Things you better know before having abortion in Mauritius

Known worldwide for its beaches, reefs, lagoons, wildlife, national park, waterfalls, rainforests, hiking trails and much more, Mauritius is a beautiful tourist location.

But do you know girls and women in Mauritius are travelling to India for abortion as a part of medical tourism?

Yes, that’s true and multiple reasons go into this decision-making process for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

This post intends to help girls and women struggling with unwanted pregnancies in Mauritius obtain safe, legal and confidential abortions in India.

Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) is a big challenge. And it is true not only for Port Louis, Mauritius but for many countries across the globe.

In the darkness of ignorance and lack of knowledge and the light of fear, many girls attempt unsafe abortions. By doing so, they not only risk their health, but sometimes they pay the cost of abortion with their lives.

They risk their health, life and reproductive futures at the hands of illegally induced unsafe abortions. Unwanted pregnancies come to women as a result of different reasons. Some of them may be like lack of knowledge of contraception and other forms of birth control. Others may include lack of knowledge of using contraceptives, technical failure, rape/incest and more.

But all women and girls do not know that they can obtain a safe abortion for unwanted pregnancy legally. Indian abortion rules are liberal not only for Indian women but also for foreign patients. This is which is why women from Middle East countries like the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar travel to India for legal abortions.

Read this post to discover your safe abortion options.

Abortion in Mauritius: The legal picture:

Abortions in Mauritius are highly restricted. It is available only under certain grounds like to protect the woman’s life and health or rape (but not incest) and fetal anomalies. However, the girl or the woman has to prove that her pregnancy is a result of rape.

When sexual intercourse involves the mutual consent of both partners but it resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, abortion is not permissible.

The permissible gestation length up to which abortion in Mauritius is available is 14 weeks. And diagnostic scans detect several fetal anomalies during the late stage. Even rape cases may need time to prove the incidence of immoral behavior.

This narrows down the abortion options for women. Moreover, the delay often presents several complications with abortions.

But women in Mauritius can travel to Bangalore, India for Gentle Care abortion procedures, exclusively available at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

Schedule an early appointment for painless Gentle Care abortion at AHB today.

Abortion in India in comparison with abortion in Mauritius: The legal things

Abortions in India are legal for both married women and unmarried girls under a wide range of circumstances. These include:

  • Failure of a contraceptive (birth control) method.
  • If an immoral act like rape or incest results in an unintended pregnancy.
  • Fetal deformities have been detected and the child to be born may either not survive or will have some developmental disorder.
  • Abortion in India is legal to protect the physical and/or mental health and/or the life of the woman during any time throughout her pregnancy.

Other things to know about abortion in India are:

  • It is legal for up to 20 weeks in most cases. However, in some cases, the law may permit pregnancy termination even beyond this period.
  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India with your consent only. You may choose not to involve your partner or parents if you are an adult. Once you attain the age of 18 years, you are eligible to make your reproductive choices. However, for your safety and prevention of complications with abortion, the same is permissible only at the government approved abortion hospitals.
  • You can obtain a legal abortion even being a citizen of Mauritius or an Indian expatriate. You can avail abortion as a part of a short trip to India, a trip you can call, “Medical tourism.”

Are you trying to buy abortion pills in Mauritius?

Many unmarried girls and women think of extreme measures like self-abortions on discovering they are carrying unwanted pregnancies. But the cost of abortion they pay may come in many forms, some of which can even be irreversible.

This section of the post is for you to understand the cost of abortion in terms of unsafe abortion with abortion pills.

Abortion pills are safe medicines for terminating pregnancies. However, not all women are eligible or qualify for pregnancy termination with abortion pills. Only a qualified and experienced doctor can prescribe abortion pills after ruling out all possibilities of complications and side effects.

If you visit any pharmacy in Mauritius and ask for abortion pills, it is illegal. You cannot buy abortion pills or the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) in Mauritius without a doctor’s prescription. So, the first thing you do by buying abortion pills is an illegal action. You may receive punishment for this criminal offence.

Let us have a look at some other side effects of abortion pills.

Incomplete abortion:

Abortion pills may lead to an incomplete abortion. The chances of incomplete abortion increase when the patient self-medicates owing to the lack of knowledge on several aspects like:

Gestation period:

Taking abortion pills beyond the recommended age of 6-8 weeks can result in incomplete abortion. When a patient takes abortion pills in the late stage of pregnancy, abortion pills are not completely efficient in removing the embryo and all pregnancy products.

Although, the embryo may pass out through the vaginal route, however, some placental tissue and thickened uterine lining may not be completely shed.

The patient may still feel pregnant like due to hormonal imbalance. Even the bleeding may continue for up to weeks. It may range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding from time to time. Abdominal pain due to cramps usually accompanies.

Fever may appear in case of an infection.

The right dose of abortion pills:

The dose of abortion pills needs adjustment according to individual patient needs. Some women may have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) while some may have a lower BMI. The dose of any medicine varies according to this medical fact. And the same holds true even with abortion pills.

Besides the BMI, some patients may be taking some medicines for co-existing medical conditions. And some of the medicines interfere with abortion pills. In some cases, the dose adjustment may be essential for the abortion pills to work efficiently in the presence of other medicines.

And in various other incidences, like a patient suffering from adrenal insufficiency or liver problems or kidney problems, again the dose adjustment is essential on specific medical grounds.

These are the things that any woman or girl may not consider while buying abortion pills. She may pop in the medicines only to end up in a complication, such as an incomplete abortion. And an incomplete abortion is treatable by corrective surgery.

However, when you visit a registered abortion clinic, the doctor ascertains all these aspects before prescribing you abortion pills. If you choose to end your pregnancy with pills, you can choose to receive them after proper consultation with a qualifying doctor.

Schedule an appointment for abortion with pills at American Hospital Bangalore today.

How to take abortion pills?

Unwanted pregnancies come to women from all walks of life. An engineer, a teacher, a lawyer, a student, an IT professional or any other girl or woman may not know how to take abortion pills.

When you buy abortion pills through illegal sources or by paying higher the cost at the pharmacy, you may not receive clear instructions on taking abortion pills.

Every girl and woman is different from another and her medical needs are also different. Some girls may respond well to the oral administration of abortion pills. While some others may need internal administration for their proper functioning.

The wrong method of administration can also result in an incomplete abortion.

Besides, abortion pills work in two steps, the first being the pregnancy halt and the second being its removal. The two medicines approved as abortion medicines work together in medical abortion. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

They are not taken together at the same time. The first medicine, Mifepristone is taken earlier. It stops the embryo from further growth and development by depriving it of the hormone Progesterone.

The second abortion pill, Misoprostol is an abortifacient that has to be taken at a gap of 24-36 hours after Mifepristone. After the job of the first abortion pill is over, then Misoprostol helps in the removal of embryos and other pregnancy products.

Variation in this time gap may also result in an incomplete abortion.

Ectopic pregnancy:

An ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy. The rightful location for the development of any pregnancy is in the womb, the uterus. After fertilization of the female egg with the male sperm, the resulting embryo has to travel to the uterus and implant there.

If such a thing happens, it is a normal or an intrauterine pregnancy. However, in some cases, the embryo does not reach the uterus. It may either remain in the tube or can travel to the wrong location such as the cervix lining or the abdominal cavity.

These cases are known as extrauterine or ectopic pregnancies. Such events are rare but need immediate medical treatment.

If any patient takes abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy will not terminate. This is because abortion pills work only on intrauterine pregnancies. Misoprostol contracts the uterine muscles to expel all the pregnancy products. But how will it expel a pregnancy that is not in the uterine cavity?

If an ectopic pregnancy keeps on growing, it may rupture soon in a few days or weeks. This may lead to internal bleeding and hemorrhage. It is a life-threatening complication. Only an immediate surgery can save the patient’s life.

During the surgery, the fallopian tube and the connecting ovary may also require removal. So, the cost of unsafe abortion can even be the loss of reproductive health and impact on future pregnancies.

Such complications are preventable by early detection and removal of ectopic pregnancy with the help of medicines.

Schedule an early appointment at the American Hospital Bangalore for a safe abortion that does not impact your future pregnancies.

Heavy blood loss:

Besides, incomplete abortion and ectopic pregnancy, a patient may respond to abortion pills with heavy bleeding. In some cases, the bleeding is so heavy that the patient may need a blood transfusion to save her life.

When young girls and women self-medicate with abortion pills, they may not know how to prepare for such consequences.


Some women may be allergic to abortion pills. And again you may not know your allergies and also how to deal with an allergic reaction.


Infections are very common with all medical procedures, including abortions. And laymen are not aware of what to take to prevent the occurrence of infections or how to deal when the infection has made its way in.

Your safe early abortion options at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

American Hospital Bangalore is a personalized abortion clinic since its founding in 1995. All the doctors, gynecologists, surgeons, nurses and medical assistance staff have more than 20 years of experience in performing safe abortions.

The hospital has transformed abortions into simple, convenient, effective and comfortable medical procedures. The patients visit AHB from various parts of the world to avail themselves of its exclusive Gentle Care abortion services.

The hospital follows all guidelines for safe abortion practices and has made Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) accessible to all girls and women by redefining abortion care.

You can have a short abortion procedure as an early option for terminating an unwanted pregnancy at AHB. The best thing is the comfort, painless and quick OPD procedure lasting less than 5 minutes.

You can take a short flight from Mauritius to Bangalore, have a hotel booked nearby for a day and also schedule a return flight the following day. Or you can speak on the hospital’s helpline number. A coordinator can help you make all the necessary travel arrangements, stay options, abortion appointment and also help in VISA clearance.

AHB is equipped to perform all abortion procedures according to specific patient needs. The three safe abortion methods available at AHB are:

  1. The medical abortion
  2. Gentle care suction abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

The medical abortion at AHB:

Medical abortion is abortion with the help of abortion pills. It is a simple and natural method, also known as bedroom abortion. As a part of this method, you can obtain abortion pills at the clinic if you are eligible for a medical abortion.

You will also receive guidance as to how and when to take the pills and what to expect. The abortion will occur as vaginal bleeding like a heavy menstrual period when you are at your home. But when you are coming to AHB from Mauritius, you can take abortion pills in the hotel room.

You can have someone by your side to help you relax since the abortion will be accompanied with abdominal cramps, pain and bleeding. Although, it is like a heavy menstrual period, having a loved one by your side can help your anxiety relieve and you will feel comfortable. Also, you can receive immediate help in case of any emergency such as heavy blood loss or unbearable pain.

Who should not take abortion pills?

Never take abortion pills without consultation. Most of the side effects have already been discussed in the above section. However, there are a few more things that make a woman or a girl non-eligible for a medical abortion. These are:

  • If the pregnancy length is more than 8 weeks.
  • In an event, the pregnancy location is extrauterine.
  • If the patient is taking blood thinners for any medical condition like hypertension, lupus, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or some other condition. This can result in heavy blood loss and present as a complication.
  • If the patient is suffering from any acute or chronic liver disorder. In such a case, abortion pills may enhance the burden on the liver for their metabolism. It will not only affect the efficiency of abortion pills but will also harm liver health.
  • If the patient is suffering from adrenal insufficiency or any other disorder of the adrenal glands.
  • Women or girls who are on long-term therapy of corticosteroids also disqualify for a medical abortion.

Gentle Care suction abortion:

Gentle Care suction abortion is the pioneer method exclusively available at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). The medical name for Gentle Care abortion is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

It is your abortion option if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant. Besides, the reason behind this abortion being called “Gentle Care abortion” is that highly-qualified and trained physicians perform it gently with their experienced hands.

You receive the procedure in a private examination room unlike operation rooms in other hospitals. Your partner or friend may accompany you. The procedure lasts less than 5-10 minutes.

How is it done?

The nurse helps the patient lie in a comfortable position. She provides the support and care to help the patient relax. When a patient arrives for an abortion, she may be nervous and scared of pain. However, the nurse helps the patient feel comfortable and free from any kind of fear because Gentle Care abortion is absolutely painless.

When the patient is ready, the doctor cleans the cervix region to prevent infections. Then, she uses a small medical device called an aspirator attached to a narrow tube. The doctor gently inserts this soft and flexible vacurette inside to reach the uterine cavity.

Implementation of gentle pressure sucks the embryo and other pregnancy products. Within a few minutes, the pregnancy is released. All hospitals do not allow a companion to accompany during the procedure. Unlike them, AHB allows a companion since the procedure is performed in a private examination room.

The patient can then relax for as long as she may want. Most women are ready to go back within 15 minutes of the procedure. You can have some hot beverages and snacks at the hospital.

So, you receive private consultation, the procedure in a private examination room and recover privately unlike general wards of most hospitals. This makes the Gentle care abortion gentle, painless and comfortable.

Gentle Care Suction abortion at AHB is nearly 100% efficient. You may not need to visit the hospital again for a follow-up or to get the abortion completed as with abortion pills resulting in incomplete abortions. When you take discharge, you will receive post-abortion recovery guidance and prescription.

You leave the hospital with the confidence of completed abortion. AHB wishes a speedy recovery to all its patients.

Gentle Care Abortion

Will a Gentle Care suction abortion impact your future pregnancies?

Since Gentle Care abortion is a simple manual procedure, it does not impact future fertility. You can try conceiving whenever you are ready.

Do you need overnight fasting for a Gentle Care abortion?

No, unlike surgical abortions, you do not need overnight fasting because the procedure is painless and does not require sedation or general anesthesia. So, you can eat and drink normally before and even after your abortion.

After your discharge, the coordinator can arrange a cab for you.

A surgical abortion at AHB:

You can avail of a surgical abortion at AHB for an intrauterine pregnancy that is between 12-20 weeks. It is also known as Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) procedure.

It is also a painless, short, quick, comfortable, efficient and same-day procedure. However, since the procedure lasts for some more time than the suction procedure, the doctor shall do it with the patient under anesthesia.

The patient will wake up on a happy note within a few minutes of a complete procedure. She can rest and recover in the private room. The doctor and nurses shall make the patient feel comfortable in every possible manner.

Each patient gets professional treatment, a supportive and caring attitude, non-judgmental behavior and Comprehensive abortion care. Your abortion care at AHB starts with your first call and lasts until your complete recovery.

Whatever be your abortion method at AHB, you receive proper consultation within the comfort of your privacy, a complete abortion treatment and guidance into rapid healing. You can call on AHB helpline number to speak with a healthcare professional anytime during your abortion journey.

Schedule an appointment to know your early abortion options for terminating unwanted pregnancy and have all your concerns addressed compassionately.

AHB team is always there to listen to your needs and address your queries. Speak to a coordinator to make your abortion arrangements when you are planning to visit Bangalore for a short abortion trip.

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