Abortion in India for married & unmarried women in Dubai

If you have been looking for an abortion doctor in Dubai, then you have clicked the right button. To be very frank, you may need to have an abortion in some other country, like India. This is because abortion in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE is illegal.

However, abortion rules in India are women-friendly. You can conveniently obtain a single appointment and painless Gentle Care abortion in India. Often, Indian expatriates and even foreign women residing in different cities of the UAE visit India for abortions. Malayali women who migrated to Gulf countries prefer an abortion in Bangalore rather than in their native state, Kerala.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in India can provide you with a safe, legal and confidential abortion as a foreigner. The hospital has pioneered its Gentle Care abortion methods that are painless, quick and comfortable. It ensures a successful abortion on the same day. And that too without any stress or worries or abortion complications.

Many women in Dubai often tend to buy abortion pills from illegal suppliers. They end up in several complications like legal punishment, heavy bleeding, infections, ectopic pregnancy, etc. It happens with them either as a result of lack of knowledge or due to ignorance. Many women have even paid the cost of abortion in Dubai with their lost fertility. And some others have suffered at the hands of life-threatening complications.

(Source: https://gulfnews.com/uae/illegal-abortions-a-fatal-choice-1.834605)

This post intends to help women struggling with unwanted pregnancies in Dubai have a safe medical pathway to abortions.

Planning a single-day abortion in India for a woman from Dubai:

Let’s start from the beginning so that you can get all the help you may need in your abortion journey. First, please relax and stay calm. You may be well aware of the fact that abortion in Dubai is not an option for you. And that’s because of the restricted abortion rules of the country.

Abortion in the UAE is illegal except when it is essential to save the pregnant woman’s life. And it may also be permissible for some cases of fetal deformities. But not all anomalies are included in the permissible list.

Other big things are:

  • This option is available only for married women and with the consent of their partners.
  • Next, the permissible pregnancy period up to when abortion in Dubai can be sought is only 120 days.

In other incidents, abortions are treated as criminal offences and are punishable by the law.

Are you hunting for illegal abortion pills or unsafe abortion providers in Dubai? Then, it may be a wiser idea to travel to India. And we would like you to make a well-informed decision. That’s why we are sharing what India has to offer in terms of abortion for foreigners or ex-pats.

Abortion rules in India for foreigners or expatriates:

Abortions in India are governed by the abortion rules framed under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971. There have been many future amendments to the law over the five decades since its first introduction.

The latest revision of the law came into force last year in 2021. With this latest revision, the Indian abortion law became more women-friendly. Let’s see what are the legal aspects of abortion in India for a woman coming from Dubai. The same rules apply to women coming from other cities like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, etc. And are same even for women coming from countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc.

Abortion in India and the marital status:

Are you married or unmarried?

We know how frightening it is to discover an unwanted pregnancy as an unmarried girl. And especially it becomes a terrifying nightmare when you do not have a legal abortion option in your country.

But gone are the days when unmarried girls had to secretly abort their pregnancies and risk their lives. In India, you can obtain a legal abortion both as a married woman or as an unmarried girl. The same stands true for single women, separated couples and widows.

So, you need not hunt for buying abortion pills for sale in Dubai through illegal online suppliers. They can lead to serious complications. You can click on the link to know the six critical factors before buying abortion pills in the UAE.

So, dear reader, if you are unmarried and pregnant in Dubai, relax! You can come to India and have a stress-free, worry-free abortion.

And if you are married, you too can have an abortion in Bangalore, India.

Consent for abortion in India:

Relax and take a chill pill if you are worried about how to avoid parental consent. Or even if you do not wish to involve your partner or family, no worries at all. You can have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India at the best abortion hospital.

In case you are above 18 years, you do not need anyone’s consent besides yourself for abortion at AHB. So, do not hesitate in seeking help. It is always better to get help from safe options rather than being pulled down by unsafe abortion.

We understand the stigma attached to  cohabitation without marriage and premarital sex. It can also be seen in having a child as an unmarried couple. This is even more in the Middle East countries. In these countries, getting pregnant without marriage is a punishable offence.

Indian abortion laws recognize the fact that unmarried girls have been attempting self-induced abortions to avoid disgrace. They do not want their parents or family to know of it. So, they secretly attempt unsafe abortions. And by doing so, they put their health and life at risk.

Therefore, the Indian abortion law helps these girls and women have safe access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). No woman or girl in India needs parents’ or partner’s consent for abortion.

How far are you in your pregnancy?

What was your Last Menstrual Period (LMP)? Do you know how far you are in your pregnancy?

If not, just drop a comment messaging your LMP. We shall help you in knowing the estimated length of your pregnancy. All girls and women have a different menstrual duration. Most likely, it is somewhere between 28-and 40 days. Therefore, it may be hard to tell when the patient must have conceived. Also it is hard to tell what may be the exact pregnancy length without a scan.

Therefore, when you seek an abortion at the best abortion hospital, the doctor shall first get an ultrasound. This will help the doctor know the exact length of pregnancy. Also, pregnancy location is confirmed with the same test. This is an important consideration to rule out the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. This also helps the patient have a safe pregnancy termination with the most convenient method.

As far as the legal age for abortion in India is concerned, it is 20 weeks in normal cases. In some special events like fetal deformities, abortion may be performed even beyond this ceiling age. So, if you have an estimate of your pregnancy length, you may not want to delay.

Moreover, abortion methods depend largely on how far you are in your pregnancy. Therefore, delay can taper down your abortion options. Up to the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy or first-trimester abortion, you can have it done non-invasively.

However, between 12-and 20 weeks, you may need a mildly invasive surgical abortion.

Schedule an early abortion appointment for painless, comfortable and quick Gentle Care abortion.

The abortion doctor will terminate your pregnancy and clean your womb. The time taken is less than 10 minutes. It is quick, short, painless and comfortable. Therefore, you can resume your activities the same day.

Legal grounds for an abortion in India for foreigners:

Abortion rules vary from country to country. In India, one can undergo an abortion for four major reasons. These are:

  • In case of contraceptive failure: This is one of the major reasons resulting in unplanned pregnancies. Any contraceptive method, natural or medical may fail. A woman or a girl can get a legal abortion in India for the reason of contraceptive failure. And since this falls in the realm of your privacy, the doctor will not ask you any personal queries. Only the medically relevant queries are asked.
  • To protect pregnant woman’s health: Any pregnancy that poses a threat to the patient’s physical and/or mental wellbeing can be terminated legally.
  • In case of fetal deformities: Many couples choose it better to terminate the fetus with impairments. As parents, they want to give the best life to their children. Hence, they prefer it better not to start a child’s life with disabilities. Some disorders are as big as developmental disorders like Autism, and Down’s Syndrome. And there are many anomalies where the survival chances of the child are very less. Even if the child survives, he/she may not be able to lead an independent life. In circumstances like these, abortion in India is legal.
  • In case of rape/incest: Girls and women do not wish to carry pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults. It can affect the personal and mental well-being of the patient. Abortion in India is legal in these cases.

These four grounds apply to all abortions in India. So, whether you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or an expatriate or an Indian citizen, no worries at all. And even if you are a foreign woman or a girl, the rules remain the same as today.

Call the helpline number of the abortion hospital to know your abortion options.

Safe, legal, confidential abortion in Bangalore:

Now, it is quite clear that you can have an abortion in India. But in India, too you may want a comfortable abortion which is quick, painless and worry-free. And you can just obtain the kind of abortion care that can be your happy medical experience at AHB.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in Bangalore; India can give you just the best. Let’s have an insight as to how it can be your best decision to have an abortion in Bangalore.

Ease of travelling and staying in Bangalore:

Travelling to Bangalore from Dubai:

You can take a short flight from Dubai to Bangalore. Both the cities of the two countries are well-connected by the air route. You can either take a non-stop flight that is as short as nearly 4 hours. Or can schedule a connecting flight also as per the availability and your preferences.

Are you too occupied to make the travel arrangements? Or you just do not want to trouble yourself with all these at this moment?

No problem. Do not worry. We are here to listen to you and help you. You can just leave a message on the AHB helpline number at any time when you feel like it. A coordinator will get back to you at the earliest and help you schedule your travel.

As a part of the foreign patients’ service package, the hospital can schedule your travel as per your comfortable date.

Call the helpline number to schedule an early appointment.

Staying in Bangalore:

And also schedule your homestay option where you can stay before and after the abortion. A comfortable and homely environment can help you feel comfortable without compromising your privacy. If you love Airbnb listings, please give a check and filter as per your preferences.

We guess you are thinking about how long will you need to stay in Bangalore for the abortion. And if we are right, then here’s your answer.

With a Gentle Care abortion, you can plan as short a trip as possible. The abortion gets complete in 5-10 minutes by the suction method. And it is available to you if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant. Even if your pregnancy is between 12-20 weeks, you can get the Gentle Care surgical abortion. It will take less than 20 minutes.

You can take discharge from the hospital the same day itself. And it is available with all abortion procedures. After that, you can directly return to Dubai if you wish to. If you have a scheduled flight a few hours apart, you can directly take a cab to the airport.

In the meantime, you can get enough rest in the hospital in your private room. Gentle Care suction abortion is non-sedating. So, you can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure. The food delivery partners like Swiggy and Zomato have countless food options for you and your companion. You can enjoy your favorite meals or order something healthy.

Your companion can stay by your side in your private room as you recover. If your companion or yourself work remotely you can continue working uninterrupted. You and your companion can access high speed internet.

Call the helpline number to learn more about abortion in Bangalore.

Abortion appointment: Private one-on-one care, no fellow patient, companion welcome, no waiting period

You can avail of the Gentle Care abortion package available exclusively at AHB. The coordinator will schedule an early appointment. He/She shall plan your travel and stay options accordingly.

When you reach Bangalore, Uber can bring you directly to the hospital. Just download the Uber app on your phone and with a few clicks, your cab will be ready. Or simply, the coordinator can do it for you. You can directly come to the hospital if it happens to be during hospital hours. However, in a case, your arrival time is different, the cab can take you to your h


Whenever you are ready, the cab will bring you to the hospital. When you reach the hospital, you don’t have to wait for your turn. The doctor will see you in a private and comfortable one-on-one close-knit setting. Your companion is welcome.

You can freely and openly discuss your case specifics with the doctor. Do not worry about any personal queries or prejudice. The hospital will provide you with a non-judgmental and professional consultation.

The doctor shall evaluate your medical condition. She will check for your pregnancy length and location. According to your medical condition, she may advise some additional tests. They are asked for only if needed and for your safety. They get completed in less than a few minutes.

After the complete diagnosis, the doctor will discuss your abortion options. And will also guide you into what may be the best option for you. Relax! The doctor will help you go over every available option. She will discuss them according to your specific needs and comfort. She is here to listen to your needs in a neutral yet friendly conversation. The in-depth information will help you choose the best for you.

Gentle Care abortion: Painless, quick and successful in less than 10 minutes by an expert abortion doctor

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the three safe abortion methods. The prescription of the abortion method depends on several factors like pregnancy length, location and patient-specific medical factors.

The three methods are:

  1. Medical abortion with the help of abortion pills is available for up to 8 weeks.
  2. The vacuum Aspiration abortion method with the help of gentle suction is available for up to 12 weeks.
  3. Surgical abortion with Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) is available for up to 20 weeks.

All these aforementioned abortion methods are for terminating intrauterine pregnancies only. There are certain cases of ectopic pregnancies and molar pregnancies. They have to be ruled out before prescribing the abortion method. Conditions like that are medical conditions needing immediate treatment.

However, if your pregnancy is normal, based on your specific needs, the doctor shall prescribe you the abortion method.

If you choose to undergo a medical abortion in Bangalore at AHB:

The doctor will first check your eligibility for abortion pills. And if you are eligible, then you have two choices. These are medical abortion and Gentle Care suction abortion.

In the case you choose to undergo a medical abortion, the doctor will give you the first abortion pill. You can take it at the clinic. Then, she will give you another set of the abortion pill(s). You will receive directions on when and how to take them when you are at your homestay.

Abortion with pills will happen in your bedroom. After the second pill, you can expect to start bleeding in nearly half an hour. This will come along with abdominal cramps resulting in pain too. In case of very heavy bleeding, you may need some medical emergency care.

Another thing is that you may need to stay in Bangalore for longer. This is because the bleeding may last a few days and even a week. Moreover, you will need a follow-up appointment to check if the abortion was complete. There are 5-7% chances of incomplete abortion with pills.

Your best abortion choice: Painless, comfortable, successful abortion completed in a single-appointment:

In a case you are eligible for abortion pills, you are also eligible for a Gentle Care suction abortion. Even women who miss the eligibility for abortion pills due to any reason can opt for this method. It is a painless and more efficient method.

The doctor will gently suck out the embryo without you even realizing any pain. It may take as less as just 3 minutes. Unlike abortion with pills, there is no pain or heavy bleeding. And it gets completed within the clinic. After the procedure, you can rest in your room.

As you recover with your companion in private, you can completely relax and enjoy food and beverages. And also enjoy your favorite shows on the Television or your mobile or laptop.

Besides being painless and quick, you can return to your routine the same day. You can expect zero to minimum bleeding. You can directly take a cab to the airport after resting for an hour or so. If your flight is scheduled for the same day, you can conveniently take it. Or you can choose to rest overnight in your homestay and take the flight the following day.

With the GC procedure you can complete your entire procedure and leave the hospital fully satisfied with a complete abortion within 30 minutes if you feel sufficiently rested and at ease. Since you will be the only patient being attended to by the doctor you will be in and out quick, and ready to resume your normal activities

The patient reviews will help you learn more from the past patient experiences.

Do not delay.

Another major thing is that delay is never an option with abortion. So, you should not delay in seeking an appointment. Moreover, the hospital takes in only a single patient at a time. This is to ensure personalized and undivided attention to every patient. And all slots are prebooked. Inquire to see if a slot is still available and for the earliest available slot.

Schedule a painless, quick, successful Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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