Abortion UAE Unmarried or Married: Any options available?

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The first thing you need to know is that abortion UAE unmarried or married is illegal and highly restricted. But this does not mean that you should turn to unsafe abortion methods such as buying illegal abortion pills in the UAE or turning to DIY abortions. As a result of unsafe choices, you not only put your health and life at a risk, but can also cripple your personal, professional and social life. This post is not to scare you but to empower you with the right information and safe abortion choices.

Firstly, calm down because you do have options for safe, legal and confidential abortion care. But not in the UAE. However, crossing borders for safety is a smart move and can save you from something unpredictable that can happen with unsafe choices. So, let’s get started right away.

Abortion UAE Unmarried or Married: What are your legal options for abortion in the UAE?

See, abortion in the UAE is illegal mostly but permissible in restricted circumstances. So, if your condition and your circumstances permit, you can have a legal abortion in UAE. Wondering what these circumstances can be?

Legally, unmarried women confronting physical intimacy is a punishable offence. So, abortion UAE unmarried is a double offence. First, getting into sexual intimacy before or out of marriage and second, seeking abortion. UAE law believes that an unborn fetus has the right to live and hence, it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy there.



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So, forget about a legal abortion UAE unmarried until and unless it is provided to a woman to save her life during a medical emergency. But after saving her life, she will have to face the punishment. It can be imprisonment or fine imposition or deportation (expat seeking abortion UAE unmarried) or more than one forms of punishment. Isn’t it saving life to throw one into what we can call ‘worse than life’? So, legally you are in a messy situation if you are pregnant in UAE as an unmarried woman and looking for legal abortion in the UAE.

Now, what will you do? Will you look for illegal suppliers for buying abortion pills in the UAE? Wait, don’t do that at all. That can put you in a further worse situation than what you can even imagine. Stay with us. Ahead in the post, we will be coming to addressing your concern safely, legally and confidentially.

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Unlike abortion UAE unmarried, can a married woman obtain an abortion in the UAE?

No, abortion in the UAE is illegal even for married women. The only difference is that they are not the criminals in the eyes of the UAE law for getting into physical intimacy. So, one offence is less. But, abortion still is restricted.

Are there any conditions in which a married woman in UAE get an abortion?

Yes, there are two conditions for abortion in the UAE for married women. These are:

  • Risk to the life of the pregnant woman with evidence.
  • Presence of fetal deformities which the child may not survive if born.

Abortion in the UAE for married women is available only if the medical board is convinced of any of the two conditions mentioned above. And for fetal deformities, abortion in UAE is legal for only up to 120 days gestation period. Beyond this period, even a married woman cannot obtain a legal abortion in the UAE.

Besides, the couple also has to provide their valid marriage certification to prove their marriage. In addition, husband’s consent for abortion is necessary. Woman cannot obtain it with her consent only. However, with a recent amendment in the abortion law in Feb, 2024, a woman can provide only her consent for emergency abortion in UAE services.

One more thing you may need to know if you are seeking an abortion in UAE for fetal deformities. The law does not allow abortion for all fetal deformities that have been detected during prenatal screening. It is legal only for very severe disabilities for which the survival rate after childbirth are nearly zero to minimum.

Also, some disabilities come into notice in the second-trimester. If that is your case, you will have to deliver the child and bear the consequences. The child may or may not survive depending on the medical condition, but you cannot opt out of such a pregnancy after 120 days.

Coming right to your safe abortion options.

Considering abortion in India rather than an abortion in the UAE:

Well, you can choose to cross the borders and obtain a legal abortion in any country where abortion is legal. But there can be some other restrictions, like abortion of foreign women or medical tourism being very expensive. Other reasons that can deny you a safe and legal abortion in any country can be impacted by social, religious, regional and even political differences. So, you need to be aware of the rules for abortion in the country of your choice for your particular case.

We would recommend India for abortion of a foreign woman, NRI, Indian expat, Filipino, Emirati or any woman belonging to any region or religion or coming from any walk of life because of the women-friendly rules India has for abortion care. India recognizes the long-term impact that unsafe abortions have on women. So, it legalized abortions back in 1971 by introducing the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act and Rules for the first time.

Ever since its introduction, the rules have been refined and amendments made to meet the demands of the changing country and mindsets. As a result of these amendments, today all Indian women freely enjoy the right to reproductive choices with abortion being legally available.

Now, many reasons come to your advantage while seeking an abortion in India rather than abortion UAE unmarried. Let’s have a look at them.

Abortion in India is legal regardless of your nationality.

Whether you are an Emirati, an Indian expat, Filipino, Malayali, NRI, OCI cardholder or just a foreign woman, you can obtain a legal abortion in India. The Indian abortion rules apply to all the abortion services being provided throughout the country.

Your nationality does not impact the care and services you receive in India. Many patients travel to India, especially Bangalore to avail its advanced healthcare services at affordable prices. Abortion is one such service that you can enjoy in India as an equal right available to any Indian woman.

Abortion UAE unmarried women is illegal but unmarried abortion in India is legal.

Thanks to the Indian MTP Act, women in India can enjoy abortion rights equally irrespective of their marital status. Today, people are living as live-in partners. We are in an era where sexual intimacy no longer belongs to married couples only. People discover new means of exploring relationships, one of which also includes getting intimate. But should a woman get pregnant without marriage, does she have no abortion options?

Sadly, abortion UAE unmarried is not possible but in India, you can get a legal abortion even as an unmarried or a single woman. Additionally, you can obtain a safe and legal abortion in India with your consent only.

Abortion in India is legal even for contraceptive failure.

Abortion in India is legal for those circumstances for which abortion is illegal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and all other states of the UAE. Also, if you think that you can visit nearby countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Oman or Kuwait for an abortion, you are mistaken.

Abortion in India is legal in cases where pregnancy poses a threat to the patient’s life just like most countries. But what makes India different `from others is that it also permits legal abortions where pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s physical and/or mental well-being either in the short-term or in the long go.

Abortion in India is legal in cases where pregnancy has resulted from immoral acts like rape and even incest. This also includes marital rape. But unlike many countries, you may necessarily need not prove the rape for obtaining an abortion. Many countries that permit legal abortions for rapes need the patient to proceed legally. And she is permitted an abortion once the crime has been proven and the accused is found guilty.

For fetal anomalies, abortion in India is legal and unlike the UAE, late-term abortions are also legal in such cases. Additionally, it covers a wide range of fetal anomalies. Also, consent from a single doctor is sufficient for such cases, no need for a medical board. And between 20-24 weeks, consent from two doctors is sufficient.

Regarding the most liberal and common reason for seeking abortion UAE unmarried, contraceptive failure, abortion in India is legal.

Abortion in India gives you a long timeframe.

You now know that abortion in the UAE is illegal and when available for fetal anomalies, the time frame is only up to 120 days. But, in India, you get up to 20 weeks for a safe and legal abortion. This is a good window for you to plan your abortion journey to India.

But, how can you make your travel easier by sitting right on your couch and discovering your options? Let’s help you do that. You can also download our free abortion checklist by filling out the form below.



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Planning an abortion in India trip from UAE:

Let’s do this step by step.

The first thing is knowing your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date. The first date of your last period can help you know how much time you have to plan the trip. So, that you can make arrangements accordingly. Abortion methods vary depending on your gestation age and pregnancy location. So, if you can obtain an ultrasound while seeking abortion UAE unmarried, you should get it as early as possible. It can help you rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy and give you the exact pregnancy length.

However, in case you cannot obtain an ultrasound in UAE, don’t worry. Your abortion doctor in India will do that on your scheduled appointment.

Contact the abortion doctor and schedule an appointment.

When you arrive in Bangalore, India, you may not want to wait in long queues or have an extended stay due to a long waiting period. So, you should have your appointment scheduled before your actual visit.

  • First, pick the best abortion hospital that caters to international patients.
  • Second, check if it is a registered facility.
  • Ask for their confidentiality policy.
  • Inquire about the time they may take for a complete abortion.
  • Additionally, ask how long would you need to plan your stay in Bangalore.

Asking all these will help you learn about the trip duration, book a flight from UAE to Bangalore and return flights too. Also, you can prepare for accommodation during your stay.

American Hospital Bangalore

A short abortion trip may be as short as a 2-day trip if you obtain a procedure such as Gentle Care suction. It is available for terminating first-trimester pregnancies, i.e., up to 12 weeks at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). A stay may be longer if your pregnancy is between 12 to 20 weeks. As per your LMP, you can discuss the time for which you would like to book your accommodation.

If you want homely comfort, you can try some good homestay at Airbnb. As per your needs and preferences, you can look for a good homestay.

Or if you prefer a hotel, there are plenty of good options both near the hospital and the airport. This can ease your travel and commute within the city. You can easily hire an Uber and get a cab in just a few clicks.

You can also ask the hospital helpline for recommendations based on previous patient experiences. The hospital coordinator will support you and help you in planning your abortion trip to India easily.

Schedule an appointment.

Ask your concerns.

If you have any questions about abortion methods, the cost of abortion or any other concerns, you can speak on the given helpline number. If you are not comfortable talking, you can always send a message on WhatsApp or chat online. You can also visit the Abortion FAQ page and get the answers for yourself.

As per the Indian abortion law, the doctor for abortion has to follow non-disclosure and confidentiality policies. So, you can expect confidential abortion care at the best abortion in India clinic. If you have any preferences for language, kind of consultation, recovery room, etc., you can share them and get the answers.

This is the best time to have your pre-travel queries cleared. Once you are done with this essential talk, it’s time to get documents ready.

Documents for travel:

e-Visa is an easy process that you can obtain online within a few hours. So, it won’t be a trouble. Keep your passport ready. If you have any medical concerns other than this pregnancy, you can bring them along if the coordinator has advised you to. If you have already obtained an ultrasound, kindly bring it along. Keep your flight tickets, boarding pass ready.

Check for your payment options. Get the foreign exchange done or if you are using cards, keep them along.

Pack your bag:

Bangalore has a pleasant weather all year round. But you can check with the coordinator or even online about the kind of weather to expect at the time when you are travelling. Accordingly, keep some light clothes that are comfortable for you, both during travel as well as when you recover.

Pack any essentials that you may need like your phone charger, light snacks that you might want to munch on and a book to read, if you are willing to, a battery backup power bank can also be used. You don’t need much to pack. It’s just a short stay. So, accordingly, pack light.


We advise that anyone can accompany you for your support during this time. The hospital has private recovery rooms and companions are welcome. It can be a partner, friend, family or anyone you can confide in and would like to be available for you.

Have you figured out who are you likely to bring with you for an abortion in India? Well, it’s not mandatory to have a companion. Our nurses are friendly, caring and compassionate. You will feel at home with them by your side. But, if someone is there who can make this journey easier for you, you will feel supported throughout.

Abortion in India care


It’s your day today. So, just take a deep breath. Stay calm and travel. Remember, this step you are taking is going to bring a positive you with a positive medical experience. Do not fear and take a step towards safe choice.

Most of the flights are short and you will arrive Bangalore within a few hours. If you have your appointment on the same day, you can directly visit the hospital. Keep in touch with the coordinator. She can guide you and even accommodate any appointment prepones or postpones.

Or you can also first visit your booked accommodation and stay until your appointment time or day. Freshen up. Order some good meals. Explore Bangalore cuisines or order your favorites from so many options available with the food delivery partners.

Abortion in Bangalore, India:

  • At the time of your appointment, visit the hospital.
  • Obtain a pre-abortion consultation. Have your concerns answered.
  • Obtain the Gentle Care abortion procedure.
  • Recover privately. Obtain a post-abortion consultation.
  • Take discharge on the same day because Gentle Care suction abortion is a comfortable, convenient and short procedure taking less than 10-15 minutes. You can leave the hospital knowing that you had a successful abortion procedure. It is efficient and hence, you may not even require a follow-up. You can return to UAE with the peace of mind and a positive abortion experience.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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