Considering Abortion in Mangalore? – Private Abortion Option in Bangalore

Abortion in India is legal. Still, women residing in different cities of the same or different states undergo unsafe or low quality abortion procedures for the biggest reason, privacy.

Abortion has been associated with societal stigma since long. When women do not find safe abortion clinics where they can feel their privacy is in safe hands, they seek unsafe methods.

Similarly, Bangalore (Bengaluru) and Mangalore (Mangaluru) are two different cities in the same state, Karnataka.

Not to be surprised, women from Mangalore choose travelling to Bangalore for a safe, legal and private abortion. Let’s see what factors influence their decision.

This post is for women seeking abortion for unwanted pregnancies and looking for their options for abortion clinic in Mangalore or abortion hospital in Mangalore.

Let us begin with abortion doctors in Mangalore and compare across various options to choose the best and the safest abortion clinic for you.

If you are one such woman residing in Mangalore and seeking a safe and private abortion, do not resort to unsafe means or compromise on the highest quality procedure for limited choices you may find. You can always explore better options surpassing the geographical barrier.

Let’s explore the reasons that make Bangalore a better choice for obtaining high quality, safe and private abortion in India.

#1. Small City vs Big Metropolitan city:

Mangalore is a small city in comparison with Bangalore, which is the second-largest city in terms of area and the third-largest city in terms of population in India.

Small cities have limited healthcare institutions. Most people seek medical aid in government dispensaries and hospitals. Private healthcare facilities are limited relative to a large metropolitan city such as Bangalore.

Even if private hospitals are available, they are largely crowded. With limited doctors and medical staff, the waiting period gets longer. And when you are looking forward to having an abortion, every day counts and adds up the gestation length further limiting your choices.

Undoubtedly, there are private abortion hospitals in Mangalore, but they have limited doctors and facilities compared to Bangalore. A single doctor has to attend several patients. Hence, there’s a long waiting period. There have been instances where a patient takes an appointment for morning 10 AM and yet she remains unattended till late evening.

The first thing that adds with this long waiting is frustration. And then most important is privacy. With a huge crowd surrounding in the hospital waiting room and almost all belonging to the same city, there are vivid chances of you coming into the notice of an acquaintance. This is what you may not want at all.

Small cities with small budgets often have fewer paying capacities for their doctors and other assisting staff. Due to this the doctors there may lack higher qualification or international training and world-class facilities at their abortion clinics than bigger cities.

Since private MTP certified hospitals for abortion in Mangalore are very few, they have less accessibility to the latest technologies and techniques. Whereas Bangalore is one of the favourite medical destinations where women from other cities of India and other countries visit to avail safe and private abortions. Hence, an MTP certified hospital for abortion in Bangalore has better and quicker access to world-class facilities and new techniques that gain them international recognition.

For availing a safe abortion, you may need to visit only a certified MTP centre. And there are only a handful of abortion centres in Mangalore further narrowing your choice, increasing the waiting period and limited private consultation options.

Lack of highly qualified gynaecologists for abortion at certified abortion clinics and lack of privacy in small cities are other top reasons for women seeking safe, high quality, early and private abortion procedures to travel to Bangalore, which is the most conveniently located and can be easily reached from Mangalore.

#2. Climate:

Mangalore is a small coastal city. Thereby, its climate gets hot and very humid during summers. While Bangalore being an inland city has less humid, pleasant weather and moderate climate throughout the year.

For operations to be conducted in a sterile environment, humidity needs to be kept under controlled conditions.

The operation rooms need to have a cool, dry and well-ventilated inside climate.

Level of humidity needs to be in safe limits to prevent patient complications while under anaesthesia.

With limited abortion hospitals in Mangalore, it cannot be ascertained whether or not the Operation theatres are well-equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC systems and dehumidifiers. 

Disturbances in climate can increase the complications, threaten the patient’s safety and impact the surgical outcomes if the abortion is performed by the surgical method of abortion. 

#3. Surgical abortion options in Mangalore:

Do you know your gestation length? If not, please drop a comment for your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and we will give you the estimated gestation length.

Otherwise, you can calculate it yourself by taking your LMP as the first day of gestation. And then the number of weeks you have progressed beyond that.

If your gestation length is past early stage pregnancy, the recommended method of your abortion will be surgical abortion.

The surgical abortion procedure can be either by Vacuum Aspiration (VA) before 12 weeks or by Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E) if your pregnancy has exceeded beyond 12 weeks but is less than or equal to 20 weeks.

For surgical abortion in Mangalore, you have further fewer options. The medical method of abortion (MMA), i.e., abortion pills in India is the earliest method that can be availed safely up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy may be available at most of the abortion clinics in Mangalore. This is because the healthcare providers who are qualified to provide MMA are more easily available than the ones who are qualified to perform high quality safe surgical abortion procedures.

So, your options get further narrow when your waiting period is more during which your gestation length goes beyond 6 to 8 weeks.

Amongst the very few abortion hospitals in Mangalore, again there may be waiting, privacy concerns and safety concerns.

You may want a gentle and painless abortion which can be difficult to obtain. 

#4. Effectiveness of abortion procedures:

Women in Mangalore wanting abortion services for terminating unintended pregnancies may have the easiest choice of abortion pills

But there are certain important things to know before buying abortion pills, some of which are:

  • The medical method of abortion is legal only if safe abortion pills are prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.
  • It is illegal to buy or sell abortion pills without the prescription.
  • The medical method of abortion is 95% – 96% effective as compared to the surgical methods of abortion which are nearly 100% effective. This means, your abortion may be incomplete and you may then need a surgical procedure to complete it, options for which are further less in Mangalore.
  • If your gestation length is more than 6 weeks, chances of incomplete abortion increase which can then be completed only by surgical intervention.
  • In case your pregnancy location is ectopic, i.e, the fertilized egg has not got implanted in the uterine cavity and is located somewhere else in the pathway. In such cases, abortion pills will not work at all and this can lead to a life-threatening situation like a burst tubal pregnancy and the like.

Not all prescribers may check for the pregnancy location through a transvaginal scan. And even if they ask you for a TVS report before prescribing abortion pills, the visited centre may not have sonography setup installed.

And then you will have to visit a radio-diagnostic centre where again your privacy can be compromised. And this is what you may not want to risk. 

If your pregnancy comes out to be ectopic, there may or may not be available laparoscopic facilities available for its termination.

Only very early ectopic pregnancies can be treated medically by medicines. Late ones need surgical procedures.

Why wait for so late?

It’s better to visit the best abortion hospital in India for the safest and highest quality procedure for abortion in India and where all your concerns can be addressed healthily and safely.

  • You may be wanting an early assurance that the abortion is complete. But, with abortion pills, you will have to wait for bleeding to stop which may take from 2 to 7 days.

If bleeding or spotting persists beyond a week, there are chances of incomplete abortion.

Even if the abortion is complete, you can be confident only either by a pelvic ultrasound after 2-3 days or wait for the bleeding to stop.

  • Of all available abortion methods in India, with medical method of abortion, bleeding may last for longer and is often accompanied by abdominal cramps.

If you’re a working woman, you may need to take off for a couple of days until you feel well to join back and work.

#5. Prevention of abortion complications and side-effects:

Like with any medical procedure abortions have possible complications and side-effects.

Unfortunately, unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortality and co-morbidity of Indian women.

The best thing is that all these abortion risks and complications are preventable if proper measures are taken while performing abortions.

Let’s have an insight as to how can they be prevented.

  • Experienced and well-trained medical staff:
    • Abortion procedures, especially surgical abortions need well-trained and experienced hands since they are slightly invasive procedures. Gentle medical tools are inserted through the cervix to remove the gestation products from the uterine cavity.
    • With trained professionals, chances of injury to internal organs are minimal and increase with untrained professionals. 
    • Besides trauma, there can be damage to internal blood vessels if uterine perforation is not done carefully. This can lead to haemorrhage which is yet another serious complication. You should always look for gentle care abortion procedures which are performed by experienced professionals with precision and accuracy. 
  • Hygiene:
    • Proper sanitization and sterilization of all premises and equipment are required before and after every abortion procedure. With a huge crowd in the same centre, it is not easy to maintain hygiene if the staff is also limited. Where doctors are limited, it cannot be expected for the centres to have sufficient paramedical staff for hygiene care.
    • Unhygienic premises and medical equipment can lead to more cases of infections. Infections that could have been prevented if they do arise will have to be managed with co-prescription of antibiotics both during and after the procedures. 
    • Again, even if antibiotics are administered, there may be chances of allergy test not being performed. This can be a common case but it can lead to a hypersensitive reaction. And the healthcare professional performing abortion may or may not be able to manage the complication timely.

Prevention of abortion risks and complications is another top reasons why women from

Mangalore travel to Bangalore to undergo the safest procedures for abortion in India.

# 6. Ease of access:

Comparing Bangalore and Mangalore for ease of access to the abortion clinic, you can find plenty of travel options and last-mile connectivity all 24-hours a day in Bangalore.

On the other hand, connectivity options are also limited in Mangalore. In Bangalore, you have access to the Bangalore metro, buses, cabs, private four-wheelers, rickshaws, autorickshaws which are available all-day round. 

Commuting in Bangalore is easier than in Mangalore.

Travelling to Bangalore from Mangalore to avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

Let us first look into the benefits of availing an abortion in Bangalore as compared to Mangalore and then explore the travel options.

Here, you go.

  • Firstly, availing a private abortion is one of the most important criteria for any woman. This becomes difficult when the girl is unmarried or a widow or can face societal stigma for carrying a pregnancy when she is not expected to do so.

Mangalore being a smaller city has less population. Moreover, social connections are stronger than can be seen in Bangalore, which is a busy city with people from throughout India as well as foreigners from several countries.

People of Bangalore are busy in their own lives and works. They are broad-minded and hence, you can expect to receive almost zero societal stigmas. 

Moreover, when you are travelling from Mangalore to Bangalore, most of the people you may get a chance to meet throughout your journey and procedure will be unknown. The fear of meeting an acquaintance is minimum.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in Bangalore is well known for providing abortion services to people coming from the city, outside the city and even from foreign countries on the same scheduled date. You will not have to wait. You can expect to receive a private consultation at your scheduled appointment.

  • Even with waiting, you may not want to be spotted out in crowded waiting areas due to your privacy concerns and comfort. Since abortion doctors in Mangalore are limited, there is a large waiting.

Unlike at an abortion clinic in Mysore, you can expect private consultation in Bangalore where you come to meet not more than 3-4 people including your gynaecologist, a specially assigned nurse for your care and 1-2 helping paramedical staff.

  • Medical facilities in Bangalore are far better than those available in Mangalore. Hence, Bangalore is the favourite medical tourism destination. And the best abortion clinic in India is AHB which has made their repute with world-class infrastructure, extensively experienced professional and caring gynaecologists, internationally trained medical staff and compassionate nurses.

Coming to travel options from Mangalore to Bangalore, one can conveniently travel to and fro. The two cities are located at a distance of about 350 km. 

  • The shortest route from Mangalore to Bangalore is by air. Both cities have airports. A domestic flight from Mangaluru airport can be taken for Bangalore which will take only an hour to get you there.

From the airport, you can hire a private cab or book one through various apps available. They can conveniently take you to your destination.

  • If you wish to travel by road, you can take an intercity bus that will take somewhere between 5-6 hours to get you to Bangalore bus terminus. Even here, you can find multiple ways to arrive AHB like cabs, rickshaws, local buses and more.
  • What can be better than the comfort of your four-wheeler? And you always have the option to drive with a companion. It’s better to have a companion by side rather than self-driving. This can also keep your privacy more conserved.

If you are an unmarried girl or the like who do not wish to entail your parents or guardians in the process, then you need to know that it is possible and that too legally. 

Abortion in Mangalore for unmarried couples may be a tabboo in Mangalore, but not all in Bangalore, where you will receive caring and non-judgemental treatment.

As per Indian MTP Act, only the woman’s consent is required for terminating an unwanted pregnancy if she is an adult, i.e., above 18 years of age.

So, you need not resort to an unsafe abortion practice by self-administering abortion pills or consider visiting a quack or consider Do-It-Yourself (DIY) abortion.

Visiting American Hospital Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

AHB is the top-medical destination favourite amongst women seeking Comprehensive Abortion Care in India.

AHB values a woman’s safety both in terms of health as well as privacy. 

The abortion team at AHB comprises of highly qualified and experienced gynaecologists, extensively and internationally trained medical staff.

All the professionals at AHB are professional, caring as well as compassionate. At the same time, they give unequivocal treatment to all women regardless of their personal choices and have non-judgemental attitude.

Besides the staff, the hospital has one of the world’s best infrastructure and is equipped with the latest medical equipment providing Gentle Care painless abortion procedures

You and your abortion status and personal details shall remain completely confidential and you can happily get discharged the same day after a safe and painless abortion. 

You can either choose to stay back and rest for a day in your budget-sized hotel, resort or guest house. And travel back as per your convenience with confidence that you have a complete abortion

You will also receive guidance into rapid post-abortion recovery. Do not delay in case you are looking forward to having a safe abortion.

You can call or WhatsApp our helpline number at +91 934 382 6182 and speak to a professional and schedule your appointment. Or you can drop a message and request a callback. 

Several patients seeking abortion in Mangalore have obtained a private, confidential and safe abortion procedure in Bangalore – don’t hesitate to seek the best help for you!

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