Cost of abortion in Abu Dhabi: 3 myths decoded

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Abortion in Abu Dhabi: Do you have an option?

Myth 1: You can buy abortion pills for sale in Abu Dhabi for a minimal cost.

Myth 2: You can get a successful abortion in Abu Dhabi using illegal abortion tablets.

And the last one is:

Myth 3: Abortion in another country is costly.

Travelling to Bangalore for a safe, legal, confidential, painless and quick abortion:

Abortion in Abu Dhabi: Do you have an option?

Before you worry about the cost of having an abortion in Abu Dhabi, you must worry about its legality. And that’s because abortion in Abu Dhabi, UAE is illegal. It is illegal throughout the UAE and not just in Abu Dhabi. So, if you were thinking about travelling to nearby Dubai or Fujairah or Al Ain or Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah, it’s a bit of bad luck.

But this post is not to scare you about the consequences of having an abortion in Abu Dhabi. Rather this is to help you know your safe, legal, confidential and painless way out of an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, that’s possible. Absolutely! But not in Abu Dhabi. You will have to travel to Bangalore, India for a Gentle Care abortion. We don’t ask you to take our words for it. You can hear what their past patients have to say about their abortion experiences.

Let’s come to the myths you may fall into without a reliable source of information.

Myth 1: You can buy abortion pills for sale in Abu Dhabi for a minimal cost.

It’s pretty easy to think to hit on a search for abortion pills online and get them easily. Well, indeed, you can hear from several suppliers and find their private numbers as well. But do you think the cost that you are going to pay them for abortion pills is really worth it?

Any amount unless wisely spent is money wasted. And there are other consequences as well that no amount can ever repair. At American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), we always believe in investing your amount into something good. Since we are speaking of health, the best investment you can make is in your health.

You may spend your morning hours exercising. Or you may be doing some yoga practices or some other forms of exercise to keep yourself physically fit. That’s a good investment of time in your health. But an unwanted pregnancy can come to any woman, married or unmarried, working or homemaker, anyone. But since abortions in your country are restricted, you may think of the illegal purchase of abortion pills. And maybe ready to pay any monetary cost for the same. But the question is, is it worth it? Does the cost of abortion you pay to an illegal supplier assure you of a successful abortion? What will be the consequences of an unsuccessful abortion? Have you ever thought of them?

If you do not know them, then probably you believe the myth that you can buy abortion pills for sale at a minimal cost. While the truth is far from this. Of course, you can risk your health and your life by doing so. But, the question is should you be doing that? Or is there any other way out of an unwanted pregnancy?

Let’s see it from both sides to get a clearer picture.

Why should you buy abortion tablets online?

So, your answers may be like:


You have just discovered that you’re pregnant and you are unmarried. This makes a probable sense that you may not be ready for motherhood yet. And the further complicating scenario is that you are living in Abu Dhabi where abortion is illegal. And not just for abortion, you are also liable to legal punishment for engaging in a premarital relationship.

So, you may have to face deportation, imprisonment and also rejection for a legal abortion. So, what to do? You may think of buying abortion pills. But we would not suggest that. And it is because you can still have a legal abortion in India. Not only legal, but you can also save your long-term health and life with a safe abortion.


You are married but you already have a complete family. You may even be thinking of financial or social or other implications of having an additional child. And you may think of terminating the pregnancy early before it has attained a viable age. And yes, that does make sense to end a pregnancy early in case it is unplanned or unwanted.

However, your country does not allow you that. So, what to do? Should you buy abortion pills by paying some extra money? Is that all? Is there no other cost you may have to pay for such an unsafe abortion method? Keep reading further to know the cost you may have to pay. 


You are married but the unplanned pregnancy you may be carrying is a result of an extramarital affair. And you do now wish to pursue it ahead. So, again should you pay extra money to get illegal abortion tablets?


You are just not ready for a child yet whether married or unmarried. But the news of unwanted pregnancy has given you a hard blow. Not figuring out any other safe option, you may think of buying abortion tablets from the black market.

And so, there are many similar and dissimilar cases of unwanted pregnancies in Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. Most women are not aware of their safe options. And due to a lack of knowledge and support, they tend to fall in for an easy rescue. They may think of it as an easy rescue. But they end up in a bigger loop of complications and risks with unsafe abortions.

We will come to their safe options ahead in this post. But before that, you need to note why you should not buy abortion pills online.

 Why should you not buy abortion pills online?

Well, not only online, we here mean that you should not buy abortion tablets from illegal suppliers or any other source without consulting your gynecologist. They are all unsafe abortion practices that you should refrain from. And we have reasons to believe so. These are:

You may get caught:

Abortion in the UAE is illegal. When trying to procure illegal abortion tablets, the legal personnel may catch you red-handed. You may become a criminal in the eyes of the country’s law. Following this, you may have to face fine imposition, imprisonment and even deportation. You may not even be able to return to Abu Dhabi.

You may buy fake abortion tablets:

If you have not known of this, it is true. You may end up buying some fake tablets being sold in the name of abortion pills. And the amount you may pay for them while procuring them may be as high as enough to travel to India, have a safe abortion and return to Abu Dhabi.

How can you distinguish whether the tablets you have bought from an illegal supplier are safe abortion pills or not? They may be fake, spurious, substandard or even expired. Can you expect such tablets to cause a spontaneous abortion? No.

The purpose for which you thought of making this purchase is a successful abortion. But with fake abortion pills, that is nearly impossible. Instead, you may end up with complications such as a failed or an incomplete abortion.

Another consequence may be heavy bleeding. Yet another risk is that of an ectopic pregnancy. And it can pose life-threatening complications.

Even if you manage to somehow get the right and safe abortion pills, the risk of incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding and ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out. Such complications can present even with safe abortion pills.

So, the cost of abortion pills you may pay may be in the form of legal and medical complications.

You may manage to save yourself from being caught legally and even buy safe abortion pills. However, the cost of an unsafe abortion may come to you in diverse forms. Let us have a little insight into these scenarios for you to be able to make a wiser choice.

Risk of a failed/incomplete abortion:

Now, this is the most common risk with abortion pills. The important thing to notice is that this risk remains true even if you get safe abortion pills. And that’s because they are never 100% efficient. This risk further increases when the pills are substandard or spurious or adulterated or expired. And when the abortion pills are fake, they may not bring about the abortion at all.

A failed abortion is one where the abortion does not take place at all. And an incomplete abortion is one where pregnancy products remain in the womb. The pills may not completely clean the womb and remnants may remain. Such cases present themselves with abdominal pain and bleeding ranging from slight spotting to moderate to heavy for days and weeks. Fever may accompany in case of infections.

Where do you think will you go for treatment to get your abortion completed? And do you know, that a surgical procedure is required to complete abortions that are left incomplete with pills? You are in a country where abortion is illegal and you may have purchased abortion pills illegally. Do you think you can get legal treatment for an incomplete abortion?

So, the cost you may pay for an unsafe abortion in terms of incomplete abortion is associated with pain, discomfort, fatigue, bleeding, infections, etc.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

This is also another common risk. The doctor for abortion first rules out the probability of an ectopic pregnancy before proceeding with the abortion. Even with wanted pregnancies, this risk is ruled out at the initial stage with a small transvaginal scan. Now, in the UAE, you cannot even get a maternity file opened without your husband’s consent. Moreover, you will have to prove your marriage with a valid marriage registration certificate. This may not be possible for all women because several unmarried women are struggling with unwanted pregnancies.

Even if you get a maternity file opened, you cannot seek an abortion. A maternity file means you are going through the pregnancy. And abortion will be legally permissible only in very rare cases where the woman’s life is in danger. Or in some events of proven severe fetal abnormalities.

So, you may not be able to get it checked whether your pregnancy is normal or ectopic. And in a case, your pregnancy is ectopic, it is a medical emergency. It needs immediate removal or else it may rupture inside your body. These complications are life-threatening. In some cases of ectopic pregnancy, patients can get timely treatment. But even they have to pay the cost in terms of lost reproductive health. They may find difficulty in conceiving in future. Many of them even lose their partial to complete fertility.

Now, if in a case your pregnancy is ectopic and you take abortion pills, abortion will not happen. Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol work only on intrauterine pregnancies. So, the risk of ectopic pregnancy rupture persists even after taking abortion pills.


Risk of severe pain and/or heavy bleeding:

Every woman responds differently to abortion pills. Some women bleed excessively after taking abortion pills. They may even go into an unconscious state and may need a blood transfusion. The doctor for abortion first analyses whether the patient is eligible for a medical abortion. The doctor prescribes them only when patients are eligible for this abortion method. He/She also makes sure that the patient can get emergency medical help in case of excessive pain or bleeding.

Considering that you procure illegal abortion pills, how will you manage such a complicated situation? Where will you seek help from? What will you do? You may never know what further complications can a medical emergency bring in when not attended to on time.

Myth 2: You can get a successful abortion in Abu Dhabi using illegal abortion tablets.

This myth has been decoded in the above section itself. So, it’s clear that you may or may not have a successful abortion using illegal abortion tablets.

But further adding to this, many women in case of incomplete abortions may think of buying another set of abortion pills to complete it. But the truth is that even the second set of abortion pills may not work on an incomplete abortion.

In an incomplete abortion, the pregnancy products that remain in the womb are usually the placental tissue clinging to the uterine wall. Abortion pills may bring in uterine contractions, but cannot guarantee the successful removal of these products. Moreover, by the time the patient discovers that her abortion was incomplete, the tissue pieces may be clinging to the uterine wall more firmly. This means abortion pills may not be able to trigger their spontaneous evacuation.

The doctors usually use the surgical procedure Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) to carefully remove all the pregnancy remnants and clean the womb. But in case of an incomplete abortion, you may not be able to get it completed in Abu Dhabi for the same reasons that triggered you into buying abortion tablets.

This makes it clear that the cost of an abortion is not just an amount spent on buying abortion pills. It may come to any woman in any form(s).

Does this mean that you may have to go through childbirth although the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted? No, we never said that! You do have safe, legal, confidential abortion options open for you. The only thing is that you have to take a little step to travel to Bangalore India.

Myth 3: Abortion in another country is costly.

Well, abortion in the UAE is likely not an available choice. Travelling to another country may put one into thinking about the cost factor. But as told you, buying abortion pills can come at an amount in which you can travel to India, have a safe abortion and return. Besides, the cost of an unsafe abortion may come to you in harsh consequences already discussed above.

Abortion in India is not a costly choice but a cost-efficient choice. It may be your best medical decision for various benefits as summed up:

You can have a safe abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

AHB is a premier boutique hospital that specializes in providing safe abortion services. Safety here means safe in terms of your health, life as well as privacy.

A Gentle Care abortion at AHB safeguards your physical health.

It does not cause any long-term abortion complications. All the measures are taken to make abortions completely risk-free. The doctors analyze the medical condition of each patient before prescribing the best abortion method, individualized to each case. All necessary diagnostic tests are performed prior to this prescription.

The hospital standards for hygiene care are world-class. The entire premises is very clean making the ambience fresh. While performing medical procedures, the staff ensures all the pieces of equipment are sterile before and after each use.

Next, the abortion procedures are done by the hospital-designed specialized Gentle Care techniques. Each Gentle Care abortion ensures patient safety both during and after the abortion. AHB has the world’s best abortion team onboard.

The hospital follows all safe medical practices recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for safe abortion procedures. All the tools and techniques are advanced and latest in the field making AHB an internationally recognized hospital for abortion.

The doctors for abortion are highly qualified and have received decades of experience. All nurses have also received international training so that they can provide the best medical assistance. They are also very caring, supportive, compassionate and friendly making the patients feel at home.

A Gentle Care abortion at AHB safeguards your mental and emotional wellbeing:

Mental and emotional well-being is as important as physical health. And a Gentle Care abortion at AHB ensures that its patients receive the highest standards of medical care without any prejudice. For the abortion team at AHB, all patients deserve the best medical care and emotional support regardless of any factor.

So, if you are unmarried and hesitate in seeking safe and legal medical help, you can visit AHB. You will receive compassionate care without any judgment or harsh treatment. Your personal decisions and choices receive the respect they deserve. No personal queries are ever asked. You can comfortably speak to the doctor in private and choose to share the kind of information you want. The doctors only ask for medically relevant and important information.

Even the nurses will treat you just like your caring friends. You can expect to receive caring support in your difficult times making it an easy process for you.

Many patients hesitate in visiting registered abortion hospitals because they fear,

“What the doctor will think?”

“What will the nurses or other hospital staff think about me for seeking an abortion?”

“Whether I will be judged for having a premarital sexual intimacy resulting in an unwanted pregnancy?”

And the list is long.

But, at AHB, your emotional well-being is of great importance. And you can happily return after the abortion with the joy of a successful, professional, painless, confidential, non-judgmental abortion.

A Gentle Care abortion safeguards your privacy:

AHB understands how important it is for you to have a confidential abortion. And the hospital respects that. Therefore, only a single patient is given an appointment for an abortion at a time. So, you do not have to wait in the common waiting area. When you arrive for an abortion, the doctor shall see you soon enough. The consultation with the doctor will also be in a private doctor’s chamber. You can choose to bring your companion.

The abortion will also take place in a private examination room. After the abortion, you can rest in your private room. The room also has arrangements for your companion. The room is equipped with facilities for your comfortable stay. The hospital premises are high-speed Wi-fi enabled. You can also work remotely or have some entertainment while watching your favorite web shows or movies.

As far as your medical and personal details are concerned, they are in safe hands. The hospital does not disclose any patient information to anyone besides the patient herself. In India, abortion is available to all adult women, married or unmarried with their consent only. So, you do not need to bother about parental consent or consent from the partner.

Travelling to Bangalore for a safe, legal, confidential, painless and quick abortion:

Well, you may be struggling with an unwanted pregnancy and several associated thoughts. But, relax and calm down. Getting a safe, legal and confidential abortion can be an easy, convenient and quick process. All you need is to talk to the AHB helpline number. The coordinator can ask for your feasible dates to travel to India.

You can browse your short-flight options at Skyscanner or can simply ask the coordinator to have one scheduled for you as per your priorities. When you reach Bangalore, the hospital can send a cab for you to the airport. You can get in and go to your homestay, which also you can either book on Airbnb or the coordinator can have one booked for you. Or you can also choose to book a hotel for a night or two.

Gentle Care abortions are quick single-appointment and same-day procedures. You can take discharge within an hour post-abortion. Either the hospital can drop you to the airport after that if your flight is hours apart. Or you can rest overnight in your homestay and travel to Abu Dhabi as per your scheduled flight.

Gentle Care abortions are not only quick and painless but also highly efficient. There is zero to minimal risk of incomplete abortion. And hence, you can leave the hospital knowing that your abortion is successful. You will receive complete post-abortion recovery guidance before you leave. You can resume your routine soon after. For any further queries, you can search for your answers on our FAQ page. Or can simply drop us a message.

Since Gentle Care abortions are available only by appointment and only to a single patient at a time, do not delay.

Schedule an abortion appointment today.

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