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Safe abortion is an investment in your good health.

Factors affecting an abortion cost.

How does pregnancy length affect the cost of abortion?

How does pregnancy location impact the cost of abortion?

Cost of abortion in terms of pre-abortion diagnostic tests

How does an abortion hospital impact the cost of abortion?

Cost of abortion in terms of private facilities sought by the patient

Safe abortion is an investment in your good health.

Abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It may either be prescribed for medical reasons such as to protect the patient’s health and/or life. Or it may be prescribed in case of fetal anomalies. In other events, it is also the last resort for the birth control method when other measures of contraception failed.

There is no wonder in that a patient always looks forward to the cost of a medical procedure beforehand. And it is a good idea to do a thoughtful analysis to arrive at a wise conclusion. This post intends to help women living in Sharjah and seeking an abortion in the UAE or anywhere else. Knowing the factors that undergo in deriving the final cost of an abortion can help the reader draw an estimate for a procedure she is likely to undergo.

However, we would also like to bring it to your kind notice that there are instances where health is more important than the cost involved. So, whenever you are trying to draw an estimate, it should always be to prepare for the same beforehand rather than cost-cutting. After all, investing in a safe procedure is investing in your good health and wellbeing. No cost can ever exceed the smile that good health brings to you and your loved ones.

Factors affecting an abortion cost:

If you are seeking an abortion, then probably the following factors can help you draw an estimated amount for the same. These are:

  • Pregnancy length and location will decide the method of abortion.
  • The patient’s medical condition may call for some additional tests.
  • The abortion hospital where the patient chooses to get an abortion.
  • Private facilities sought by the patient for her comfort and privacy.

We will be discussing each factor in detail and how that impacts the abortion price. This post is dedicated to the women living in Sharjah and even other cities in the UAE. So, let’s begin with their abortion options first. Stay tuned if you are one of them.

Can you get an abortion in Sharjah? 

The cost will always come after the availability. So, the first and the most important thing for you to know is that you do not have a legal abortion option in Sharjah. Or if you are planning to visit any other cities in the UAE like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain or any other, it’s a vague idea. And that’s because abortion in the UAE is illegal throughout.

You can get a legal abortion in the UAE only if an ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to your life. Or if fetal anomalies are present. And for that too, you have to be married and will need your partner’s consent for the abortion.

However, most unwanted pregnancies are a result of contraceptive failure. There may be moments in a couple’s lives, whether married or unmarried that can end in unplanned pregnancies. And if you are not ready for the child yet, you may seek an abortion; but not in Sharjah. You may not get legal permission for an abortion for such a reason. Instead, you may have to face the implications of seeking an abortion. And in a case, you are unmarried, you may be punished for two crimes in the eyes of their law. The first is getting pregnant without marriage and the second for seeking an abortion.

What do the women in Sharjah do with unwanted pregnancies?

So, what are your options? Well, while staying in the UAE, you may be very well aware of the fact that you may not be able to get a legal abortion. Many women out of panic and fear resort to unsafe abortions, such as buying abortion pills in Sharjah. That’s another worse idea and can put you in further complicated situations.


Some women reportedly give illegal births and abandon the newborns. That’s also a bad idea. When you cannot raise a child, there may be no legitimate point in going through childbirth and then abandoning an infant.

Well, we understand that an unwanted pregnancy can trigger so many responses. And women seeking no help may fall in for such methods. However, there are still other educated and well-learned women. They take time to look for safe options for terminating unplanned pregnancies. And one such successful option they have been adopting for longer is a short abortion trip to Bangalore, India.

Women from Sharjah and other cities in the UAE and even other Middle East countries often travel to Bangalore for abortions. They obtain a safe, legal and confidential Gentle Care abortion within a day and return home with the confidence of a successful procedure.

Abortion in India is legal for a variety of reasons and up to a long gestation period. Therefore, most Malayali women and other Indian ex-pats, Filipino ex-pats and foreigners consider a Gentle Care abortion as their best rescue. Their decisions are backed by several reasons. These include a short and quick procedure, single appointment, painless, same-day discharge and others. Besides, the homely atmosphere they get is unparallel. With a Gentle Care abortion, many foreign women have been able to have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Coming back to the cost of abortion factors:

# 1. How does pregnancy length affect the cost of abortion?

The first thing that will decide the cost of abortion for you is your pregnancy length. This is the time that you have come ahead in your pregnancy in the number of weeks or days. It is calculated from the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Now, this is important because the method of abortion is different for terminating pregnancies of different ages.

There are three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies based on the pregnancy length. These are:

  1. Medical abortion or the use of abortion pills for up to 6 weeks.
  2. Vacuum aspiration abortion method with the help of suction for up to 12 weeks.
  3. Surgical abortion up to 20 weeks.

Now, we are considering these options if you choose to visit India for your abortion. This is because abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks under normal circumstances. And hence, these are the three abortion methods you can get access to. However, each method has its own specifications and limitations.

A qualified and experienced doctor can help you learn all your available options as per your pregnancy length.

Since we are discussing the abortion method and the cost involved, each method comes at a different cost. And your doctor will help you learn them also during your pre-abortion consultation.

MTP method cost:

The medical abortion method may come at the least price in terms of an amount only. But all other costs a patient may have to pay with medical abortion are not so good. If you too want to know the cost of abortion pills in other terms, here you go.

Incomplete abortion:

Medical abortion happens with the help of safe abortion pills. However, the efficiency of this method is not 100%. This means it carries a possibility of incomplete abortion. An incomplete abortion is one where the womb does not empty completely and some gestation products remain. And these then require surgical removal. So, with incomplete abortion, the patient may have to pay both for the medical abortion as well as the surgical abortion.

Pain and heavy bleeding:

See, the abortion pills induce a natural miscarriage. So, you can expect them to be causing uterine contractions leading to moderate to severe abdominal cramps resulting in pain. And then, the embryo and all pregnancy tissue will expel through the natural vaginal route. However, this bleeding and pain may be very heavy. So, you may have to pay the cost of medical abortion with heavy bleeding and pain.

Many patients lose a large amount of blood and may even get unconscious needing immediate treatment. Due to this, anemic patients are advised to undergo suction abortion even if they are eligible for a medical abortion.

Waiting period:

In a medical abortion, the two different abortion pills are to be taken at different intervals. And hence the abortion happens most likely on the third day. After this, the bleeding may continue for up to days and weeks. With a complete abortion, the bleeding is expected to last up to a week. And if it persists beyond this, there is a high probability of incomplete abortion.

And the patient has to wait for up to 7-10 days before she is sure that the abortion is successful. So, she may have to stay in India until the doctor can confirm a complete abortion.

So, you can draw an estimate that the cost of medical abortion can come to you in the forms of:

  • Firstly, the diagnostic tests to check your eligibility.
  • The cost of additional tests depends on your medical condition.
  • Cost for medical abortion as a procedure.
  • The pain, and bleeding you may have to undergo.
  • Risk of incomplete abortion for which you will need to spend again for a surgical abortion.
  • Waiting period and staying in India for a longer period.

However, all of these are avoidable with another abortion method which is more successful and painless. Plus, there is no waiting period and hence, no longer stay.

Gentle Care suction abortion:

Gentle Care suction abortion is the most preferred abortion method by women from Sharjah and other places. This helps them return home with the joy of a successful procedure and that too in a short term. This is not possible with a medical abortion. However, a Gentle Care suction abortion does permit you that.

How is Gentle Care suction abortion cost-efficient?

It is your abortion option available for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. A Gentle Care suction is the most cost-efficient abortion method because of its advantages like:

  • It is absolutely painless. Unlike medical abortion, there is no pain with Gentle Care suction abortion.
  • It causes zero to minimal bleeding post-abortion. Since all the womb cleaning gets completed within the clinic, the patient does not experience much bleeding after the abortion. Hence, there is no risk of heavy blood loss. This is why even anemic patients can successfully undergo a Gentle Care suction abortion without the fear of blood loss.
  • There is no waiting period. Gentle Care suction abortion is a quick and short procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. The doctor gently applies suction to pull out the pregnancy. The patient does not feel any pain at all. After the abortion, the patient can rest for as long as she feel-like in her private room. Her companion is also welcome to stay by her side throughout. So, when the patient leaves the hospital, she knows that she has undergone a successful and complete abortion.
  • Since there is no waiting period, the patient can return to Sharjah on the same day if the flight schedule permits. The hospital can arrange a free drop-off at the airport. Or she can stay at a nearby homestay and rest overnight. Next, she can travel back to Sharjah through the next flight.

Learn more: Cost of abortion: Medical vs Surgical methods of abortion

Check out flight schedules from Sharjah to Bangalore:

Book a homestay on Airbnb in Bangalore:

Gentle Care surgical abortion:

Gentle Care surgical abortion is the abortion method for terminating pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. So, in a case, you have been unable to obtain an abortion for up to 12 weeks, you can obtain it up to 20 weeks by the Gentle Care surgical abortion method.

It is also a single-appointment procedure with same-day discharge. It is also painless and causes minimal bleeding. Again, there is no waiting period. The cost of surgical abortion involves anesthetist costs as well. Moreover, more equipment is essential. The time taken is also nearly 20-30 minutes. So, it may come at slightly more than that of a suction abortion.

However, Gentle Care surgical abortion is also a cost-effective procedure in terms of it being painless, successful, stress-free and quick. 

#2. How does pregnancy location impact the cost of abortion?

Now, have you heard of an ectopic pregnancy? Well, there are some abnormal pregnancies. Although the cases are rare, their probability can never be ignored.

Ectopic pregnancies are faulty pregnancies where the fertilized egg dislocates to a faulty location. Sometimes, it remains in the fallopian tube. At other times, it may enter into the abdominal cavity or implant in the cervical lining.

These are medical emergencies. And such pregnancies need immediate removal or they may rupture within the body. The resulting consequences may even be life-threatening.

The cost of abortion for terminating an ectopic pregnancy may depend on the exact location of the embryo. And the size will also play a role in the final cost. This is because the method of removal may either be medical or surgical based on these things. And the cost may vary accordingly.

#3. Cost of abortion in terms of pre-abortion diagnostic tests:

It is recommended to have certain precautionary tests before prescribing the abortion method. These are to ensure patients’ safety by all means. Besides, following a proper protocol for an abortion can prevent several complications. And one should never try to cut the abortion cost by avoiding these small but essential tests.

They come only at a minimal cost and hence the cost shouldn’t be a major concern. An ultrasound is essential to check your pregnancy length and location. These will help in ascertaining the best abortion method for you. For instance, your exact pregnancy length may vary from what you may expect as per your LMP. And therefore, the abortion method may also vary accordingly.

The ultrasound shall also tell the pregnancy’s location. Just in a case, it is found to be ectopic, it needs to be removed immediately to save the patient’s future fertility and life. And hence, this ultrasound scan before an abortion is essential to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and also to ascertain the exact pregnancy length.

Cost of additional tests:

Now, besides some general tests, the doctor may ask some patients for some additional tests. These are required only on a case-to-case basis. For instance, an anemic patient may have to get her hemoglobin level tested. This can help the doctor in prescribing the patient a hematinic as a part of the post-abortion recovery.

Another can be a patient suffering from any kind of infection. And in such a case, her Total Leukocyte Count (TLC) level should be in the optimum range to allow for a surgical procedure. This may be essential only in case surgical abortion is essential to terminate the pregnancy. And this can also help the doctor in prescribing antibiotics to prevent infection from further spreading.

In some other cases, the patient may need to have her diabetic profile checked if she is diabetic. Or in case a patient is suffering from any other medical condition for which she may be taking medicines, the doctor may call for additional tests. These are for the patient’s safety and a complication-free abortion procedure.

You may not want to cut the abortion cost by avoiding these tests. These can help in saving your future reproductive health and general wellbeing. Additionally, the prescription the doctor shall make according to the test reports can help you in early healing.

#4. How does an abortion hospital impact the cost of abortion?

Your overall abortion experience depends largely on where you choose to get an abortion. Abortion care varies largely from one abortion clinic to another. The procedure performing doctor, the staff and the ambience play a crucial role in the overall abortion care a patient gets.

And thereby, abortion costs may also vary depending on the facilities of the hospital. American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is a premier boutique abortion hospital. It specializes in providing the best abortion care with the help of its best abortion team onboard. The hospital has been recognized at the international level for its Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) services. The doctors are not only highly qualified and experienced but keep themselves abreast with the latest advancements in abortion techniques, medicines and tools to make abortions comfortable medical procedures.

As a result of their initiatives, AHB premiered Gentle Care abortions which are available exclusively in Bangalore, India. Many women travel to India to obtain a stress-free, pain-free, quick, short, single-appointment and successful abortion.

The hospital understands how important it is for you to return to Sharjah knowing that your abortion was successful. And hence, the Gentle Care abortion ensures you of that before you even leave the hospital. 

Overall abortion care also includes how comfortable you feel in openly speaking to the doctor. A patient heals better when she can convey her message and understand what the doctor advises in a friendly manner. And this is possible when a patient does not have any fears with abortion, whether they are regarding the procedural safety or safety to your privacy or freedom from prejudice.

#5. Cost of abortion in terms of private facilities sought by the patient:

When you are travelling to a distant country, you may want all the arrangements to be hassle-free. In a new city, you may not want to wander about looking for whatever you may need at the moment. So, the Gentle Care abortion service package for foreigners is here to rescue you and provide you with a stress-free abortion journey.

The hospital coordinator can help you with all your travel bookings, your abortion appointment and even homestay and local travel if needed. A little amount of abortion cost may also depend on what private facilities you seek. For example, you may want private abortion care, a private room, space for your companion, etc. You may also not want to keep waiting for the abortion. Besides, since you can eat and drink normally before and after Gentle Care suction abortion, you can choose from plenty of options available at the doorstep through various food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

Since Gentle Care abortion is available only to a single patient at a time and most of the abortion slots are pre-booked, you may not want to delay. Save your seat today.

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care abortion.

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