

The embryo may dislocate to the abdominal cavity or the cervix or may remain stuck within the fallopian tube also. All these cases are known as ectopic pregnancies or extrauterine pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancies are non-viable and need immediate removal. They can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore, immediate detection and removal of an ectopic pregnancy are extremely essential.

Failed ectopic pregnancy termination with abortion pills in the UAE:

Women who have ectopic pregnancies get aware of carrying it only via a transvaginal scan. A home urine pregnancy test will not tell you the pregnancy location. And in the UAE, you need a marriage certificate to prove your marriage and your husband’s consent for getting a maternity file opened.

Without a maternity file, you cannot obtain an ultrasound to confirm the length and location of your pregnancy.

Now, consider a woman self-medicating in case of an ectopic pregnancy not knowing that she is carrying one. Then, she may experience some abdominal cramps and even pain and bleeding due to the medicines’ effect. But abortion will not take place.


Abortion fails because Mifepristone is an anti-progestin that blocks the body’s secretion of the pregnancy hormone, Progesterone. And Misoprostol is an abortifacient that contracts uterine muscles. These uterine contractions lead to the final pregnancy expulsion.

Since an ectopic pregnancy is not present at the location for the abortion pills to work, abortion will not take place in such a case.

The embryo may or may not grow further until one day, it may rupture. If this rupture happens within the tube, then immediate surgery is essential to save the woman’s life. It may even impact her future pregnancies with lost partial or complete fertility.

This partial loss occurs as a result of the removal of the ruptured tube and connecting ovary.

So, self-abortion with abortion pills in the UAE can also impact your reproductive health and life.

Life-threatening complications with ectopic pregnancies are preventable:

When detected early, ectopic pregnancy removal is possible with medicines. Surgery may not be the requisite. And hence, your fertility and future pregnancies may not have any negative impact.

Schedule an appointment at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for checking your pregnancy length, location and safe abortion.

4. You can have a legal abortion in India.

India is one of the favorite destinations for abortion that sees many foreign women each year. This is because of the women-friendly abortion laws of India as per the MTP Act, 1971 and further amendments.

Here’s what you need to know about legal abortion in India:

  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India regardless of your citizenship fact. You need not be an Indian to have a legal abortion in India. It is safely available to you even as an expatriate or a foreign woman.
  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India for up to 20 weeks in normal cases.
  • Whether you are married or unmarried, you can have a legal abortion in India.
  • You can obtain an abortion in India with your consent only. If you so desire, you may choose not to involve your partner or parents or family while seeking one. However, you should have attained an age of 18 years for an abortion with your consent only.

5. You can have a safe abortion in India:

Most women from the UAE travel to Bangalore, India for its Gentle Care Abortions. These are available exclusively at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

The expatriate population in the UAE comprises many Malayali families. Malayali women prefer a Gentle Care abortion at AHB rather than in their native cities in Kerala. Both Kerala and Karnataka are Indian states. And abortion rules are also the same across the Indian subcontinent.

However, abortion procedures may vary diversely from city to city, state to state and even from hospital to hospital within the same city. Even the cost of abortion may vary with the facilities.

Gentle Care abortion is the premier abortion method pioneered at AHB by its founder doctors. They have mastered the techniques of Gentle Care Abortions since the founding of the hospital in 1995. It is a premier boutique and personalized abortion clinic.

All abortion procedures at AHB are safe:

Here’s what you need to know about a safe abortion at AHB:

  • A safe abortion at AHB does not impact your long-term health and life.
  • You receive comprehensive abortion care (CAC) at AHB. It starts with your first call and pre-abortion consultation. And it lasts through your complete post-abortion recovery.
  • AHB provides safe abortions following the guidelines by the WHO. The WHO recommends three safe methods of abortion for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. And AHB is equipped with all the essential requirements for performing safe abortions through all the methods.
  • Before prescribing an abortion procedure to any patient, the doctors at AHB first evaluate the pregnancy length, location, medical condition of the patient, any co-existing condition, medicines she may be taking or have taken previously. Only then, the doctor chooses and offers the safest method according to the patient’s needs.
  • Gentle Care abortion does not impair your reproductive health or your future pregnancies. The highly qualified and experienced physicians and other members aboard the abortion team take all necessary precautions mandatory for a safe abortion.
  • Gentle Care abortion does not hurt your reproductive organs or any other internal organs. The techniques used are the latest. They vary from conventional surgical abortions where scraping with sharp tools can cause an internal injury.
  • A safe Gentle Care abortion at AHB does not hurt your emotional or mental health. You receive comprehensive abortion care free from any prejudice, judgment or personal opinions. All doctors, nurses and other assisting staff are highly caring, compassionate and supportive. Your decisions and personal choices receive due respect. No personal queries are asked or judgments passed. The doctors ask only for the medical details relevant to your condition.

Schedule an appointment for safe abortion at AHB.

6. You can have a confidential abortion in India.

Many unmarried couples and single women wonder about their privacy, which deems to be their priority. Especially patients coming from a country where abortion is a criminal offence and punishable act, women want their abortion status to stay confidential.

Besides, girls also fall on the target hit of societal stigma. Carrying pregnancies without marriage can even have them face family wrath. If you too are struggling with a similar situation, please do not suffer alone.

One cannot change what has already been done. But what is coming forward can be wisely chosen to minimize the chances of further damage.

You can have a confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore. The hospital offers boutique abortion care services. So, when you arrive at your scheduled time, you may not have to wait or see any fellow patients.

Your doctor sees you in person and offers one-to-one consultation. You may choose to bring a companion if you like. Otherwise, the hospital can provide you with a coordinator nurse who can make all the necessary arrangements for your travel, VISA clearance and even overnight stay options near the airport or the hospital.

Confidential abortion at AHB:

Gentle Care abortion is a small, comfortable, convenient, painless and successful procedure. Unlike other general hospitals, at AHB, the doctor performs this quick procedure in a comfortable setting. You can get a Gentle Care abortion in a private examination room, rest for as long as you like.

Most women and girls take discharge within 15-30 minutes post-abortion. After the abortion, you can rest in the private room and have some hot beverages and snacks, if you like.

The coordinator shall hire a cab for you whenever you are ready to go to your hotel room and rest. You can comfortably travel back to the UAE the following day or as per your flight schedule.

Having a quick, short Gentle Care abortion maintaining your privacy is a hassle-free experience. Your abortion status and other medical details are in safe hands. No patient details ever leave AHB premises. So, you can easily obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion at AHB and return with a successful abortion.

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care abortion at AHB.

Abortion procedures at AHB:

The three safe abortion methods at AHB are:

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Gentle Care Suction abortion
  3. Gentle Care surgical abortion

These methods are for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. Even if your pregnancy is found to be ectopic, the hospital offers safe ectopic pregnancy removal in similar single-day same-appointment abortions.

Medical abortion at AHB is your method of choice if:

  • Your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition that can impair the functioning of abortion pills.
  • You are not taking any medicines for any other condition and are not allergic to any ingredient of the abortion pills.
  • If you are comfortable with abdominal cramping and pain. And you are ready to wait for a couple of days before the abortion is complete.
  • In a case, you want to opt for a medical abortion that gets completed in your hotel room. Also, you may need to stay in India for a bit longer than an in-clinic suction abortion.

Gentle Care suction at AHB is your method of choice if:

  • Your pregnancy is between 5-12 weeks.
  • If you are not eligible for a medical abortion or you choose to go for an in-clinic abortion.
  • You are looking forward to having a painless abortion.
  • In a case, you want a quick, short, more efficient procedure with minimum bleeding, no hospitalization. And want to return with a completed abortion.
  • You do not wish to stay for more than a day, then you can obtain a suction abortion and return to a happy normal life.
  • Even recovery with Gentle Care suction is quicker than with a medical abortion.

Gentle Care Surgical abortion at AHB is the method of choice if:

  • Your pregnancy is past 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks.
  • It is also a painless, short, efficient, harmless and comfortable abortion procedure. It will not impair your future pregnancies or health.
  • The doctor opts for a Gentle Care surgical abortion over the suction method since the embryo size gets bigger at this stage. Moreover, the doctor can be sure of a complete abortion and even you can return with the confidence of a successful procedure.

Schedule an early appointment for a Gentle Care abortion and request an early slot.

You can speak to the helpline number or leave a message requesting a callback.

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