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Abortion for an unwanted pregnancy has become challenging in some countries, while some other countries have given women’s reproductive rights a liberal turn. Sadly, women in the UAE are still struggling to find safe abortion UAE unmarried as well as married options. The sad part is that they do not have a legal way to opt out of an unwanted pregnancy when they do not want to continue.

A further saddening part is that an unmarried woman seeks an abortion in the UAE, she is a criminal for two things: the first one, seeking an abortion and the other one is for getting pregnant without marriage. When they do not have a safe abortion UAE unmarried options available, such women often choose unsafe options like buying abortion pills in the UAE. As a result, they put their health and lives at stake.

Abortion in the UAE is illegal.

Many women buy illegal abortion pills from the black market. This makes them further punishable in the eyes of the law if caught. But the more problematic thing is that the pills may not work as they want them to. The abortion pills procured from such sources are not reliable and can result in life-threatening complications.

So, do women residing in the UAE, either citizens or expats or foreign nationals have no abortion options? Do Filipino women travel to the Philippines for abortion and Indian expats and Malayali women to Kerala, India for abortion?

No, that’s not the case as always. Rules in the Philippines are also strict and that’s why Filipino expats also do not consider abortion in the Philippines. However, yes, Indian abortion laws are not only liberal but very women-friendly making India a reliable choice for abortion. Additionally, it stands true not only for Indian expats but for all women alike.

Let’s learn more about your abortion in India vs abortion in UAE options.

Abortion UAE Unmarried or Married: What is different in the Abortion UAE law?

The UAE has strict abortion laws that prioritize the mother’s health and well-being. Here’s a breakdown of the legalities surrounding abortion in the UAE, with a specific focus on the differences between married and unmarried women:

Legality of Abortion:

General Rule:

Abortion is illegal in the UAE except under very specific circumstances. These exceptions include events when pregnancy termination is necessary in situations:

  • To save the mother’s life which is in danger. Also, there’s evidence that she may not survive with the ongoing pregnancy.
  • There is a strong medical indication of severe fetal abnormalities incompatible with life after birth.

Medical Approval Process:

Mandatory requirement for a legal abortion in the UAE is that a licensed medical board must approve the procedure based on documented evidence supporting the exceptions mentioned above.

Abortion UAE Married vs. Abortion UAE Unmarried Women:

The abortion law in UAE applies equally to married and unmarried women in acceptable circumstances. However, the law has the right to punish an unmarried woman for getting pregnant without marriage. Just in the above-mentioned exceptions, she may not be liable for punishment for an abortion.


Regardless of marital status, the woman’s informed consent is mandatory for any abortion procedure. However, for married women, spousal consent was mandatory until recently. A recent advancement in the law allows for abortions in aforementioned circumstances in emergencies without the husband’s consent. But, yes, a marriage certificate is essential to get a maternity file opened in the UAE whether it’s for pregnancy through full-term or for pregnancy termination.

Punishment for Illegal Abortion UAE:

  • Criminal Charges: Both the woman undergoing the abortion and the person performing it can face criminal charges if the procedure is deemed illegal.
  • Punishments: Penalties for illegal abortion UAE include imprisonment and fines. Expats may also face deportation if found guilty of seeking an abortion.

But it is essential to remember that the punishment one may face is more than just a legal fine or imprisonment. It can hurt one’s personal, professional, social and many other aspects of life.

Risks with an illegal abortion UAE Unmarried or Married

Personal loss after an illegal abortion UAE Unmarried or Married:

Physical Risks:

Unsafe abortion procedures can lead to serious health complications, even death. There are some risks of abortion pills briefed in the below image. And for details, you can also visit the link: Associated risks with abortion pills, some Myths and Facts

Abortion pills in UAE, abortion pills in Dubai, unmarried abortion UAE

From heavy bleeding to infections, internal injuries, loss of consciousness to ectopic pregnancy rupture leading to loss of fertility and even life can happen if you take abortion pills in UAE without medical supervision. Do not get fooled or scammed by online messages and chat forums like, “abortion pills for sale in UAE” that take advantage of vulnerable women during trying times of unwanted pregnancies, especially abortion in the UAE.

You do have safe, legal as well as confidential abortion open for you. Stay tuned to find out the best way out of this messy situation. We are here to guide you and support you. In case of any query, you can comment to us or write to us on the helpline number. For email communication, you can please sign up for the form below. It will also give you access to a free downloadable comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts with an abortion checklist.



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Emotional Trauma:

The experience of an illegal abortion can be emotionally stressful and lead to anxiety, depression and feelings of guilt. And these feelings may make it harder for a woman to heal. Emotional trauma has consequences that are not visible to most people but only to the ones who are going through a stressful state. Therefore, it becomes challenging to help such a woman come out of her emotional trauma.

Professional loss with an unsafe abortion UAE unmarried or abortion UAE married:

Depending on the woman’s profession and the severity of the charges, she might face termination of employment. Although it is not mandatory, most companies do terminate women with criminal charges or for violating country rules, etc. Otherwise also, due to huge influence and pressure from society, even if the professionals are doing good at their workplace, they may face termination.

In addition, a criminal record can make it difficult to secure future employment. If blacklisted, one may not be able to find a job in the UAE after criminal charges. This can further aggravate the emotional trauma because most expats travel to places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and others only for good professional opportunities. Good career prospects drive most expatriates towards exploring the UAE.

However, facing unwanted pregnancies and then attempting illegal abortion attempts can put a shutdown to their dreams and future prospects.

Social Loss after an illegal abortion UAE Unmarried or Married:

Social Stigma:

Abortion carries a social stigma not only in the UAE but across the globe. A woman found guilty of seeking an illegal abortion may face judgment and isolation from her community. Family wrath, isolation and social judgment not only ruin one’s personal life but have a great impact on her mental and emotional well-being. Some harsh comments and trolls may never vanish from her mind and result in severe consequences, like depression and anxiety.

Facing desertion at all fronts can even invoke negative feelings that can compel her to take further negative actions, like suicide.

Relationship Strain:

The experience can cause tension and conflict within relationships with partners or family and friends. This can again result in social isolation further worsening what she is already undergoing. In times of support, facing isolation and tension can do further damage than what one may expect.

Other Areas:

  • Travel Restrictions: A criminal record may restrict travel to certain countries. Not only travel, but it can also impact visa permission both for study and work.
  • Immigration Issues: For non-citizens, a criminal record could complicate residency applications or renewals.

These are potential consequences, and the severity can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, they highlight the importance of seeking legal and safe options for abortion UAE unmarried as well as married women. Yes, if you are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy, you do have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India option open for you. Let’s explore more.

Unwanted Pregnancy UAE, Khor Fakkan: Available Options to Consider:

See, UAE strictly does not have its door open for you carrying an unwanted pregnancy and seeking a termination by choice. Although the world is fighting over my body, my choices, restrictions do exist in countries, communities and at other levels. However, unwanted pregnancy does not come when you invite it. It is an uninvited guest and that’s why it’s an unwanted one.

There can surely be other reasons for any woman seeking an abortion in the UAE or anywhere in the world. It can be due to contraceptive failure. Pregnancy may become unwanted on detection of certain disorders like Autism, Down’s syndrome and other developmental disorders. Couples often think about what life would be like for a child who may not be able to be self-dependent or will be dependent on basic support from someone else all their life. They may seek an abortion in such events.

Even immoral acts like rape and incest can result in unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, there can be complications where the mother’s physical or mental well-being may be impacted by the pregnancy. All these reasons are valid enough for an abortion in India. Sadly, these reasons are not enough for an abortion in the UAE or in nearby countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and many others.

Besides offering a legal abortion, India offers additional advantages which may make you think of it as a better option than an unsafe abortion UAE unmarried attempt. So, if you were thinking of buying abortion pills in UAE, please wait until you have known your safe option. Then, knowing both, you can decide which one is better for your health and life.

Marital Status:

Abortion in UAE unmarried is illegal and criminal. Similarly, abortion in UAE is also illegal with a few exceptions. On the flip side, abortion in India is legal regardless of a woman’s marital status. So, any woman can obtain a legal abortion in India without the law wanting her to be married unmarried or a single woman. Any woman means any woman even one seeking an abortion UAE unmarried can obtain it in India.

Consent for abortion:

Another big relief and advantage is that if you are seeking an abortion in India, you do not need anyone else’s consent for it. You can obtain it with your consent only, without needing your partner or parents to approve of it if you are above 18 years old. What a sigh of relief! Isn’t it?

Gestation age:

What do you think, up to when can you get an abortion in India? Well, you have 20 weeks into pregnancy with no personal queries asked, with no restrictions on your being an Indian or not or an expat. You can easily obtain a legal abortion in India for up to 20 weeks for contraceptive failure.

As per abortion law in UAE, in permissible circumstances of fetal deformities, one can obtain an abortion only up to the first 120 days into the pregnancy. Additionally, the medical board has to approve it before you can obtain it. On the contrary, you can obtain a legal abortion in India for up to 20 weeks even in casual cases.

Legally, you now know that India is a better option than buying abortion pills in the UAE. Let’s explore more.

Where in India can you obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

Although, abortion in India is legal throughout the country, is it worth travelling to a distant country and then waiting for days and weeks to get an abortion? No, not at all. So, it is better to find a hospital in a city very well-connected with regular flights from Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other cities of the UAE.

Metro city:

All the metropolitan cities in India have international airports with very good connectivity with the UAE. But do all the cities provide equivalent abortion care options? No, you cannot expect similar care at all the centres, even in UAE or anywhere. So, it is better to opt for internationally recognized and registered abortion clinics that can offer personalized support. Additionally, visiting such a clinic for abortion would reduce the hassle of multiple appointments, diagnosis, procedure and post-abortion support with a consolidated service.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), located in the Indian metropolitan city, Bengaluru is an abortion clinic specially catering to the abortion care needs of international patients. You can contact the hospital on the helpline number. For details about the hospital’s Gentle Care abortion services, stay with us.

Special abortion care services:

AHB specializes in abortion care rather than the multiple services that any hospital can offer. This has been kept so considering that patients needing abortion care have special emotional needs.

Interacting or even being in a waiting area with other patients, some of whom may be coming for prenatal support, some for deliveries and other indications may not offer a welcoming environment. Also, judgment from patients seeking completely opposite from an abortion UAE unmarried patient can make her uncomfortable. Not only this, even doctors and supporting staff will have to align their perspectives for each patient differently.

So, AHB offers only abortion services and that too in complete privacy. No waiting area, no fellow patients, no judgment, only support.

Travelling to Bangalore from Khor Fakkan:

When you schedule an abortion appointment, you can plan your flight accordingly. The nearest airport to Khor Fakkan is Fujairah which is accessible in nearly 30 minutes. So, you can reach the airport by taxi or even a bus. Just remember, 20 weeks into gestation for a legal abortion in India and hence, do not delay. You can also speak to the hospital coordinator to adjust your appointment as per your travel plans.

If you plan to obtain a Gentle Care abortion at AHB, it’s a single-appointment procedure. So, you can plan a short trip, not more than 2 or 3 days. Or if you want to spend some memorable time and a vacation also in India, you can stay in a homestay for a day or two and then, enjoy the vacation.

Bangalore also offers plenty of good hotel options both near the hospital as well as the airport. So, besides regular flight options, you also have good staying options. Additionally, the city is very well-connected for local commute via Uber available in just a few clicks. So, you may not have any hassle while you travel to India for an abortion from Khor Fakkan or any other place in the UAE.

When you reach Bangalore airport, you can either visit the hospital directly if your appointment is on the same day. You can also choose to get some rest in your booked homestay or hotel, whichever is comfortable for you. Then, at your scheduled appointment time, just get an Uber and reach the hospital.

What to expect when you reach the best abortion hospital in Bangalore?

No waiting period:

Since you shall be arriving with a prior appointment, you can expect to be warmly received. Without wasting your time in any waiting, you will soon see the doctor. There, you will get a pre-abortion consultation in complete privacy.

Pre-abortion Consultation:

Pre-abortion consultation is very important as it ensures a successful procedure after informed consent. Treatment outcomes are very much dependent on the patient’s pre-abortion preparation, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the best time when you can ask any concerns you may have regarding the safety of the procedure, how your medical records be kept confidential, how the abortion procedure will likely be performed and what to expect during the procedure.

Just like you can get your answers, it is also the best time for your abortion doctor to completely know about your medical specifics. So, please let your doctor know of any medicines you have been taking. Your abortion doctor should also be aware of any allergies you may have.

You can expect this conversation to be friendly and important for your safety. No judgment, but support. No personal queries, but only medically relevant details asked.

To prescribe the best abortion method tailored to your needs, the doctor may ask you to undergo an ultrasound and some routine tests, according to your case-specific, if you have not got them so far for this pregnancy.

Once the reports are available, which you can expect in a few minutes, the doctor shall go through them and prescribe you the best abortion method. Treatment outcomes depend on how you are feeling about the procedure before you experience it. A calm and relaxed mind can choose wisely and consider the best option.

The Gentle Care Abortion Procedure:

Gentle Care abortion procedure is available at AHB to a single patient at a time. There are two methods under the umbrella, Gentle Care suction abortion for terminating pregnancies up to 12 weeks and Gentle Care induced abortion for pregnancies between 12-20 weeks.

So, if you are 4-12 weeks pregnant, you can get a short in-clinic abortion procedure. Gentle Care suction abortion is a short, quick, painless procedure lasting only a few minutes. The patient usually gets comfortable in a few minutes after the procedure. She can rest in the presence of a companion in a private room.

In the case of a Gentle Care induced abortion, the timeframe may be more depending on the pregnancy length and the patient’s medical condition. Moreover, induced abortion experience varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. So, one may expel the fetus in just 2-3 hours while some other women may take longer to expel.

After fetal expulsion, Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) under mild sedation ensures a complete and successful abortion in a single attempt. All this while, the patient can rest in her private room with a companion. While a companion is always welcome, nurses and support staff are also available for continuous monitoring and support you may need during this time.

The hospital’s infrastructure and furnishings are completely aligned for the patient’s comfort during her stay at the hospital. As you recover, you can order some healthy eateries or something you may be craving, easily available via food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

Post-abortion consultation:

When you feel comfortable and the doctor is also sure of your being comfortable, you can take discharge. The doctor for abortion shall guide you regarding post-abortion recovery and health tips along with the Dos and Don’ts. You can also expect to get a post-abortion prescription with details of any medicines you may need to take for a few days to prevent infections and help you recover early.

Unwanted Pregnancy in UAE

You can also take guidance on contraception options to avoid future unintended pregnancies. After a post-abortion consultation, you can get discharged on the same day. The best thing is that you can be sure of a successful procedure before you leave the hospital. And you may also not need a post-abortion follow-up. However, the abortion doctor shall be available on call to address any concerns you may have after the abortion.

Your safety and your health depend on your choices. So, remember to think wise and make wise choices.

Schedule an early abortion in India appointment.

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