Abortion in Ajman, UAE: What are your safe options?

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Considering abortion in Ajman for an unplanned pregnancy? Is abortion in Ajman even legal? What are the abortion UAE laws and where can you obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion? If you are looking for these answers, you are at the right place.


Ajman in the UAE is popular among locals and expats and is looked at widely for settling down options.

The city has got a laidback vibe, the crime rate is quite low, parks are well maintained and family-friendly neighborhoods are available. Besides, housing options are quite affordable. These and many more make Ajman a good place to settle in.

With all these goodies within the city, one may choose to live here but what about unwanted pregnancies in Ajman? They can come to any woman anywhere and anytime in life. Nearly 3 out of every 5 women face an unwanted pregnancy at least once in their lifetime.

This post intends to help women living in Ajman have all their queries answered in regards to obtaining a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Women often resort to unsafe abortions in Ajman, mostly drug-induced abortions in light of the fact that abortion in UAE is illegal. The want for getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy is so grave that women cannot settle for anything lesser than an abortion. But is unsafe abortion the only choice?

Or do such women have better choices?

Unsafe abortions not only put the lives and health of these women in danger but are also punishable. Also, the cost of abortion in such cases is very high. And the pain and trauma women undergo is very saddening.

Any woman seeking an abortion should consider safe abortion options rather than opting for unsafe procedures.

Let’s first have a look at how women are putting their health, lives and dumping lots of money for unsafe abortion in Ajman, UAE.

Abortion in Ajman stories to learn from:

Abortion in Ajman story 1:

A woman who was a private school teacher got pregnant from an extramarital affair. Since the lady was already a mother of two and did not want another child and that too out of the marriage bought abortion pills in UAE.

She went to a private abortion clinic in Dubai with a friend. The doctor gave her a set of abortion pills for a huge amount of Dh 5000. She suffered from severe bleeding and fever for two weeks. And she said that she felt she would not survive this and may even die.

Fearing the law, she took up only some medicines for pain and fever management but did not visit any hospital. She survived the trauma but the pain she underwent has had a huge impact on her and she reported that she would never forget the same.

Lesson to learn:

There are safe abortion options for every woman if she is ready to discover them. Hence, if you too are seeking abortion for an unwanted pregnancy, please consider the safe options. There are efficient, effective and successful abortion options where complete care is taken to minimize and prevent the occurrence of any complications.

Abortion in Ajman Story 2:

Another married woman became pregnant from someone other than her husband. She bought abortion pills in Ajman from a pharmacy illegally for Dh 4000. She managed to have an abortion in Ajman. However, she faced plenty of harsh comments from the pharmacy owner himself.

Although he gave her the abortion pills, yet he did mention that the woman should be shameful of having an abortion. She should not kill an unborn child if she believes in God and that she is a monster.

Lesson to learn:

Stigma with abortion in Ajman is common just like it is in many cultures and societies. Even the medical fraternity is in the grasp of this stigma at some places. However, there are better and safe abortion options where the woman is not made to feel guilty but provided with medical help as and when needed. Keep reading further to know your best abortion in India option where you can have a non-judgmental abortion. In addition, your physical, mental as well as psychological well-being will be taken care of as a part of your reproductive rights.

Abortion in Ajman story 3:

A 21-year old Filipino expat in UAE was forced to have an abortion since she was unmarried. She took multiple abortion pills (seven, to be precise) after which she started bleeding severely and fainted. Then, she was taken to a hospital and admitted. She underwent an emergency surgery and had to stay under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). However, the girl died within a couple of days due to post-abortion complications. 

In fact, her pregnancy was not intrauterine or normal. She had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured even after taking abortion pills leading to internal bleeding and her death. 

Lesson to learn:

Post-abortion complications with unsafe abortions may be fatal. However, access to safe abortions can prevent these complications since all risks with abortions are preventable.

Abortion in Ajman story 4:

A 15-year-old Russian girl on her visit visa to UAE was forced into prostitution by her guardian aunt. As a result, soon she discovered being pregnant. For unwanted pregnancy termination, her aunt took her to Ajman. A quack there gave her abortion pills.

On her way back, she started bleeding severely. Her aunt dumped her from the taxi and ran away. Later, the girl with some help on the road was able to take another taxi to the hospital. The hospital informed the government authorities about the case and her aunt received punishment for an illegal abortion as per abortion UAE law. She was put in the jail and after she completes the punishment, she shall be deported.

Lesson to learn:

Just like from the above abortion in Ajman stories, this story also tells us that do not attempt unsafe abortions. Abortion pills may be dangerous if procured illegally. You may buy fake or expired abortion pills from the black market or through illegal online suppliers.

Even if you manage to get safe abortion pills in Ajman, you may not have a complete abortion. Or you may even suffer post-abortion complications which may be very grave. And you may even receive punishment for abortion in Ajman since abortion in the UAE is illegal.

Why do women opt for unsafe abortion in Ajman?

There are several reasons for women opting for unsafe abortions in the UAE. However, the most important reason is the legal status of abortion UAE. The stigma attached to abortions is yet another issue. And unmarried girl pregnancies have fear as an additional factor other than legal status and stigma. They fear the wrath of the family and even society. Even many partners leave pregnant unmarried girls deserted after learning about their pregnancies. 

Whatever be the situation, one may never attempt an unsafe abortion. You do have better abortion options abroad where abortions are legal even for foreign women. You can easily travel to Bangalore, India via a short flight and avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

We will be learning about the same ahead in this post. But before we proceed, you should make a well-informed decision and hence we intend to furnish you with as many details as possible regarding abortion in Ajman, UAE. This may help you understand why it may be a better option to have a safe abortion in Bangalore rather than an unsafe abortion in Ajman.

abortion in Ajman, UAE

abortion in UAE

Strict abortion UAE rules may propel women to have unsafe abortion in Ajman:

Permissible circumstances:

Abortions in the UAE are illegal and permissible only in two events:

  1. Either to protect the woman’s life: A panel of three doctors will have to affirm this. And then, the abortion is legally available only at a government hospital. The permission of the woman’s husband or guardian is essential for the abortion to save her life. (NOTE: A recent amendment in abortion UAE law 2024 states that in emergencies, husband permission may not be an essential requisite.)
  2. Or if fetal anomalies are present: Now, the UAE abortion law does not include all fetal deformities in this clause. A married couple can obtain an abortion in this case only for a very few fetal defects that are either incurable or there is evidence that the child may not survive. Again, consent of the husband or the woman’s guardian is essential.

The ceiling age, in this case, is 120-days. Beyond this period, abortion is not permissible even if fetal deformities are present.

Marital status:

Many unmarried girls get pregnant while cohabiting or in a relationship. But they may not be looking forward to marriage in near future or even childbearing. However, they cannot avail a legal abortion in Ajman.

Even for the aforementioned permissible circumstances, only married couples can have a legal abortion. Whenever a woman gets her maternity file opened in the UAE, the couple has to present their valid marriage certificate. The hospital doesn’t open the file without it. So, how can you expect unwanted pregnancy termination only because you want it?

Consent for abortion in UAE:

In situations where unmarried girls get pregnant or women get pregnant out of their marriages, they cannot even have their partner’s consent for an abortion.

Unlike the UAE, abortion in India is available only on the woman’s consent if she is an adult. This is a big reason that women from the Middle East and Gulf countries often travel to India for legal abortions.

Stigma with abortion in Ajman may also propel women into unsafe abortions in UAE:

Abortion and stigma are in a close association. However, in Islamic countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Maldives, etc. the abortion rules do not permit abortions for unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

Religious scholars put their firm belief that personal reasons cannot come in middle and prevent a creature from coming into this world. This further complicates the situations of these women and make access to safe abortions impossible in their countries.

Why do women from the UAE travel to India for abortions?

This is clear from the above UAE abortion rules and stigma that women do not have a legal abortion in UAE as a clear choice. They either choose to have an unsafe abortion, the risks with which may be grave.

Abortion pills in UAE, abortion pills in Dubai, unmarried abortion UAE, abortion in Dubai

Or they can choose to travel to another country where abortions are legal. There are many countries where abortion may be legal but still women prefer India because there are still many other legal complications in other countries like,

Abortion based on citizenship:

Abortion may be legal but available only to the natives of that country. Unlike that, abortion in India is available to all women alike, Indian citizens, foreign women, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and even ex-pats. Check out: Abortion in India for Dubai Women: Foreigners, NRIs, Expats

Legally permissible circumstances:

Failure of contraception:

Abortions may be legal but the permissible circumstances may vary largely. One of the major reasons for unplanned pregnancies is a contraceptive failure. In countries where abortion is legal may not allow unplanned pregnancy termination for contraceptive failure as the reason. However, abortion in India is available for the reason of contraceptive failure. This makes India a better option for a legal abortion.

Rape/Incest/Sexual assault:

Cases of sexual assault may also lead to unwanted pregnancies. Trauma associated with such immoral acts is immense and unwanted pregnancy only adds on trouble for such girls and women. Marital rapes also exist. And family may not even want other additions for social or economic reasons. However, abortions may not be legally available in all the countries in such cases.

But abortion in India is legally available for terminating pregnancies that have resulted from sexual assaults.

To protect a woman’s life and/or physical and/or mental health:

Many countries offer legal abortions for protecting a woman’s life. But health may not be an inclusive factor. Dissimilar to them, abortion in India can be availed in case ongoing pregnancy may pose a threat even to her physical or mental health. Many other countries may regard physical health but turn a blind eye to a woman’s mental wellbeing. But Indian abortion law is quite progressive and abortion can be availed in such circumstances.

Fetal anomalies have been detected:

We mentioned above in the post that abortion in UAE is permissible if fetal anomalies have been detected. However, not all fetal anomalies have been covered under the law. Besides, the gestation period in UAE for such cases is 120-days. But in India, you may avail of legal abortion for up to 24 weeks in case of fetal anomalies.

There may be fetal deformities that are detected in the late stage of pregnancy but legal termination is not an option in the UAE beyond 120-days.

Consent for abortion:

For all the aforementioned legally permissible circumstances, abortion in India can be availed only on the woman or the girl’s consent if she is an adult. Parental consent is needed only in case the girls are minors or less than 18-years.

Even in case, the woman is mentally incapable of her consent, the guardian’s consent may be needed for terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

Many countries where abortions are legal may need consent from both partners. This again comes as a woman-friendly option while seeking an abortion in India.

Gestation period:

Abortion in India for normal circumstances is legal for up to 20 weeks of gestation. Many countries where abortions are legal may grant permission for less than 20 weeks. Hence, a higher gestation period is yet another benefit for women to have an abortion in India.

In special cases, legal abortions may be available for four more weeks, making the permissible gestation age to be 24-weeks.

Marital status:

Now, this is one of the most important benefits of obtaining an abortion in India. Countries, where abortions are legal, may be available only to married couples. However, abortion in India is legally available to all women and girls alike irrespective of their marital status.

So, whether you are unmarried or married or a single mother or a divorcee or have got pregnant out of a valid marriage, you can avail of legal abortion in India. It has been legalized as per the MTP Act, 2021. And ever since, you can avail a legal abortion in India as an unmarried girl also.

Travelling to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for a legal, safe and confidential abortion in India:

The benefits of obtaining an abortion in India have been highlighted in the above section of this post. But can you visit anywhere and have an abortion with the care you may want?

Since you have travelled all the way to a different country for a legal abortion, you may also be seeking the best abortion care. You may not want to stand in long queues or wait for longer periods.

It may be wise to make a planned abortion trip. We are here to help you guide you for the same. You may want to avail a safe abortion. Also, you may want the trip to be as short as possible whether for professional or personal reasons.

We understand the urgency of obtaining an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy. But we may like you also to understand that safe abortions do not come served on platters anywhere you may want them. You need to look for the best and personalized abortion clinic where you can visit by appointment, obtain a safe abortion and return with a successful procedure.

Do you know?

Do you know, your abortion trip can be as short as just a two-day trip to India including the procedure, your travel and stay?

And do you know that you have an abortion in Bangalore option where you can obtain a painless and Gentle care abortion that too without the need of overnight stay at the hospital?

The stigma attached to abortions can be seen even in India. Due to this very reason, many Malayali women residing in Gulf countries often prefer Bangalore over Kerala for confidential abortions. And AHB is their choicest abortion destination.

Let’s find out why?

What to expect from an abortion at American Hospital Bangalore?

Take an appointment:

AHB is the choicest abortion destination for multiple reasons. And you can start with just a first call to realize that. Online forums where women discuss their safe abortion options often recommend visiting here for a personalized abortion.

It may be better that you first speak on AHB’s helpline number and have an appointment. Since the hospital takes up only a limited number of patients each day, you may need to make your travel arrangements only after having the appointment.

Plan your travel:

Next, you can check for the flight schedules for the same or the previous day. And book one that matches your appointment day and time. The hospital is only a few minutes ride from the airport and online cabs are as easy to book as ordering a quick meal.

If there’s a time between your arrival and the appointment, you may check in the hotel that you may have booked. There are plenty of short-stay options both near the airport as well as near the hospital. Rest for a while and then take a short local transport that may take you to the hospital at your appointment time.

Abortion consultation, procedure and discharge: What to expect at AHB?

AHB is a premier abortion hospital that provides safe abortion procedures with personalized abortion care. Upon arriving at the hospital, you will receive a private one-to-one consultation with the doctor.

The doctor may take down your medical case and advise you to undergo some routine blood tests and a transvaginal scan. These are required for prescribing the best abortion method for you.

According to the gestation length and location, the abortion method that suits you best may be prescribed.

For an intrauterine pregnancy, there are three recommended procedures for abortion. These are:

  1. Medical abortion for up to 6 weeks.
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion (Gentle Care suction abortion) for up to 12 weeks, and
  3. Dilatation &Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion (Gentle Care induced abortion) for up to 20 weeks.

All the mentioned procedures are safe and effective. However, each method has its pros and cons. And at the end, it is the woman’s choice to choose the best abortion method. According to the gestation period, the methods have already been mentioned.

But for single day abortion procedures, it may be better for you to opt for Gentle Care abortion procedures. Gentle Care suction abortion is painless, short and highly efficient abortion method that can give you the confidence of a successful abortion before you even leave the hospital with no necessity for a follow-up appointment. 

Schedule your appointment today because delay is not an option but safe abortion may still be available.

A safe, legal and confidential abortion is easy to obtain provided you know your best options.

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