Unwanted pregnancy abortion in Al Ain, UAE: Where to have?

A warm hello to the readers from the fourth-largest city of the UAE, Al Ain.

This garden city of the Arab nation, the oasis town has plenty to offer both in tourism and trade. An oasis offers relaxation to the inhabitants of the across desert regions.

But what can be an oasis for girls and women in Al Ain seeking abortions for unwanted pregnancies? Or for that matter, anywhere else in the neighboring Abu Dhabi or Oman or anywhere in the UAE?

This post intends to help all married women and unmarried girls living in Al Ain discover their oasis. Yes, although abortion in UAE is illegal. However, you do have safe, legal and confidential options to help you get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.

If you too are seeking one or are thinking of buying abortion pills in Al Ain illegally, please read this post before you jump in.

Discovering an unwanted pregnancy in Al Ain, UAE:

Sitting on the toilet seat and praying for a single pink line on the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit. Has it ever happened to you? But all the hope turns into despair as these two dark lines appear when you do not want to be pregnant.

In countries where abortions are legal, women may have a light of hope even with an unwanted pregnancy. But speaking of Al Ain or Sharjah or Abu Dhabi or Fujairah or any other city of the UAE or a country like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, unwanted pregnancies are no less than nightmares.

In all these countries just like the UAE, abortions are illegal or are restricted. And when a woman or a girl discovers that she is carrying an unplanned pregnancy in UAE, she does not have a legal abortion option.

Most women turn to online forums and chats to avail abortion pills in UAE illegally. They are unaware of the fact that abortion pills they may be buying can put their health and life at risk. The news of an unwanted pregnancy is such a burden, that they cannot settle for anything less than an abortion.

And they are tempted to buy anything that can help them with an abortion. But does it really help?

The fact is that this only puts women into additional trouble. The news of an unwanted pregnancy hits unmarried girls and expatriate women even harder. They are left with only two choices: either to get married quickly or go back to their country and seek an abortion.

Or they will have to face a punishment not only for seeking an abortion but also for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Unwanted pregnancy: What are your options?

Unwanted pregnancy options may vary from woman to woman. A very few women, mostly married may consider carrying their pregnancies ahead. But what if their families are complete? Or the pregnancy has resulted from an extramarital sexual relationship?

In those cases, the woman may not want to take the pregnancy ahead. She may choose to go ahead with the pregnancy and give the child for adoption. But is it so easy to find suitable parents for your child? No…

What about unmarried girl options? Can she want to take the pregnancy ahead and raise the child as a single mother? Maybe no! A child may need both parents. So, should she marry the father of the unborn child and then go ahead with the pregnancy?

Yes, that can be quite a choice. But the unmarried couple may not be ready for marriage in the near future. Or the girl may have discovered her pregnancy after a breakup. What if the boyfriend left the girl on learning about her pregnancy just to stay aloof from a messy situation?

There are many similar cases and more. And we understand why you may not settle for anything lesser than an abortion. But abortion in Al Ain or anywhere near in the UAE, you cannot even think of that. There is no legal way out of your unwanted pregnancy in the UAE.

Many women either opt for unsafe abortion methods by buying illegal abortion pills or manual abortions. The ones who fail often give birth only to leave the children abandoned.

(Reference: https://gulfnews.com/uae/illegal-abortions-a-fatal-choice-1.834605)

Are you also thinking the same?

But if you too are thinking of something like that, please give up such a negative idea and thoughts unless you have considered your safe abortion options. And we are here to tell you your safe, legal as well as confidential way to opt out of your unwanted pregnancy.

It can be as easy and comfortable if you think of the positive side. Illegal and unsafe abortions on the other hand are not only negative but can put you in further complications. They can be traumatizing not only physically and economically, but also emotionally and psychologically.

Keep reading ahead to know your best abortion option in UAE.

Why can you not have a legal abortion in UAE?

Abortion in UAE is illegal with two exceptions: to save the woman’s life or severe fetal anomalies have been detected.

Abortion rules vary from country to country. Some countries have liberal abortion rules while some have restricted. And in UAE, abortion rules are restricted.

Even if your life is in danger and you need an abortion, you need to be married for legal abortion in UAE. And your husband or guardian’s written consent will be required. The same is true even in fetal deformity cases. However, to abort a fetus with deformities, abortion can be done only for up to 120-days.

The further legal restriction is that not all fetal anomalies are considered valid for an abortion.

And in case to protect the life of the woman, the same cannot be decided by any doctor in any hospital. It has to be decided by a panel of doctors in the state hospital. If they find it evidenced that abortion is essential to save the life of the married woman, only then an abortion be performed.

If you talk of being unmarried and abortion in UAE, you will not only be denied abortion but you will also be charged as a criminal. Getting pregnant outside marriage is illegal and punishable in UAE.

Over years, the laws have not changed except for that an unmarried expatriate if pregnant is not deported anymore. Earlier, unwed pregnant expatriates were punished and deported back to their native countries.

Of all things, the fact is that you do not have any legal option for safe abortion in UAE. But you can travel to a country with liberal abortion rules, have a safe abortion and return to UAE.

Abortion pills in Al Ain, UAE: Are you trying to buy them?

If you too have recently discovered that you are pregnant and do not wish to continue with the same, abortion is always an open option. Safe abortion is only far from figuring out where and how to obtain it.

Well, many of you may be thinking of buying abortion pills in Al Ain as many women have done in past. But the question that stands is: Is it a safe abortion choice?

And the answer is ‘NO’. Multiple reasons make self-medication with abortion pills in UAE an unsafe abortion choice. If you too are planning to buy abortion pills, please give up this idea for the safety of your health and life.

And if you want a healthy discussion and the genuine reasons for not buying abortion tablets for sale in Al Ain, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE, here you go!

Let us find out why you should not buy abortion pills without consultation with a doctor.


Abortion is illegal in UAE. And buying abortion tablets through online sources or from the black market is also an illegal act. It can land you in jail. And not only you, but also the provider of illegal abortion pills.

Irresponsible behavior:

If you care for your health and your life, buying abortion pills without a doctor’s prescription is an irresponsible action. Your health is your responsibility and abortion pills can bring in such serious complications, that may be irreversible.

Remember, lost health does not have an easy or quick-fix method to restore. Some complications with abortion pills can never be changed to normal. In some cases, unsafe abortions can be fatal.

Bringing to your notice, the complications or the situations you may be put into at the hands of abortion pills.

Risk of incomplete abortion:

Now, you may wonder what is an incomplete abortion or how can an abortion be incomplete? So, let’s look it like this: An abortion is not only the removal of the embryo, but all gestation products have to be removed. When a woman conceives, her body starts preparing for sustaining the pregnancy.

The uterine lining starts thickening. There is an amniotic sac that cushions the embryo. And the hormonal changes occur within the body. The hormone Progesterone starts secreting in large amounts to help the embryo in growth and development.

Now, an abortion means the removal of all these products and bringing back the hormone levels to normal. Embryo most likely gets removed with abortion pills. However, some placental tissue or uterine thickening does not shed off completely in case of incomplete abortion.

In such cases, the body keeps giving the false message of pregnancy and the woman may feel pregnant-like. She may even keep bleeding for up to weeks. Heavy bleeding accompanied by pain may keep her in discomfort until surgery is done to complete the abortion.

And do you know, incomplete abortions are the most common complications with abortion pills? And not only in UAE but throughout the world. Women who self-administer abortion pills are not aware of the exact dose they may need. The majority of women need dose adjustment for abortion pills.  

They also do not know the best method of administration which may vary from woman to woman.

Also, she may not know whether abortion pills are the best method for her pregnancy termination. If women take abortion pills in late-stage pregnancies, abortion may either not take place or lead to fetal deformities. Beyond a period of 8 weeks, abortion pills mostly end up in incomplete abortions.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

Again, you may not be knowing what an ectopic pregnancy is. Now, when a woman conceives, the fertilized egg travels down her fallopian tube to reach the uterus. It gets implanted here in the uterine cavity and starts developing. Such a pregnancy is normal and called an intrauterine pregnancy.

What if the fertilized egg does not reach the uterus? What if it remains in the tube itself? Or if it goes somewhere else rather than the womb? If not uterus, then where?

In some cases, the fallopian tube may get distorted or is narrow and the fertilized egg may remain there. These are called tubal pregnancies or ectopic pregnancies. Other cases of ectopic pregnancies may be where the embryo gets dislocated to the abdominal cavity. Or it can even reach the cervix region.

Ectopic pregnancies may be fatal if they are not detected and treated early. Now if you take abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, then the abortion will not take place. This is because abortion pills are designed to work only for intrauterine pregnancies.

The embryo may still keep growing. And when it will find the place less, it may rupture leading to internal injury, bleeding or hemorrhage. If it happens to be the fallopian tube, immediate medical attention may be needed. The ruptured pregnancy, the tube and the attached ovary will need to be removed. So, at least partial fertility may be impacted and the woman may face difficulties in future pregnancies.

In events where immediate medical attention is not given to the patient, ectopic pregnancy may even be fatal.

Indeed, abortion pills are not a quick fix but a fatal choice.

So, it is clear that you should not buy abortion tablets for sale in Al Ain, UAE. Then, what? How to have a safe abortion?

Coming to your safe abortion options.

Travelling to Bangalore, India for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

American Hospital Bangalore

Abortion pills in Al Ain

Why should you travel to India for a legal abortion?

Abortion in India is legal. And this very thing makes it the country of choice for an abortion. Besides, abortion in India is legal for any woman regardless of her citizenship. So, if you are a non-resident Indian, you can visit India for an abortion. If you are a Filipino ex-pat living in UAE, you can obtain an abortion in India. Even if you are a citizen of the UAE or an expatriate of any other country, you can obtain a legal abortion in India.

In fact, many Malayali women living in the Middle East countries often travel to Bangalore, India for a short abortion trip.

What else does the Indian abortion law have to offer that makes India the best abortion destination?

The legal status of abortion in India for unmarried girls:

Abortion in India is legal for all women whether married or unmarried. You do not need to be married for abortion in India. You can avail it as a single woman or an unmarried girl and that too on your consent only.

In UAE, the husband or guardian’s consent is required. You cannot even get a maternity file opened and have an ultrasound for the exact length and location of pregnancy if you are unmarried. Rather than abortion, you may be punished for a sexual relationship out of wedlock.

But in India, you can obtain a legal abortion only on your consent if you are an adult, i.e., if you are above 18 years of age.

Gestation age for abortion in India:

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks for normal cases and up to 24 weeks for special cases.

On what grounds can you obtain an abortion in India?

You can obtain a legal abortion in India if your pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure. Can you believe this? Yes, and you need not mention what contraceptive failed.

You can also obtain an abortion in India if your pregnancy has resulted from sexual assault. And you know what, you do not have to prove the immoral act like many other countries. In many countries, abortions for rape cases are allowed but only when the sexual assault is proved in the legal court. This compromises the girl or the woman’s privacy and makes a private thing public.

But this is not so in India. You can easily obtain a legal abortion.

In case there is a threat to the woman’s life or physical and/or mental health, an abortion in India is allowed.

Even in case of fetal deformities, a woman can obtain a legal abortion in India.

So, now you know, India may be your best abortion destination.

Travelling to Bangalore for a safe and confidential abortion:

India is a big country and the legal status is the same across the nation. But can you just travel to India, visit any hospital and get an abortion?

You may do so but that may involve a lot of hassle. And you may not know how to plan, where to stay, where to have the best abortion care and similar sort of things. You may not know for how long you will need to plan the trip.

Moreover, abortion procedures and abortion care vary from hospital to hospital. Even the hospital staff treatment can be diverse. When you are making a move for an abortion to a different country, indeed you may want a single-day, single-appointment and a successful abortion.

Of course, for a vacation, you can think of a longer break, but for an abortion, you may need it to be a short trip.

The best abortion hospital in American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is located in Bangalore. It offers hassle-free same-day abortion services to women coming from different parts of the country and different countries.

The hospital offers a special package for foreign women so they can obtain happy-go-lucky abortion procedures. You can speak to a coordinator at the hospital. He/She will make all the travel arrangements, hotel stays and abortion appointment. VISA clearance and other things will all get sorted.

Abortion at AHB: What to expect?

When you arrive in Bangalore, you can check in to the pre-booked hotel. Get some rest and then you can come to the hospital via a cab at your appointment time.

At the hospital, you can experience a truly calming and relaxing atmosphere. There won’t be any waiting to see the doctor since you’ll have a pre-scheduled appointment.

You will meet your doctor in a pleasant one-to-one private meeting. The doctor will check your medical condition. You will be advised to undergo some routine blood examination and an ultrasound.

You should tell your doctor regarding any other co-existing medical condition you may be experiencing. If you are taking some medicines, please let the doctor know about them. Also, if you know your allergies, do share them with your doctor.

These will help the doctor prescribe you the best medicines and avoid the ones that may be contraindicated with your medical condition.

After your medical reports are ready, the doctor will analyze them to prescribe you the best abortion method.

AHB is equipped with the latest medical equipment and performs abortions with the latest techniques. It follows all the standards and guidelines for safe abortions as laid by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has the best abortion team with years of experience in handling abortion procedures. 

According to your pregnancy length and location, you will be advised of your abortion options. Your decision and your autonomy in decision-making will be respected.

The abortion methods at AHB:

Ectopic pregnancies are treated differently: either medically or surgically depending on the patient-specific parameters.

For intrauterine pregnancy termination, the three recommended methods of abortion are:

  1. The medical method of abortion up to 6-8 weeks
  2. Suction abortion up to 12 weeks.
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or surgical abortion up to 20 weeks.

Medical abortion:

Medical abortion is abortion with the help of abortion pills. This method involves bleeding for up to a week accompanied by pain. The abortion takes place most likely on the third day in the comfort of your hotel or hostel room and is therefore called bedroom abortion.

Besides, abortion pills are only 95%-97% effective. So, even if all the things are taken care of, there are chances of incomplete abortion. And you may need a second appointment to get the abortion completed after a week.

Suction abortion:

Since women travelling from UAE to Bangalore want to go with a successful procedure, they can opt for suction abortion if they are less than 12 weeks. The advantages of suction abortion over medical abortion are:

  • 100% efficient
  • The single-appointment procedure with same-day discharge
  • Painless procedure that takes no more than 10 minutes to get completed.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding
  • You can travel back to UAE the following day itself. No need to wait for checking about the abortion being completed.

Surgical abortion:

This is also a 100% efficient procedure. It is prescribed for terminating late-stage intrauterine pregnancies. At AHB, it is also a same-day, single-appointment and painless procedure. It takes nearly 30 minutes to complete.

You can rest in your hotel room by the night and fly back to UAE the following day or as per your travel plans.

Confidential abortion at AHB:

AHB offers private abortion facilities. Since you come by appointment, there is no fellow patient. The doctor and the hospital staff are professional, caring, compassionate, supporting and non-judgmental. Your privacy is completely maintained and you can expect professional treatment without any dust of stigma or prejudice.

All your personal and medical details will be kept confidential. No information can be leaked or disclosed to anyone besides yourself.

You will receive post-abortion recovery guidance and prescription at the time of discharge. In case of any query, you can reach out to the hospital’s helpline number anytime.

Since the hospital provides personalized abortion services, it takes in only a limited number of patients daily. You may not want to miss an early appointment since the delay will taper down your abortion options.

Book your abortion slot today.

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