Abortion in Kochi: Best abortion options for Kerala women

Kochi or Cochin, an emerging cosmopolitan city is the biggest in Kerala and is also its commercial capital. The city has been presented with the title, “The Queen of the Arabian Sea”. But what about its real queens and princesses, the women residing in Kochi? And what about their reproductive rights?

Though the city seems to have a modern outlook, yet women in Kochi often become victims of societal stigma. It is associated with abortions and women’s rights to choose to have an abortion for unwanted pregnancy in Kochi.

Do you know, abortions are legal in India?

Yes, abortion in India is legal and has been so for the past five decades. Even then, women in Kochi struggle for access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). 

This post is for women and girls in Kochi (Cochin) who are made to believe that abortion in India is illegal. And that they do not have any legal way to opt-out of their unwanted pregnancies. 

Abortion in Kochi: Illusion or reality

If you are a woman residing in Kochi, probably you must be acquainted with the campaign, ‘Her body, Her choice.’

It was a campaign intensified by Kerala’s Women and Child Development Department. The idea behind the campaign is to reinforce the fact in the state that a woman has every right to choose and make decisions relating to her health and body.

Kochi is a liberal and progressive city. Yet, women from Kerala know the fear and shame they undergo when they seek abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

Indian abortion law is liberal and you can call it women-friendly. If you had known the abortion rules in various countries like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Philippines and more where abortion rules are highly restricted, you may feel blessed to be in India.

So, if you are seeking an unwanted pregnancy abortion in Kochi, Kerala, you should know that is completely legal. And hence, please do not let any feeling of guilt take you down.

Keep reading further to know how abortion in India is legal. And to know your best option while seeking a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Kochi.

Married or unmarried:

The law:

First, let us know, do you know abortion in India is legal both for married and unmarried women?

We spoke to many women and they didn’t know that abortion in India is legal for unmarried girls. For us as surveyors, this came as a surprise. Do you know why? It is because, in India, Kerala ranks at the top in literacy with a 96.2% literacy rate.

And we can assume that out of 100 people, at least 90 will be able to communicate on any topic.

So, if you didn’t know about this fact, abortion in India is legal for unmarried girls. Earlier unmarried girls in India faced difficulties in availing abortions. They used to go for unsafe abortions and risked their health and lives.

Realizing how India is losing the health of its unmarried girls due to unsafe abortion risks, the rules were amended. According to the MTP Act 2021, unmarried girls in India can avail of legal abortions even in events of contraceptive failures.

Though the law became liberal, but not the patriarchal society. It still stands as an obstacle between women and their reproductive rights.

To clarify how arduous it becomes for any woman to obtain a legal and safe abortion in Kochi, Kerala even when the law permits, we’ll be discussing some excerpts from abortion stories of different women.

Unmarried girl abortion in Kochi:

In Kerala, women feel they are targeted for seeking abortions. They are made to realize that they are guilty and are treated as if they were the only ones responsible for their unwanted pregnancies.

Very often they receive highly traumatizing comments not only from society but also from the doctors or hospital staff.

Women fear how they will be treated mentally at first. Safety of the procedure always comes secondary to them.

Some stories of abortion in Kochi of unmarried girls/women:

Story 1:

An unmarried girl (25-years) in Kochi gets pregnant out of wedlock. She was not prepared either for marriage or motherhood since she first wanted to get financially independent.

She visited abortion clinics in Kochi along with her partner, but all in vain. Many hospitals returned her with puffed up remarks. Sadly, she was made to feel guilty for getting pregnant without marriage.

In her words,

“One of the doctors gave me a copy of the Bible. He further asked me to promise not to abort since abortion is murder. I was stunned.

I am an educated girl. I know my human rights and my right to choose to become a parent or not. And what is the point in having a child when I cannot give him/her a worthy life?

I just moved out.”

Finally, the girl was able to arrange abortion pills in Kochi. Even after three days of heavy bleeding, she had to face an incomplete abortion complication. The same was then completed surgically.

She said, “Had I known a better option, I would have opted for a safe abortion in India.”

Story 2:

Another unmarried girl in Kochi (20+ years) had a very bad abortion experience. Her bad experience comes not only from the physical pain and trauma she faced. But also from the hospital staff’s behavior towards her.

In her words,

“The doctor did not explain to me anything about the procedure even after asking her repeatedly.”

Even the doctor said that they do not support abortions unless they are needed for medical emergencies.

Advice for you:

If the cases sound similar, please do not rush in for abortion pills or unsafe abortions. Risks with abortion pills can be serious just like these girls.

You can choose to visit Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Schedule an appointment at the best abortion hospital.

Married girl abortion in Kochi:

Married women in India had a legal right to abortion ever since the abortion rules were first framed, in 1971.

But in Kochi, it is not just the unmarried girls who face difficulty in availing legal abortions. Even married women are treated with disrespect and made to feel guilty if they seek abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

Story of a married woman:

A woman (30-years) residing in Kochi went to a government hospital to avail a legal abortion. At first, the doctor behaved very rudely with her. She even said that she is murdering an unborn child.

Then, she asked her to bring her husband for consent.

A special note:

Here comes the Indian abortion law you should know about.

For abortion in India, no consent of the partner or parents is needed if the girl is an adult. Did you know about it?

If not know it now. This may help you whenever someone asks you for parental or spousal consent for abortion.

Coming back to the story, the woman told the doctor that her husband lives in Dubai. He works there and recently a week before he left for his job.

What next the doctor asked her is surely shocking.

She asked the woman to bring her husband’s parents since the unborn child belongs to their family. And they have the legal right to decide whether abortion should be performed or not.

A special note:

No clause in Indian abortion law asks for the consent of a woman’s in-laws.

Parental consent is sought in case of minors, i.e., girls less than 18 years of age. Or it is sought in conditions where the woman is mentally challenged or is incapable of giving her consent.

It is important to equip the woman seeking an abortion for unwanted pregnancy with the right information. False information of legal or other rights may negatively impact the abortion decision. Besides, these things act as compelling factors for women to fall in for unsafe abortions

As an initiative by the Department of Women and Child Development, they started a campaign on social media platforms. It said #IniVendaVittuveezhcha (no more compromises). This campaign strived to highlight these false rules that act as no less than suffocating elements for women.)

The advice:

If you are married and seek a safe, legal and confidential abortion, you may think of visiting Bangalore. It may be better to have a confidential abortion where you may not be judged.

It is very disheartening to see how stigma related to abortions has clutched even the medical fraternity. Where shall a woman in Kochi go to have a safe abortion?

If you too have recently discovered that you are carrying an unplanned pregnancy, do not delay in getting medical help. The more you will delay, the lesser options you’ll have and abortion risks may also increase.

Here is a guide on how you can avail a legal, safe and confidential abortion in Bangalore.

Women in Kochi have better abortion options in Bangalore:

Why Bangalore?

Well, this certainly makes sense because of the multiple advantages of having an abortion in Bangalore. These include:

The probability of meeting someone you know is nearly zero:

Firstly, you are visiting a city that is located at a distance of nearly 548 km from your city. Hence, there is the rarest chance of encountering a neighbor or someone you may not want to know about your abortion. If privacy is your priority, then it is best to have an abortion in Bangalore.

Abortion and the stigma:

Next, the stigma associated with abortions is more in Kerala as has been reported in many media reports. It is also evident from the abortion stories you just read above.

Whereas, Bangalore is a highly progressive city. People who hail from various other cities and even countries live here. Due to many advancements, society is comparatively much more open-minded.

You can expect abortion to be taken up as a medical procedure when it comes to thoughts associated with it.

Advanced healthcare facilities:

Availability of doctors:

Visiting a government hospital for abortion in Kochi may require you to wait for your turn. And then, you may have to rush for various medical tests and diagnoses.

You may also need someone to be by your side all the time.

Moreover, the hospitals have gynecological patients coming for varied treatments and not just abortions. Hence, doctor to patient ratio is high.

So, if you are seeking a 1:1 ratio, i.e., one doctor attending a single patient at a time, then you may consider visiting the best abortion hospital in Bangalore.

Personalized abortions at AHB, Bangalore, India:

At American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), only a few patients are treated every single day. This is to ensure that the patient receives the best abortion care. The personalized boutique hospital gives high focus to each patient’s safety, health and wellbeing.

A single patient is admitted at a time. Direct 1 to 1 patient and doctor conversation can be experienced from start through the end.

Friendly and caring nurses stay by the patient throughout to make the patient feel comfortable. You can see for yourself. The hospital has more than a hundred 5 star * Google reviews.

You may schedule your appointment today itself.

Availability of abortion methods:

Whether in Kochi or Bangalore or anywhere in India, abortions may be performed only in registered abortion clinics. Not all clinics and hospitals are certified and recognised to perform abortion procedures.

Indian abortion law permits only certain hospitals and clinics that fulfil all the criteria for registration. They need to be equipped with all the necessary facilities for providing abortion services.

However, you cannot expect every single hospital to be a boutique hospital. AHB is a boutique hospital that offers personalized services to all its patients.

And it is a certified and registered abortion clinic. The hospital has earned a reputation even across geographical barriers. Many foreign women also visit here for safe and confidential abortion services.

Permissible Gestation age for abortion in India:

We mentioned earlier in this post that delay is never appreciable in the case of abortions. This is both for the safety of the patient and the efficiency of the procedure.

Moreover, carrying an unwanted pregnancy all the while adds up only to physical and mental stress. There are many cases in Kerala where pregnancy termination is sought for legally permissible circumstances, but due to lack of timely abortion decisions and availability of facilities, women have to knock on the doors of the court. Read the full story.

Do you know till how long can you obtain an abortion?

Here, is the piece of information you may need.

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks of pregnancy in general circumstances. These include:

  • The contraceptive failure resulted in the pregnancy. It can be any contraceptive method.
  • Pregnancy is a result of rape/incest / sexual assault.
  • Ongoing pregnancy can pose a threat to the woman’s health and/or life.

There are several special circumstances like detection of fetal anomalies where abortion in India is legal up to 24 weeks.

The fact is that many fetal abnormalities are detectable only in the second trimester of pregnancy. Hence, such cases require second-trimester or a late-stage abortion.

The abortion methods at AHB:

The American Hospital Bangalore offers comprehensive abortion services. It has buckled up its facilities as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for safe abortions.

It continuously upgrades its medical facilities with advancements in medical technology and techniques.

The three methods of abortion that are available at AHB are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion
  3. Surgical abortion (Dilatation and Evacuation: D&E method of abortion)

Here, is what to expect from each method of abortion and a brief guide for you to know what to expect from each procedure.

When you first arrive at your appointment, the doctor will read your case, provide you with the consultation and prescribe the best abortion method.

Before prescribing any method of abortion, you will be checked for the exact length of your pregnancy. Additionally, the location of pregnancy will also be checked to rule out ectopic pregnancy complications.

What to expect from a medical abortion at AHB:

Gestation period:

Medical abortion is the method of terminating an early pregnancy. Safe abortion pills are used to terminate a pregnancy that is less than 6-8 weeks. So, you may be prescribed this method only if you are less than 8 weeks pregnant.

The working of abortion pills:

Two safe abortion pills are used as a part of this method of abortion. At AHB, only the highest standard quality abortion pills are prescribed.

The first pill is Mifepristone, which may be given to you to be orally taken. It may also be administered vaginally if the doctor seems it better for your case.

This pill will stop the growth of the embryo and prepare your cervix for abortion.

For the second pill(s), Misoprostol, you may either have to come after a day on the second appointment. Or it may be handed to you to be taken orally at home. You will receive guidance on when and how to administer it.

However, in case it too has to be administered vaginally, you may have to visit again.

Since women from Kochi are inclined towards getting a single appointment procedure, they prefer to opt for the Vacuum Aspiration method rather than the medical method.

Still, if you choose to go with the abortion pills, Misoprostol will bring about contractions in your womb. They will eventually help in expelling all gestation products within a few hours.

Pain and Bleeding with the medical method of abortion:

You can expect to experience moderate to severe abdominal cramps and pain. Some medicines may be prescribed to you for helping you find relief from pain.

You can expect to bleed for nearly 5-7 days. Some women bleed even after that. In case, bleeding persists beyond 12 days, you may have to visit again. A transvaginal scan will be done to check if the abortion was complete or incomplete.

In case it is complete, you may be prescribed some supplements to make up for the blood loss. And in events of incomplete abortions, surgery may be performed to complete the same.

The efficiency of the medical method of abortion:

Abortion pills are nearly 95% – 98% efficient. There may always be a chance of incomplete abortion. Due to this reason too, women often prefer the VA method of abortion.

Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

At AHB, it is a gentle care, painless and nearly 100% efficient procedure. This may be prescribed to you in case your pregnancy is less than 12 weeks.

You will be allotted a hygienic private room furnished to suit your comfort and needs. The procedure is a very short one and may not take more than 3-10 minutes to be completed.

The holistic approach of the hospital shall keep you calm and relaxed. A nurse will always be there to give you emotional support and assist the doctor in the procedure.

You may receive general or local anesthesia to keep you completely relaxed and make the procedure painless.

Then, a small curette will be inserted into your uterine cavity. The suction is applied to create a vacuum that will suck the embryo and other tissues. They will collect in the collection bottle.

After the successful procedure, you may relax until you feel comfortable. And then you may get discharged the same day.

As a part of post-abortion care, you will be prescribed medicines to help you cope with the blood loss, to help restore your hormonal levels, and of course, to get you back to your normal routine at the earliest.

This is the most preferred method of abortion in Bangalore at AHB because of it being:

  • Gentle
  • Painless
  • Efficient (nearly 100%)
  • Single-appointment
  • Minimum bleeding
  • Legal, safe and confidential

Dilatation and Evacuation method of abortion:

It is the surgical abortion procedure. At AHB, surgical may seem to you only in name since it being painless and gentle.

It may be prescribed to you if your pregnancy has progressed past 12 weeks.

If the VA method is employed beyond 12 weeks, all of the products may not get entirely removed by suction. And hence, D&E is prescribed.

A bit of advice:

Do not go for an unsafe abortion since it has multiple abortion risks that can negatively impact your health and life.

For a legal, safe and confidential abortion you can choose to travel to Bangalore. Check out your earliest flight options, train options or cab options.

Or you can always schedule a personal visit by car but by prior appointment since AHB only entertains a limited number of patients in a day.

Do not delay. Save your seat today.

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