Myths, reality, and healing about abortion in Dubai:

The prohibition of abortion in Dubai prevents people from leading a free and responsible life based on their norms rather than the unprompted obligation. But don’t be alarmed; the majority of our patients living in Dubai fly out to Bangalore to take a step toward their independent decisions.

According to WHO’s new guidelines, 23 million unsafe abortions occur per year as of March 9, 2022. Also, as abortion in Dubai is not legally permissible under most circumstances, people tend to look for unhealthy alternatives. People are drawn to highly unsafe abortion procedures for various reasons, including restricted legislation and abortion misconceptions.

As a result, we at American Hospital Bangalore took an oath to provide women with the safest, painless, legal, and confidential abortion possible while respecting their individual decisions.

The Director for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research at WHOCraig Lissner quoted,

“Nearly every death and injury that results from unsafe abortion is entirely preventable. That’s why we recommend women and girls can access abortion and family planning services when they need them.”

As we have made sure to take only one patient at a time to give or best treatment possible, you can put your faith in our experts to provide you with a stress-free abortion treatment.

If you have ever lived in a country with restrictive abortion laws or spent a significant amount of time on your phone looking for abortion in Dubai, you have undoubtedly seen a slew of deceptive messages and a BAN sign. These messages may cause you to second-guess your decision to abortion and consider having a baby even if you are not financially, physically, or emotionally ready at this time. These horror abortion myth stories, which range from ectopic pregnancy to breast cancer, infertility to early menopause, ovarian cysts to blocked fallopian tubes, make people believe in narratives given by those who do not know the human body.

It has been shown that 97 per cent of all unsafe abortions occur in developing countries. As a result, we ensure that the patient’s therapy begins with ultrasonography to rule out the potential of an ectopic pregnancy.

From pre-abortion consultation to abortion management (including incomplete abortion, fetal death, induced abortion, and miscarriage), and post-abortion care, we at American Hospital Bangalore take care of every single patient calling us for help.

It is why we wrote this blog article to show you the right way and to assist you in dealing with the realities of abortion myths and the healing after the procedure.


Do you realize that roughly 20 countries share no legitimate justification for allowing women to get abortions? Furthermore, every three out of four countries imposes a criminal sanction on women who seek abortions, such as a lengthy prison sentence or hefty monetary fines. And, because abortion in Dubai is illegal, these myths have been propagated through you for you to stop considering any alternatives.

We have compiled a list of effective and proven truth checks that will help you see the reality beneath all the lies.

1. Abortion is nothing more than a birth control tool. However, unlike contraceptives, it is not commonly accessible.

People are quick to seize on a contraceptive option since everyone has a particular way of securing and caring for their sexual health. However, there is no proof that abortion is unaffordable for the average person unless you are living in countries like Dubai where it is strictly prohibited. It has been observed that people who have abortions utilize contraception during the month in which they learn of their unwelcome pregnancy.

Any event, such as being pregnant, could occur due to:

· Failure of contraception pills

· breaking condoms

· lack of sexual health or reproductive knowledge.

 · Lack of access to birth control methods

As a result, even if the person uses contraception, they could become pregnant. Furthermore, just because birth control options are easier to obtain does not imply that abortion is hard to procure. Can’t find any safe option to get an abortion in Dubai? Take a peek at some of our most convenient and safe abortion options to safeguard your health.

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2. Abortion is only performed for spurious reasons.

According to official reports, one out of every four women has had an abortion before reaching the age of 45. Having such a common procedure, abortion has so many moral grounds like:

· A person whose health, social, or economic circumstances make them unwilling to raise a child within a specific time frame.

· A person doesn’t have the appropriate time or space to raise a baby.

· The person already has babies and doesn’t want more to ensure a better quality of life for the existing kids.

· Pregnancy happened because of sexual assault.

· The mother is facing the shocking news of having a lethal abortion on her fetus.

· If a parent is going through a rough patch in life, like domestic violence or unemployment.

As a result, there could be a variety of reasons why someone would want to have an abortion in Dubai, but they are unable to do so due to severe anti-abortion regulations. So, how about approaching American Hospital Bangalore for assistance in dealing with such a serious situation?

Now as per WHO(World Health Organization), around 73 million people go through induced abortions every year, that while representing 29 per cent of total pregnancies.

3. If someone made a mistake by having an unsafe relationship, it means they have to pay the price.

Sexual relationships result in undesired pregnancies, even when they are maintained with considerable prudence. This is something that happens to patients from all backgrounds of existence. However, the decision to raise a kid is complicated by several circumstances, including substance abuse, medical history, economic and financial resources, and the support of family and friends.

It can also happen to persons who are not in any kind of romantic connection. 

As a result, the sexist trope’s myth, which labels a woman “evil” or “good” based on her romantic choices, is ethically erroneous.

According to a draft opinion presented by Justice Samuel Alito on May 2, 2022, the word was leaked in POLITICO that the Supreme Court’s majority of the jury has voted to overturn the momentous Roe V. Wade judgment.

Also, in most countries where women are not allowed to have abortions, it has been seen that this does not diminish the number of abortions and instead leads to women taking dangerous measures. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 countries face only 1 safe abortion in 4.

Why don’t you take the first step and get your abortion now in AHB, setting an example for other women in society to follow? As a result, for anyone seeking help regarding abortion in Dubai, we offer a 24-hour service to help them decide what they want their future to look like after 9 months.

4. Abortions have harmed the person’s mental health.

There is no proof that “post-abortion syndrome” exists in any form. Every decision we make in life involves a great deal of emotion. So, the way a person reacts after concluding is based on personal characteristics and emotional ties. Short-term problems, such as stress, are shared by everyone, but they never become long-term issues. In addition, the majority of the participants stated that they had never experienced any psychological injury.

According to the findings of the study, nearly 99 per cent of respondents had no regrets about having an abortion after 5 years. So, are you ready to get an abortion and live your life on your terms with family planning in the future?


5. Abortion will destroy your health.

Only 0.5 per cent of abortions cause complications, according to research, and those that do are usually curable (such as infections). Some people, on the other hand, feel that the person would suffer from abortion-related health problems such as cervical damage or uterine scarring. However, there is no such thing.

When we evaluate the risk of death due to childbirth, it is 14 times that of abortion. Because pills are used in 9 out of 10 abortions, the harm is not as severe as many people believe. However, if you are interested in purchasing “abortion” pills from online stores, make sure you do not end up becoming a scam victim. As it has been noticed that online stores often sell counterfeit and harmful products that can aggravate your situation. Instead, you can choose to fly from Dubai to AHB in Bangalore to receive safe and painless treatment from medical experts, as most of our patients do. Without a doubt, nothing is more important than a person’s health.

6. Getting an abortion will make you infertile.

There is data that abortion in the first trimester is the safest and most straightforward medical procedure. No evidence having an abortion would affect your capacity to conceive again. In the past, if a person underwent such a series of treatments while receiving assistance from an unqualified person, they were subjected to unfavorable outcomes, which led to this being a myth. Feel free to contact us, as we follow the safest techniques with evidence and testimonials from people. Women can become pregnant almost soon after having an abortion.

7. You and your baby will feel the pain of destruction.

Pain is an extinction response of our nervous system that does not develop until the fetus is 24 weeks old. There is nothing like giving pain to the unborn when an abortion occurs during the first trimester.

Even though medical abortions are legal, women are offered painkillers and other medications to help them overcome any pain due to abortion. But as our procedures are painless, you don’t have to even worry about it now.

8. Getting pregnant means danger to your fetuses:

It is no surprise that many anti-choice advocates continue to promote the idea that abortion has a direct impact on fetuses. Its position, however, does not stand on its own, even in terms of human and feminist rights, since there is no evidence. Furthermore, roughly 91.5% of people have abortions before the first trimester when the gender of the fetuses is unknown; there is no danger to the embryos.

 9. Abortion can be performed by anyone:

No wonder if you live in a rural area, you must have known non-doctors have the capability of doing abortions. However, because it opens the door to so many life-threatening circumstances all through your abortion in Dubai, we at American Hospital Bangalore provide you with the solution with legal and proficient techniques. Furthermore, in recent years, the rules for performing such procedures have become increasingly strict. It resulted in a reduction in the number of clinics, leaving just the most qualified to undertake the duty. As a result, you can proudly take the final step towards abortion without feeling depressed about entrusting your life to an unqualified person. Contact our doctors and consultants to ensure you’ve made the best responsible decision.

10. Children with sexual education are more inclined toward abortion.

People who have the correct information about abortion and healthy sexual relationships make educated decisions, according to studies. They are also more likely to take contraception and prefer to have safe sex. Beyond that, sex education has evolved into a critical component of parenting.

11. Abortions are anti-parenthood.

It has been observed that the majority of those who undergo abortion procedures are already parents. And as they want to give more quality life to their existing child rather than get a new child and not get enough resources for any of them, they choose abortion. And obviously, it is true that forcing pregnancy on someone else or ourselves does no good as it makes the person take the responsibility they aren’t yet prepared to take care of. Hence, we always promote the decision of the individual to decide with whom they want to start to form a family.

Medical realities of abortion:

There are numerous lies presented to people to prevent them from having an abortion and living their lives as they wish. Because abortion in Dubai is illegal, many people do make fraudulent medical claims.

We’ll go through some of the most prevalent false medical warnings offered to pregnant women, as well as the facts behind them.

a. Can abortion cause endometriosis?

Although about 0.5 per cent of people react to having an abortion, it is treatable and easily cured. Endometriosis, on the other hand, is not something that can occur as a result of it. Abortion will not cause it to happen, even if it runs in the family and is genetic. It can be caused by retrograde menstrual flow, according to the studies.

b. Can abortion cause ectopic pregnancy?

No, it isn’t possible. Medical abortion, as opposed to surgical abortion, can never be regarded as a cause of low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, or premature birth in the first pregnancy, according to a study released by

c. Can abortion cause an ovarian cyst?

This issue came up repeatedly during my search, with the same response: “No, it can’t happen because of abortion.” Endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, corpus luteum cysts (a natural occurrence), and pelvic infections are the only causes of ovarian cysts, according to an article published by

d. How about abortion with heart conditions?

In a developing country, 12-year research is being done to see how women react to induced abortions in the first and second trimesters. As a result, one out of 53 women was found to have specific difficulties.

 Healing after abortion:

You may have realized its significance now that you’ve learned the truth about all the myths regarding abortion, as well as the false health information given to people who refuse to take a decision.

We realize that you are going through a tough time and are looking for a way to get an abortion in Dubai, but federal laws are preventing you from taking the necessary steps in your life. Feel free to call us to schedule an appointment if you require any assistance. Let us tell you about early abortion options for unmarried girls in Dubai, UAE.

Even though there are other clinics present, our patients consistently express gratitude for our extra patience, attention, and precautions. Take action that aligns your future with your family’s proposed ideas. We’ll be waiting to hear from you so that we can assist you in leaping in your life.

Because nations such as Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have stringent abortion laws, we have considered it necessary to welcome everyone. Make an appointment with our counsellor by calling us between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Alternatively, you can send a message to our WhatsApp number. Also, if you have an emergency, start your text with the phrase “URGENT HELP” so that we can approach you right away. Furthermore, because our professional doctors do single-day operations, you can leave the hospital the same day and return to your nation with a stable family planning decision.

In addition, if you face any difficulty and need to rest, our experienced nurses and doctors will assist you in recuperating in our resting area while providing you with all the necessary psychological support. With medical staff having nearly 45 years of experience, our doctors ensure that every woman receives the highest level of care during abortion treatments and feels independent in her life

Finally, when you are ready to travel, we will assist you with booking a taxi to the airport or a hotel (if you wish to stay), so that you can feel more comfortable at the time when you require the most psychological and emotional comfort.

We received MTP certification for performing Gentle Care abortion operations using the most efficient US and international medical standards for abortion, owing to our 5-star Google reviews.

Try to express your thoughts on abortion myths and let others know what else they should avoid during their journey of getting an abortion. Also, spread the word to others who are looking for abortion in Dubai but are running out of time. Let us help one more life to become independent. If you liked our content, take a look at the other blog posts as well.

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