Abortion in Coimbatore Compared to Abortion Options in Bangalore:

The first and the most important thing for any woman residing in any part of India is to know that abortion in India is legal under several circumstances. Therefore, if you are looking for an abortion for yourself, your partner or a friend, there are some must-know pieces of information you should be equipped with.

This article is here to help you make an informed decision when it comes to abortion since it can affect the health of the woman not for a single day but the entire life.

Abortion rules in Tamil Nadu:

Abortion in India is absolutely legal under the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act, 1971 and amendments further.

Coming to abortion rules in Tamil Nadu, there’s good news if you are an Indian citizen that Indian abortion laws are quite liberal as compared to many other countries. Here, abortion is legal under the circumstances where:

  • The pregnancy is a result of rape/incest.
  • To save the life of the woman if the continuing pregnancy can pose a threat to the same.
  • If the woman is mentally challenged and hence incapable of childbearing and raising. 
  • In events, pregnancy has resulted from the failure of contraceptives. (The most common reason for many women)
  • In case fetal anomalies have been detected during prenatal examinations.

Another big advantage is that abortion is legal regardless of the woman’s marital status. So, if you are a married woman or looking for an unmarried abortion in Coimbatore, please relax because you have better options other than resorting to unsafe abortion methods.

Many women sometimes resort to unsafe methods of abortion only due to the lack of knowledge that they can receive a safe, legal and confidential abortion. Are you too in this dilemma? If yes, this is the right place you can get all the information you need to know for safe, legal and confidential abortion for a woman living in Coimbatore.

Some Quick Facts:

  • You can avail of abortion services up to 20 weeks of gestation under normal circumstances but the method may vary according to the fetal age.
  • You can avail of abortion services up to 24 weeks under special circumstances such as detection of fetal anomalies or threat to a woman’s life.
  • Not all medical centres qualify for being the registered abortion clinics. Hence, it is essential to check for the abortion clinic to be a certified one.
  • Though abortion is a small procedure, but if not done by the professionally learned and experienced medical practitioner, it can cause grave harm that can affect the future life.
  • Never should a woman indulge in Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion or buy and self-administer abortion pills in Coimbatore or anywhere else in that case. It can lead to dangerous complications and she may have to live with co-morbidities for the entire life.
  • Unsafe abortion methods can be fatal and unsafe methods are the leading cause of maternal mortalities in India.

Abortion options in Bangalore compared to Coimbatore:

Though Coimbatore is a very good travel destination, yet when it comes to medical destination, Bangalore is the preferred choice. There are several advantages for a woman from Coimbatore to avail of the abortion in Bangalore. We will get into their details one by one.

Life in Coimbatore affecting abortion decision:

Bangalore is a bigger metropolitan city as compared to Coimbatore and with nearly 7-8 times more population. Even the population density in Coimbatore is low when compared to that of Bangalore. This makes it very probable that a woman who due for any reason wants to avail a confidential abortion may during the entire process meet an acquaintance or a neighbor who she may not want to encounter.

People in Coimbatore are very friendly and social. Hence, the societal stigma associated with abortion is high and especially when it is associated with an unmarried girl, it gets huge.

There are unmarried girls and other women who due to their personal reasons may not want anyone besides themselves to know that they had an abortion. If you are one such woman, you may never want to go to an abortion clinic where the doctor or the staff can spot you or identify you or you may meet an acquaintance.

Please do not feel ashamed or for any other reason, resort to an unsafe abortion method. It is no less than knowingly harming yourself. You still have better and safer options. One such option is travelling to a nearby city, Bangalore to avail of the abortion.

Bangalore is a fast city and people are quite non-judgmental. They have highly occupied lives and do not try to get involved in others personal matters and hence you may not face any societal stigma even from the hospital or its staff.

Travelling to Bangalore from Coimbatore for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

Bangalore is located at a distance of 363.4 km from Coimbatore and is a 6hr 32 min journey by personal car/cab. You can also go there on a short flight that takes nearly an hour. Both the cities are well connected with many commuting options. You can avail any as per your choice and convenience.

Availability of healthcare facilities:

Coimbatore has limited certified abortion clinics with few registered professionals who can handle abortions and abortion care. This makes them quite crowded and you may have to wait for your turn.

And when availing of abortion, the delay is never preferred. Delaying narrows down your choices, increases complications and when it’s a wisely made decision, there is no point in delaying. Further, it adds woman’s worries and fear.

With limited doctors, there can be a waiting appointment for quite more than a couple of days and sometimes even up to a week further adding a week to your gestation length.

Bangalore being an urban city and the choicest medical destination for people coming not only from India but also from other countries has a lot of the latest technological advances in healthcare facilities.

Why abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is your best option:

Finally, if you have made up your mind of travelling to Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion, again not all clinics are top-rated even in Bangalore. Several considerations go on while selecting the best abortion clinic. And here’s your ultimate guide into making a wise decision:

Certified abortion centre:

Not all gynaecological clinics qualify for the certification of being an MTP centre. The centre is inspected for its healthcare providers, staff, healthcare and other basic facilities before acknowledging it to be a registered centre where safe and legal abortion procedures can be carried out.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) has its certification for carrying out all abortion procedures safely and legally.

Gynaecologist and the Method of abortion:

The medical method of abortion:

Though abortion may be as simple procedure as taking oral abortion pills, there are many underlying conditions that only a registered medical practitioner can guide you about. Not all abortions can be done by abortion pills or the MTP kit.

The doctor goes through the patient’s existing medical conditions, ascertains that the pregnancy is intrauterine and the proper age of gestation to avoid the risks associated with ectopic pregnancy and incomplete abortion, respectively.

The surgical method of abortion:

Besides the medical method of abortion, there are two more methods of abortion as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are vacuum aspiration method of abortion and dilatation and evacuation (surgical) method of abortion.

These two methods require professional knowledge, extensive training and experience because these procedures need precision and accuracy. This is crucial both for a successful and complete abortion and most importantly for the health of the woman.

If these procedures are performed by quacks or unregistered doctors, there can be serious complications that are involved with any other surgery. And a person who is not qualified may not be able to manage any emergency or attend to the urgency.

The doctors at AHB have more than four decades of experience in conducting safe abortions. They have high professional qualifications and have received extensive international training with experience being their plus side.


Nurses have a very important role in abortion procedures. They attend to the assistance needs of the doctor and are comforting partners for the patients. Hence, the nurses qualified for assisting abortion procedures need to be professionally strong on one hand and compassionate, caring, non-judgmental on the other.

For nurses to be professionally strong, they need to be both professionally qualified and well-trained for assisting in the abortion procedures, if we are speaking of abortion nurses.

Besides professional strength, they also need to be concerned and address the needs of the patient without judging her for any decisions. Abortion for unmarried couples becomes troublesome in Coimbatore for a similar reason. While AHB has nurses, who are both professional as well as highly caring and non-judgmental. 

Availability of healthcare facilities:

The registered abortion clinic needs to be equipped with all the tools and techniques as referred to in the guidelines by WHO for conducting safe abortion procedures.

The hospital needs to be ready for all methods of abortion as is best suitable for the patient according to the length of her pregnancy and other existing medical conditions.

With advancing technology, there are the latest tools and gentle procedures. But not all hospitals are equipped with the latest techniques or the practitioners lack the know-how of new procedures. But, at AHB, you can have a gentle and painless experience in any kind of abortion that settles best for your case.


Well, since this post is to guide you into a better option for abortion if you are residing in Coimbatore, one of the challenges you may face at an abortion clinic in Coimbatore is the limited number of doctors attending to more patients.

This is something that you may not want to go for while seeking a confidential abortion. AHB offers one-to-one private consultation and hence highly confidential where you and your abortion details are in safe hands.

If you tend to visit a quack or an unregistered medical practitioner to avail an early abortion in privacy, he/she may not look into your medical history, check for the gestation period or confirm the pregnancy to be a normal intrauterine or take care for post-abortion care or may even not rule out chances of infection which are high during any medical procedure.

But at AHB, besides a confidential abortion, you can expect a safe abortion starting from pre-abortion consultation to post-abortion care and complete recovery.


Like any other medical procedure, hygiene matters significantly. If unsterilized equipment is used for abortion procedures, there are bright chances for infections.

The premises of AHB are highly clean and hygiene is maintained at its best. The operation room, waiting area, private room, doctor’s chamber all are cleaned multiple times a day. And medical equipment is disinfected properly before and after each abortion procedure.

Infections can result in post-abortion complications. So, even with sterile medical tools, doctors at AHB prefer prescribing antibiotics prophylactically to stop any kind of bacterial growth.

Post-abortion care:

Recovery after an abortion depends largely on the method of abortion and further on the performance of the procedure.

Doctors at AHB guide patients for rapid healing so that the patient can resume daily activities as soon as possible. Even medicines, supplements and recommended diet are prescribed and the patient properly guided through a post-abortion consultation

They are even available to talk to over the phone or message post-abortion to guide you and ensure you have recovered completely

Abortion procedures at AHB: What to expect?

AHB is the best abortion centre for any woman seeking abortion anywhere in Coimbatore or any other part of the country in that case. It has already been briefed above what makes AHB a premier abortion clinic.

Now, here is what you can expect when you travel from Coimbatore to AHB for an abortion.

  • Firstly, you can call the hospital and schedule your appointment. You can even talk to the healthcare professional who will let you know your available options for abortion as per your gestation length and address your other queries.
  • You will see your doctor in a private one-to-one consultation. You can bring your partner or a friend or any companion for your comfort. You will be asked for your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) to find out your gestation length.
  • You may also be asked to get a transvaginal ultrasound and some routine blood and urine examinations to find out about your medical status, the exact length of pregnancy and also its location. This is very important and hence do not fall in for an unsafe method of abortion in Coimbatore. This can be very risky.
  • Do not worry, all the diagnosis will be in-house and you may not have to roam about in the city to find diagnostic centres. And you can easily relax in your private room as your reports are awaited which will not take more than an hour.
  • After receiving the reports, the doctor will let you know of your abortion options: medical or vacuum aspiration or dilatation and evacuation.
  • The doctor will prescribe the best choice for your case-specific. If the pregnancy is intrauterine, gestation length becomes the guiding factor for the abortion method.

The medical method of abortion:

The abortion pill method is your option if you are not more than 6-8 weeks pregnant. This method involves the use of safe abortion pills that can be administered orally or vaginally. Since there is a gap between the different abortion pills, you may need to visit the clinic twice or you will be handed a second pill to be taken at home. This method is associated with mild to moderate pain and moderate to heavy menstrual flow.

Women coming to AHB often do not opt for this method even when it is an open option since it is only 95% to 98% effective and may lead to incomplete abortion. And to ascertain whether the abortion was complete, they need to either wait for a week for the bleeding to stop entirely or it can be confirmed by another transvaginal scan, availing which can be difficult without the doctor’s prescription. And they do not prefer to travel to Bangalore again after a week for confirming their abortion status.

Hence, women mostly opt for the next method mentioned below.

Vacuum aspiration (VA) method of abortion:

At AHB, vacuum aspiration is your option if your pregnancy is not more than 12 weeks. It is a very gentle procedure that takes only 3-10 minutes to complete and is absolutely painless.

It is the most preferred method by women who travel from other places since you get discharged the same day within an hour or so as soon as you feel comfortable.

Whereas, unsafe abortion options may lead to incomplete abortions that pave way for further complications.

Dilatation and evacuation (D&E) or Surgical method of abortion:

This is your option if your pregnancy has exceeded 12 weeks but is still in the legal age, i.e., up to 20 weeks. 

At AHB, this is also a gentle and painless procedure and takes less than 30 minutes. Again, the best part is the efficiency of the procedure which is nearly 100% and you can go back to Coimbatore with a successful abortion.

With this procedure also, you will get discharged the same day within 2 hours as soon as you feel comfortable.

Whatever be your abortion procedure at AHB, you can travel back the same day or can rest in a hotel or homestay nearby for a night and can go back the other day. The best part is that you will be confident of having a complete abortion as soon as you leave AHB premises. 

In case of any query left unaddressed or you want to speak personally, you can call the helpline number. It is best to schedule an appointment which you’ll get the earliest possible within a day before showing up.

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