Are abortion illegal in Dubai: What you should know?

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Well, if you are seeking a straightforward answer to the question, “Are abortion illegal in Dubai?”, the answer is ‘Yes’. Abortion in Dubai follows the rules and regulations of the UAE. Women with positive pregnancy tests need to carry the same through full-term unless there is a risk to the mother’s life or the tests detect fetus having severe anomalies and would not survive.

However, this also comes with many complexities. For instance, an unmarried woman facing an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai can be deported if an expat. Or her employer may terminate her. She may also have to face legal consequences of being in a physical relationship without marriage. Besides these, the societal stigma is too big in countries like the UAE where abortion is not just ‘not allowed’ but also a woman seeking one is taken to be committing a serious crime.

But, life doesn’t always bring in expected things. And there are solutions if you are willing to look forward and find them. Also remember one thing, solutions also come in pairs, just like opting out of an unwanted pregnancy can have two solutions. The first and the easier side is buying abortion pills in Dubai. The second, a more difficult choice, finding a safe alternative for a safe abortion, such as travelling to a different country where abortion is legal for foreigners.

Although the first choice may seem easy to come, it is an unsafe choice and can put you in grave consequences even beyond your imagination. Let’s have a look at what each choice can mean for you.

Buying abortion pills in Dubai: Your first choice: An unsafe abortion

Let’s see what can they lead to.

Probability of a successful abortion in Dubai:

See, you may think of buying abortion pills in Dubai only to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. So, what you are seeking is a complete or successful abortion. However, abortion pills in Dubai may not bring about a successful abortion for multiple reasons.

If you buy the wrong abortion pills in Dubai:

The first reason for an unsuccessful abortion with abortion pills in Dubai is that you will buy it from an illegal supplier. So, you may not know if the pills you have bought are authentic and safe or if they are fake, adulterated or expired pills being sold under the name of magic pills. They seem the easiest option to women stuck with unwanted pregnancies in a country where abortion is illegal. But, also the unsafe one.

If you happen to buy the wrong pills, you may not get a successful abortion. Do you know, many illegal suppliers used to sell cheap ulcer medication as abortion pills? And several rounds of medicines had to be taken to induce miscarriage. But, sadly, many women ended up with botched-up abortions with such pills known to induce abortion. They were not approved abortion medicines. Do you think, you should rely on such pills for your abortion in Dubai?



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If you buy safe abortion pills in Dubai:

Then, there is one more probability that you somehow happen to get the right set of abortion pills. But still, you may or may not get a successful abortion. Wondering “why?”

Well, even the approved medicines for abortion, Mifepristone and Misoprostol do not have 100% efficacy. So, the probability of getting a safe abortion even after using the right abortion pills is not guaranteed. Moreover, when you are using pills for a Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion, you are not aware of the things like:

  • The right dose and mode of administration of abortion pills. Not every woman needs a standard dose. Many women may require dose adjustment. And many others may need vaginal mode of administration rather than the traditional oral route.
  • Whether or not your pregnancy is eligible for termination using abortion pills in Dubai or not. For instance, ectopic pregnancies are not eligible for termination with abortion pills. Rather, it is an emergency and can also lead to a fatal outcome.
  • The gap between the two medicines, meaning, the best time to take the pills.
  • If you are allergic to any medicine.
  • In case you are suffering from any medical condition and taking any medicines, there are chances of interactions between medicines. Some medicines can alter the efficacy of abortion pills. And some others may be contraindicated with them.

You may not be aware of all these factors and hence, the probability of a successful abortion even with the right abortion pills in Dubai tapers down. So, should you rely on self-medication for a DIY abortion in Dubai?

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Abortion pills in Abu Dhabi

What if not a complete abortion with abortion pills in Dubai?

Now, if you are wondering if abortion is not complete with abortion pills, what would happen? And what’s the solution? So, if the abortion is not successful, it can be a completely failed abortion or a case of an incomplete abortion. Failed abortion means the fetus survives and abortion didn’t take place at all.

An incomplete abortion means that the fetus may not survive and may or may not have passed out. But there are products of gestation that remain in the womb. And these remnants can cause huge trouble.

In both situations, a woman may experience some sort of bleeding. It may present with small and large blood clots also. But until the bleeding stops altogether, one may be suffering from an incomplete abortion. Also, how will you confirm that the abortion was complete without an ultrasound? And in a country where abortion is illegal, you may not be able to turn to a hospital asking for an ultrasound to check for the abortion’s success.

And if the hospital administration senses an abortion attempt, a whole bunch of problems may be triggered. Medical, legal, social, professional, personal and whatnot?

Now, if you think, buying and popping in another set of abortion pills in Dubai will rescue you. Then, you are entirely wrong. An unsuccessful or incomplete abortion may not complete with another set of abortion pills. After having used abortion pills once, the uterine contractions may have tried to expel the pregnancy tissues. What has been left out must only be the strongly adhering tissue for which manual removal may be necessary using suction abortion or Dilatation & Curettage (D&C).

So, is it worth buying or taking abortion pills in Dubai without consulting a healthcare provider?

Probability of medical concerns:

The probability of incomplete abortion is only one of many health complications an unsafe abortion can expose you to. In the case of ectopic pregnancies, the growing pregnancy can rupture. Only immediate surgery may be able to save the life of such a patient. Then, even with the saved life, she may have to part ways with her future fertility.

Infections with unsafe abortions may present with or without chills, fever and other symptoms. Untreated infections can result in sepsis which is again a life-threatening situation.

Another probability with unsafe abortions is very heavy bleeding or hemorrhage, in events patients try to insert unsterile tools or other means to evacuate pregnancy tissue manually.

Scarring or infections from unsafe abortions can also cause difficulty getting pregnant in the future. So, you may have to face fertility issues with an unsafe abortion in Dubai attempt.

Probability of legal consequences:

Now, since abortion in the UAE is highly restricted, there is always a possibility of being caught. And if you happen to be one such person, remember, legal consequences can be grave. You may face deportation. The law might levy high penalties and charges on you for which you may have to pay huge fines. Or as per the law, the legal authorities can also imprison you for attempting an abortion.

Abortion in the eyes of the UAE abortion law is illegal and a criminal offence. Anyone who happens to terminate a pregnancy wilfully is liable for a legal action. Also, anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion is a criminal in the eyes of the law. So, he/she may also have to face severe legal consequences.

Probability of social consequences:

Attempting an illegal abortion in Dubai can trigger a cascade of negative social consequences. Here’s why it’s important to know and understand the risks:

  • Social Outcast: Unmarried women who seek abortion may face social stigma and judgment. Married women also face stigma in such events, mostly for their choices.
  • Relationship Strain: The decision and its aftermath can strain relationships with family and partners.
  • Mental Health Toll: The stress of secrecy, fear of prosecution, and potential complications can lead to severe emotional distress.

Remember, these consequences can have a lasting impact on a woman’s life.

Personal Consequences: A Physical and Emotional Ordeal with an Unsafe Abortion in Dubai:

An illegal abortion in Dubai can have serious personal consequences for a woman’s health and well-being:

  • Unsafe Procedures: Backstreet abortions often lack proper hygiene and medical expertise, increasing the risk of infections, hemorrhaging, and even death as discussed in medical consequences.
  • Psychological Trauma: The physical ordeal and emotional distress of an illegal abortion can lead to lasting trauma and mental health struggles.
hygiene AHB

Professional Consequences: Jeopardizing Your Future

  • Arrest and Imprisonment: A conviction for illegal abortion can result in jail time, impacting your career prospects.
  • Loss of Employment: Depending on your profession, an arrest or legal case could lead to job loss or damage your reputation.
  • Travel Restrictions: A criminal record can restrict your ability to travel freely in the future.
  • Limited Educational Opportunities: In some cases, a conviction might hinder your chances of pursuing higher education.

These consequences highlight the importance of exploring safe and legal alternatives.

Seeking a Safe and Legal Abortion: Your Second choice, a safe choice:

So, if abortion pills are not the right choice for you, what is the safe way to opt out of an unwanted pregnancy? Well, abortion in the UAE is illegal. So, by any means, you can give up the idea of abortion in Dubai. However, the safe alternative is not so far away. You can plan a short medical trip to a country that grants you abortion as a right. And what country would that be?

There are a few countries that provide abortion rights to women. However, you may need to figure out if the country of your choice grants the same abortion rights to you as a foreigner or an expat as it does to its citizens.

You already may be feeling overwhelmed with an unwanted pregnancy and the physical, mental and emotional toll coming with it. So, here is the straight answer for you. You can travel to India for a safe, legal as well as a confidential abortion. There are several reasons behind opting for this choice. Let’s have a look at them.

Why choose India for abortion?

Well, the biggest reason and the advantage for you to consider travelling to India from Dubai for an abortion is that it’s legal here. And it’s legal for several circumstances, as liberal as contraceptive failure.

Now, if you are wondering if abortion is illegal in India for foreign women, then please relax. Abortion rights are available to all women in India and similarly, it’s available to women coming to India for abortion from other countries. India is the choicest abortion destination not only for women coming from the UAE but also for other Gulf countries. So, we regularly welcome patients from Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

Additionally, women from Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Malaysia, Mauritius and Maldives also consider India as the best abortion choice.

Another reason for these women including foreign nationals, NRIs, expatriates and OCI card holders to consider safe abortion services in India is the relaxed gestation period of up to 20 weeks. So, one can easily make the travel arrangements and other necessary scheduling within a proper timeframe.

abortion in Dubai, abortion pills in Dubai, cost of abortion in Dubai

Then, the added advantage for an abortion in India is that here abortion is legal for all women without discrimination based on their marital status. Unmarried women abortion in Dubai is not only just restricted but also the woman has to pay the cost of abortion in several terms. She is seen as a criminal by the law and there are other personal, professional and social setbacks to face.

Another advantage is the consent for abortion. In India, it’s only the woman’s consent which is essential for abortion. So, you can access abortion in India without a spouse’s or parent’s consent.

Hence, there are several reasons for considering India as an open option for abortion.

How to Choose the Best Abortion Hospital in India?

Clearly, if you are travelling to a distant land for abortion care, you may want a quick resolution to your problems. So, you may not want to get stuck in the cycle of multiple appointments or have the anxiety of the procedure’s success worrying you.

There are many things that you can consider while selecting your hospital for abortion in India. Some of them in brief are:

  • Registered abortion facility with verified accreditations.
  • Ease of scheduling appointments.
  • Flight and local connecting route within the city.
  • Accommodation near the hospital.
  • Facilities for ease of stay within the city like food preferences, etc.
  • Availability of abortion methods.
  • If single-appointment abortion is possible.
  • Cost of abortion in India
  • Advanced medical infrastructure of the abortion clinic.
  • Minimum waiting period
  • Private consultation, abortion and recovery rooms
  • Holistic abortion support from pre-abortion consultation lasting through post-abortion recovery.

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Gentle Care abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

AHB is a premier abortion clinic specializing in providing Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). The hospital is located in Bangalore, India, a city very well-connected with Dubai through an international airport. Also, several flights from Dubai land in Bangalore each day and similarly take off with many passengers coming to Bangalore only for medical tourism. Even local commute within the city is easy with multiple good facility cabs like Uber rides available with just a few clicks.

The hospital caters to only abortion patients. So, the environment of the hospital is very friendly, caring, compassionate and supportive towards all patients. It’s a judgment-free and stigma-free space where all the doctors, nurses and support staff are highly qualified, trained and experienced in their respective profiles.

The best part is the hospital’s guarantee of a successful abortion on the same appointment. So, there is no hassle of multiple appointments, running around here and there for varied services or anxiety about the procedure’s success.

Abortion Methods at AHB:

AHB’s Gentle Care abortion services are available for terminating pregnancies most naturally and pleasantly to give the patient a positive medical experience. Gentle Care suction abortion is a non-invasive method available for terminating pregnancies less than 12 weeks. Gentle Care induced abortion is the available method for pregnancies between 12-20 weeks.

Both abortion methods are safe and performed by doctors with more than three decades of experience. So, you can trust their experienced hands.

Additionally, your privacy is a priority at AHB which is evident from facilities like no common waiting area, private consultation, abortion and recovery rooms. Also, to maintain this strictly, the hospital only attends to a maximum of 2 patients in a day. Yes, this can be a reason for you to make an early appointment as most of the slots are pre-booked.

Some brief information on the Gentle Care procedures has been summarized below.

Abortion in India, Bangalore

For more information, you can reach out to the hospital helpdesk.

Schedule an abortion in India appointment.

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